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planting the flag
The Invasion Remembered

Black Lightning
"…I would be happy
doing Black Lightning
for the rest of my life."

-- from our interview with Tony Isabella

Tony Isabella: The Interview
Industry pro Tony Isabella shares his thoughts on Black Lightning and creators' rights.

The Golden Age, Part 4
How young should a superhero be?
-- by Jonathan Bogart

Weekend at Hal's
Hal Jordan's dead…and the other Green Lanterns don't want the JLA to find out!
-- an Elseworlds comedy by Jon Karl Haynes

Cold Metal, Part 2
Platinum stalks the Metal Men, one by one!
If you missed part one, go here first.
-- fiction by Michael Hutchison

Invasion Remembered
Simon Brown recaps one of DC's best-plotted and most influential crossovers!

Off On A Tangent
Tangent Week reviewed.

Welcome to Fanzing!

Batman an urban myth? C'mon!

Jack Russo, Comic Critic
Hawk & Dove, Creeper Reviewed

Classics Revisited
A look back at the comics of yesterday.

Sector 2814
Where the fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!
Next Month:
DC's Underused Heroines!
More than just Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Catwoman!
Plus: the Return of Baker's Dozens, DCU News and more!
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