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Welcome to the new home of

   My name is Michael Hutchison, and I've been asked to assume the helm of "Fanzing." The founder and publisher, Marc Campbell, was just hired as the official webmaster for DC Comics and thus cannot, of course, continue to run the fan publication.

You've probably noticed the slight difference in layout style. Since I'm not the graphics maven that Marc is, I'm concentrating on a more HTML-driven layout with an optional download package of TrueType fonts. The new Fanzing also has an archive of previous articles and artwork on the Multiverse page; the archive will grow with each passing issue. In the meantime, if there's something you're looking for and it isn't there, just e-mail us and we'll try to send it to you!

We're always looking for more material:
  • Articles - Got anything you want to say about trends, fads, the past or the future of DC? Care to focus on a favorite character, team, comic book or event? Write it up and send it in! Pre-formatted HTML documents are welcome, but I'll accept any word-processing format that can be converted by Microsoft Works 4.0
  • Artwork - Any DC-related original art is welcome. Either computer-generated graphics or scanned-in art is acceptable.
  • Fiction - Write up that comic book story you always wanted to tell!
  • Graphics - I'm looking for icons, clip art, bullets…anything small which can help to accent Fanzing. I'd especially like to have some distinctive superhero hands pointing right and left (such as Batman's glove, Wonder Woman's braceleted hand, Aquaman's hook, etc) similar to the Elongated Man arm divider that you see here. Bullets of famous chest symbols, word balloons and anything else you can think of will also be appreciated.
Of course, all contributions will receive full credit on the "Contributors" page!
For more information, send me an e-mail!

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