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On Fanzing In General…

It's excellent. I really enjoyed the Tony Isabella interview and especially the play-by-play for Invasion, one of the most underrated miniseries ever.

Also, so's you know, I'm the new comic guide for The Mining Company, and when my site goes "live" in January, you'll find your site listed there under "Comic News & Reviews." One of only eight sites to make my list.

Consider yourselves warned! :-)

"Stewart Brower" (stewart_brower@hotmail.com)

Thanks, Stewart! We appreciate the links. Speaking of links, I JUST got an announcement as we "went to press" that Yahoo has decided to add our little fanzine to their pages! Excellent timing…and quite fast for Yahoo. We're impressed.

Oh, and for all of you who miss Marc Campbell's wonderful old "This month in Fanzing" link graphics, we are working on some. Look for them in the "Fanzing Multiverse" pages when they're ready.

Subject: Metal Men "Cold Metal"

I've read your fanfic. I must say i really enjoyed it. I can't really say much was wrong with it since it is a fanfic not set in the DC continuity, but there was one thing that bugged me. Magnus was referred to as Will and Wil. It's just nitpicking, but it was slightly annoying. I enjoyed the references to Chemo, the Fantastic Four, and Green Lantern. I could see this working as an animated series. maybe the Metal Men wiill appear on Superman's show since they've been known to team up with the Man of Steel. I was suprised that Magnus wanted to shut off Tina's emotions, but I suppose it is logical that he wanted to end his annoyance. I can't wait for part two. It's excellent that you can tell a hero story without so knock down drag out fight scene. The whole piece was very well done. You now have at least one fan. Do you have any other fanfics I could read?

Josh (Rockman525@aol.com)

That "Wil" was a typo…I'll be sure to fix it when I can. I'd sure love to see the Metal Men guest on "Superman: The Animated Series"… heck, I'd love to write it! Speaking of writing for animated series …maybe someday I'll run my prospective "Batman: Gotham Knights" story in which Bruce Wayne dates young socialite Sue Dearbon and encounters her jilted stretcheable boyfriend.
As for future fan fiction (That's tough to say five times fast), we have several items coming up. Jon Karl Haynes plans to resume "Memoirs From Blackgate." I've got a story running next month (it was entered into Ed Dylan's recent online contest) which will be written in script format and will hopefully have several illustrations. And we're always looking for new material from all of you! If you have something that you think is worth running, be sure to e-mail us today!

Subject: Tony Isabella Interview

BTW just read the the Tony Isabella interview in Fanzing. Very enjoyable, and I'll be reading the rest of the mag over this week. All the best!

"Alan J. Porter" (ajporter@compuserve.com)

Thanks, Alan. Tony was very kind to help us kick off Fanzing's first issue, and we wish him the best of luck in getting a new Black Lightning mini-series off the ground in '98!
How about the rest of you? Did you like the interview? Is it the kind of thing which we should do more often? Because ye olde editor DOES just happen to live in the same town as Superman's Dan Jurgens! (Jeez, in a metro area of a couple million…what are the odds?)

I Paid This Guy To Write In

I have to say I'm impressed as hell with Fanzing! That looks like a lot of work! Great job! You have to put it on your ISP's server? How do people find it that have been following it for a while? Did you do the interview article? (Must have. I noticed the Wallace Shawn picture.) Anyway, had to drop you a note. Has anyone else commented?…..

Roger (craftpro@dwave.net)

Not enough people have commented, Rog! Surprisingly, it looks like all of Fanzing's old readers managed to find the new link, as our counter topped over 1000 in just 5 weeks…and out of those, we had seven pieces of mail on Fanzing. And of those, one was from a certain old radio co-worker.

So come on, people! Send us responses! It's not like we're getting paid here; feedback is our bread and butter!

Subject: Fanzing

Not bad, but it needs more Legion content. :-) Also, I get the feeling you're a big Silver Age fan. The problem with a lot of Silver Age fans (not you specifically) is that they have this mentality that Silver Age Good, Modern Age Baaaaaaaad. I'm of the opinion that there's plenty of crap in all eras. :-) Like when I picked up Superman Red/Blue the other day, I found the free enclosed Superman comic (containing reprints from the fifties) fairly unreadable.

Also I'm a huge Plastic Man fan, but you won't hold that against me, right? ;-)

Jeremy B (KrytenToo@aol.com)

I'm sorry, Jeremy, but we don't need your kind here.

Seriously, you're very right about crap in all eras. We all remember "Kingdom Come" and forget about those last few stinky years of JLA. I'm sure that thirty years from now we'll be talking about how wonderful Kyle Rayner was. And if you ever see me doing that, please pull the plug on me.

Subject: Batman as an urban myth

Wow! Good point.

I can see the allure to make him so on Denny's part though. All of the best Batman stories involve the question of his existence. Look at the brilliant Year One by Frank Miller. There's that great scene where the cops are meeting to discuss "the bat-man" and they have all those rough sketches on the wall…that in itself is the fear that Bruce was looking for. Or, heck, leap forward (in comic-time, backward in our time) to Dark Night Returns, where Batman's return is at question, making him a scary figure again. This same feeling was echoed in Sam Hamm's screenplay for the first Batman pic.

I think Denny mught be doing this because that's what Bruce wants. The character, I mean. The character craves to be hidden in myth and shadow, to more effectively do his job as protector of the night. But DC has an 800-pound gorilla on there hands. He got so good by being secret, and once he got big he couldn't be secret any more. Its like the alternative band that suddenly has success based on being counter-culture, but then can't be counter-culture any more.

And heck if Bruce wants to be unknown again, he can just go ahead and be Matches, for all I care.

James A. Walker (jawalker@phikappatau.org)

It really is a tough point. I certainly don't think that Batman should be hosting center stage at charity events (what was Schumacher thinking?), but there's just no denying his very existence! Check out the current New Year's Evil title "Prometheus" on page 18. There's a building-sized poster of the JLA with Batman on it!

Subject: Rogues? Where we're going, we don't need… rogues

Hey Rabbit!

Just perused through your fanzing, great stuff!

Just one query though:
On the Contributors page, the artwork of the Rogues gallery, izzit Gene Ha's work? Beautiful stuff.

"Wayne Hotu" (stony@ihug.co.nz)

I'm not sure, Wayne. I scanned it from one of DC's old free monthly handouts. I don't believe the art was attributed. If anyone out there recognizes it, I do like to attribute all artwork to the artist.

One last thing…alert reader Jack Grimes (lbmgmd@epix.net) made me aware that some people with older browsers such as Netscape 2 can't see complex colors, thus some of my pages appear as black on black. I do want to accomodate the widest range of people possible, but at some point I have to trust that people will upgrade!

I've looked at my "visitors statistics" which tell me how many people are visiting using what kind of browser. Most people out there have Netscape 3 or 4 (one stylistic improvement in Netscape Communicator/Navigator 4 is the ability to do bordercolors like the one on this box), followed by several hundred users of Internet Explorer. But I've had a small number of Netscape 2 users and even someone using Netscape 1!

Like I say, I try to accomodate everyone…but a webmaster also has to bear in mind that he can't keep his page in the dark ages forever for the few stragglers. If you have some technical limitation which keeps you from upgrading, I apologize. Please let me know, so that I can get some estimates of how many people can't see whatever. But for the rest of you… what can I say, download Netscape Communicator! It's free and Bill Gates doesn't profit from it.

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