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I'm a 16 year old male comic book reader. This places me in what they'd label the "Ideal" Demographic I imagine.
Now that is down, on to the mag.
MAJOR AND MUCH NEED IMPROVEMENTS have been done. About time if you ask me. I first had the encounter with Fanzing during the summer, when EVERY page was one huge friggin .gif . Nothing was more annoying then waiting 5-10 mins for the pages to come up. This Vol. 2 has it right. The pictures load fast, the text is not part of the pictures. It's all good.
On U.S . I read my share of Vertigo books (Swamp Thing, HellBlazer, Preacher, House of Secrets). I picked up a copy of US when I saw it on the shelf, just because of Alex Ross's artwork (I did the same thing for Kingdom Come, which places me in a minority I believe, because I wasn't fond of the story). The story had me lost by page 5. Maybe i should mention I am Canadian too.
After picking up number 2, I can't help but feel that this book was written for a American Audience, or someone who has a strong understanding of American history.
Your comments on the under-used DC heroines. Not much to complain there. I personally liked the choices about it, even though I only started to read JLA books when Issue 5 of JLA came out. This was due to the Hitman cameo. I personally would like to see more on Aztek, because I missed his regular series before it got the axe, and from what I saw in the JLA of his actions, I think that he had real potential.
Your Newspaper section, was great and well done. I liked the scans you did, and the choice to put them in black and white.
Would it be possible to see something on Xero? I know that the comic will be canceled in 2 months time. I still think it's one of the most smartly written comics that I've had a chance to read in a while. The angle for you article can be a report of the career of Xero, or some government leak spilling the beans.
A article on the "new" hero breed of books would be nice. The new hero being the reluctant hero, such as Xero, Hitman and even Jack Knight, who admittedly has grown into his role and become comfortable with his heritage.
The Prometheus one shot you've plugged a lot, is a excellent issue. I found the aspect of the story being a very much anti-Batman. Prometheus' parents were loving and smart, like Bruce's. Both died in front of the child. In Prometheus' case, though, his parents were criminal and shot down by cops in mid-day. It will be interesting to see Batman going up against Prometheus in the upcoming months.
As for the format, I like how you had the download fonts now button on the cover. Will we need to download new ones every month? You should make it on the cover more known that the fonts are needed for the "full effect." Also having a toolbar on the side of each page, like the table of contents, or better buttons between the arrows, so one knows where they are, or what they do.
The Nightshade article was well done. All my experiences with the character was what I found on my DC COSMIC CARD. I appreciate seeing bios on more obscure characters. perhaps on my personal fave, The Question. I just recently discovered and bought the majority of his back issues (2-36 Annual 1-2, Green Arrow Annual 1-3, Question Quarterly 4, Detective Annual 1, Azreal Plus 1, Steel 38 and The Question returns). What characters do you have slated for later issues?
The article on the time lines was interesting. I started going serious DC just before Zero Hour, so many of the holes in it are unknown to me, but I do feel better for knowing them now.

Your reviews were very well done. I really enjoyed the Justice League 200 one.
Anyway, thanks for the great issue. Hoping to hear more from you.
Martin Scherer

I'm glad you like our text-based format. The previous editor, Marc Campbell, used a program (Front Page, I believe) that sets up web pages in the graphical format. While I have a fast connection, I know that a good many people out there would be waiting forever…especially since the articles in Fanzing Version II are usually longer.

This is a good time for me to mention the Font Pack. I hope you've all downloaded it, as it really does improve the readability while requiring minimal space on your hard disk.

As for Xero, I've only read the first issue. But if anyone else would like to write a piece (perhaps you, Martin?), I'll be happy to run it. As for the "new breed of hero" article…sounds like an idea!

Your comments have made a difference in Fanzing #3. You'll notice that there is more prompting to download the Font Pack on the home page and text below the butttons at the bottom.
And it sounds like YOU would be the perfect person to write about the Question, as I've never read a single appearance of the character. Future issues are going to focus on the JLA (#4), flying characters (#5) and Green Lantern (#6).

