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DC Comics Fan Magazine
Vol. II Issue 2

Are Wonder Woman, Supergirl
and Catwoman the only
marketable heroines DC has?
We think not…
and prove it in our feature story.

Learn the true nature
of DC's shadowmistress,

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
"HELP! HELP! A giant dog
is trying to sell me insurance!
Mister Miracle (vol. II) #6

Women of the DCU
More than just Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Supergirl!

The Golden Age
A look at magical characters of the 40s
-- by Jonathan Bogart

Hall of Justice
Focus on Nightshade

DCU 101
A look at the Black Canary's two origins

Secret Files 1998
The 1998 roster of DC's popular character-specific magazines

Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
DCU Digest
Read a DCU newspaper.
What do you do when your characters age?

Comics Cabana
"Superman: Distant Fires" Reviewed
-- by Bruce Bachand

Baker's Dozens
The Top 12 Headquarters.

Classics Revisited
Justice League of America #200

Sector 2814
Where the fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!

Next Month:
A look back at the days when people bought comics to laugh.
Plus: The Joker's holding thousands of people hostage…
and Batman's too busy to show up!
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