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Sector 2814
Hal Jordan here, talking to you all from beyond the grave. Well, monument, really…I don't really have a grave, per se, since there was no body. And you know what they say in comics, "no body, no proof of death." Heck, half the time, even with a corpse there's no guarantee. So, do you think I'm coming back in Green Lantern #100? I hope so.

Kingdom Come GL "The Green Knight"…that's the name of the future GL in Kingdom Come. Alex Ross designed him to incorporate a little of every Green Lantern. He's Alan Scott, but he defends the Earth against invaders the way I would after Coast City's destruction, plus he's got Kyle's armored look and Guy Gardner's haircut. Tony Moore has turned in this gorgeous piece, suitable for framing.

Captain Carrot Here's something new to Fanzing: 3D artwork! You may recognize Bill Wiist's "Zoo Crew" graphic from earlier in this issue, but here it is again IN 3D! Mike Hodsdon will be transforming various pieces for future issues, too, and we welcome him aboard the crew! You'll have to have 3D specs to appreciate it, of course. Sorry I can't whip up some with my ring, but they'd just have green lenses on both sides anyway.

Batwoman The only thing worse than being dead is never existing in the first place. The 1950s' Golden Ager "Batwoman" Betty Kane never existed post-Crisis…and that's a shame, because I sure wouldn't mind meeting up with her in the afterlife. "Yowzah Yowzah!" "Hubbah Hubbah!" "Check out those gams" and other 50s hep slang… she's great, especially as rendered here by Shawn Van Briesen

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!
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