I am desperately looking for fanclubs dedicated to the following heroes:
Please help me out !!!

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Subject: Secret Files
You know, for a second, I really believed it… :-)
It was my first look on the fanzine, and I must admit it's very fun.
Thanks and good luck
Jacky Herschkowitz

January Fools!

The latest issue looks great. That art of Kyle is truly spectacular! Your work is especially well-written, concise, fluid, as well as informative.
This issue seems much bolder than the previous one. I have always been a JLA fan (since issue #93 of the first series). The review of issue #200 brought back memories. The article on DC women was bang-on, too. I am curious why you didn't include Maxima in it. She is probably one of the most powerful DC heroes par none…almost.
Bruce Bachand

Simple, Bruce. She isn't a hero any longer…unless you know something I don't.

Please do some coverage on Animalman (pre-vertigo) and Black Lightning
They coo'
Joey Smith

I don't really know a lot about Animal Man, personally, but I think you'll agree that we give Black Lightning more coverage than the average person would expect. Perhaps you missed our interview with BL creator Tony Isabella in issue #1? We'll have that in the Archives later this month.

I just read the current issue. It's the best one ever assembled, and I always loved each one. Keep up the great work! I have nothing against a little fiction now and again. But I just devour exposition about comics; statistics, discusssion, information in general.
David Bicha

Well, you'll be glad to know that the articles far outweigh the fiction…at least for a while. We will hopefully get more contributing writers in the future.

Great job! I, too, have been hoping for a few more heroines in JLA. I've been hearing that they will be rebuilding Tomorrow Woman and she'll be joining. I think that character has some potential, and has an iconic like name. I've also been hearing rumors of a new Batgirl, and Oracle did return as Batgirl (albeit in a drug induced dream state) in the latest issue of Birds of Prey.
Oh, and one glaring omission from your article was no mention of Rampage, although she hasn't done anything recently except appear in an issue of Supergirl, and the character is sort of dull. I'll forgive you for that :) I know, you certaintly couldn't have named every heroine in the DCU. :) Very good article, one that really had many good points! (I thought I was the only one who remembered Firehawk, although she was one of the card inserts in the first issue of Chase. Maybe she'll be appearing there soon!)
Brian Beissel

I don't know if Tomorrow Woman will be rebuilt, but I do know that we'll be seeing a story happening in-between the pages of JLA #5. Rampage is indeed pretty boring.
And hey, what do you think of DC's new all-female week? I must be psychic!

I would like to say that I have appreciated the website you have put together. Specifically I really like the Classics Revisted section. In the first issue you had a feature on Invasion which I found very well written and quite thrilling to read since I have read and collected all the issues related to Invasion. I even made sure several of my friends went and visited your site. I personally have returned to your site again and again just so I can digest all the information you have.
I was wondering if you were going to do an archive file for the Classics revisited section at all in case I (or others) would like to return for interest or research purposes.
Keep up the good work.
Jeff Kadlecik

In the next few weeks, I'll start putting more of our past articles in the Archives. (I hope you noticed that the Archives now have their own page.) However, I won't be able to put EVERYTHING in there, as this is quite a drain of megabytes. The current plan is to put the text articles there without the accompanying images.

I was reading Fanzing, and you mentioned the up-and-coming Charlton miniseries.. you mentioned Thunderbolt was in there… Are you sure about that? Kupperberg told a rac*er a while back that DC defaulted the rights to Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt back to Pete Morisi, their owner? Did they get the rights back or did you assume he'd be there as a Charlton character?

I may have been making an assumption; I don't have the article anymore.

Your goal of making this a magazine on the web is really working. I love the layouts and the stories/art are great.
Randy Lander
Click here for my home page

Thanks, Randy! I love all of that constructive criticism you load your letters with! *snicker*

Just to let you know (from reading your article about the women of DC Universe), Arisia is also dead, as she was killed by Major Force in Warrior series, featuring Guy Gardner. She put up a good fight, but was no match without super-powers.

Rob Maple

I guess I stopped reading that title just a few issues too soon!

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