End of Summer
by editor I forgot my name

Fanzing pushes on, with more contributors and more artists each month…and yet it seems like as much work as always! :-)

It's 1998 now. As I'm getting so much older (hard to believe I'm almost 28 now!), I've spent the last month contemplating my future. Am I ever going to really break into comic books? I worry that so many of my prime years have gone by and I've spent them just making a living and paying off college loans. I'd still love to write comic books for a living, but it's been years since I sent off a springboard to an editor. (And re-reading my old proposals, I'm amazed at how much my writing has improved. Read this month's "Brainstorm's Corner" and you'll see what I'm talking about). And I've finally accepted the fact that it's almost impossible to go from nothing to working for DC!

So this year, I'm getting serious. I've been talking with our regular contributor Bill Wiist, who publishes independent comic books, and I'm considering going that route. I'll keep you all posted on that front.

But I've also decided to change the focus of Fanzing ever so slightly. Since most of our contributing artists and writers would like to work in the comics industry, we want your feedback! Would you pay to read a story like the one in this issue? If not, what could have been better? Is there something an artist needs to do to improve?

Your feedback is going to be more important than ever for our new feature, "Brainstorm's Corner." Any prospective comic book writer is welcome to submit a springboard, which we'll run in our column. After they're reviewed here and the writer's gotten some feedback, he or she can use the constructive criticism to revise the springboard and send it off to DC!

Want to submit a springboard? Write to Fanzing for more details!

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