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Yes, it's Hal Jordan, once again, hosting Fanzing's gallery of fine fan artwork.

Hey, what'd you think of that "Weekend at Hal's" piece? Was that a hoot or what? Imagine, me, being dead! Like DC'd ever go for that.
Who is this Kyle Rayner guy, anyway?

Green Lantern What? What do you mean, "replacement"? HE's the new Green Lantern? Oh, c'mon. Look at him! Who flies like that? No one! And computer-generated artwork? When I was wearing the ring, we had four colors and we liked it. Our comic books didn't go all the way to the edges, neither, and our kid brothers cut a coupon out of the back cover and we didn't mind. It wasn't all "collectibles" and "die-cut" and "color bleeds"… In MY day, bleeding in a comic book meant you ran into Lobo! Still…I like those little sun sparklies that Jas Ingram put in the background!

Wonder Girl Whoah! She's gorgeous…but I have no idea who she is! Shawn tells me it's Wonder Girl, but I thought there wasn't a Wonder Girl? Isn't she Troia or Darkstar or something? It kinda looks like Kyle's old girlfriend. You know, I recently tried to re-structure the universe so that it made sense and for some reason people thought that was a BAD idea? I don't get it! Oh well. That Shawn Van Briesen sure knows how to draw beautiful out-of-continuity women.
Maybe someday he'll let Fanzing show you his Batwoman!

Image hero? Y'know…I'm going to have to talk with those editors. I didn't know we were allowing Image heroes in our art gallery.

Still, whoever that's supposed to be, that sure is some mighty fine work by Jon Karl Franklin Haynes !

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!

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