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Fanzing Fontpack

The ideal way for PC users to enjoy Fanzing is by downloading our Winzip package of TrueType fonts and unzipping them to your font directory
(usually C:\Windows\Fonts).

Download Fonts Now!

You'll need a zip utility such as Winzip, Netzip or McAfee's Zipman!

With fonts installed:
Without fonts installed:

    Why a font pack? It allows you, the reader, to save on download times. To us, the staff of Fanzing, it means having a visually impressive magazine without needing the time it takes to make new graphics every month. Here's an alternative to logos and graphics. PLUS, the fonts come in handy if you're writing a document for Fanzing, or if you're using one of our desktop themes!

    If the fonts below look like plain old Times New Roman or Arial, that means you haven't installed it yet! Click on the "Download Fonts Now" to receive the zipfile of handy fonts; just unzip it into your fonts file (on PCs, that's usually C:\windows\fonts). Now, you may have to restart Netscape/IE or even restart your system before they take effect (that can't be helped, I'm afraid). BUT, by adding about 500k of fun fonts to your hard drive just this once, you'll be able to load all of our pages for each issue fast and easily.

   Or, don't! We don't care. You'll still be able to read each issue just fine!

Elongated Man's arm

Font Name   alien

Font Name   andes

Font Name   asimov

Font Name   augie

Font Name   Bad Films

Font Name   BlackAdderII

Font Name   Blood of Dracula

Font Name   Burton's Nightmare

Font Name   Busorama

Font Name   Cinema

Font Name   Comics

Font Name   CuneiFont

Font Name   Eurostile

Font Name   Excellence

Font Name   Farquharson

Font Name   Final Frontier

Font Name   Final Frontier Old Style

Font Name   FlintStone

Font Name: Fluoride Beings

Font Name:   Green

Font Name   Harquil

Font Name   Head

Font Name   Husky Stash

Font Name   Igloo

Font Name   Invisible Killer

Font Name   Kashmir

Font Name   Lansbury

Font Name   Merced

Font Name   Morpheus

Font Name   Nadall


Font Name   Rackham

Font Name   Scythe

Font Name   Serpentine-Light

Font Name Serpentine Bold
(Fanzing's logo font -- Added 3/2/2000)

Font Name   Silicon

Font Name   Stonehenge

Font Name   Tabatha

Font Name   Vireo

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