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Our first challenge was to create a piece of artwork in which a superhero is, in full costume, performing an everyday activity. The emphasis is on the attention to everyday details.
We had five entries. Here they are, in no particular order.

The True Bane of Batman
by The Brothers Grin
The True Bane of Batman (He's playing solitaire)

I have to say, this one makes one of the best desktop wallpapers ever! Despite its cartoony style, the detail is very fine.
John Torrisi notices that there is no Joker card.

Wonder Woman on vacation in Hawaii
by Giampiero A. Genovese
Wonder Woman on vacation in Hawaii

This one was a bit of a toughie as to whether it met this contest's requirements. After all, the superhero is supposed to be in costume. However, sunning in Hawaii would necessitate wearing even less than Wonder Woman's usual outfit, and Giampiero (who is, himself, located in Hawaii) should be very acquainted with the local dress. So, we let that pass.

Flash Food
by Tim Mahoney
Flash Food

Besides the obvious delight of computer-rendered 3D graphics, the blender and coffee-maker look quite realistic and oh, nice drapes!

Kingdom Cookies
by Bill Wiist
Kingdom Cookies
But, by a majority of the judges, the winning entry is this one. The attention to everyday detail is quite good, from the steam coming off the coffee mug to the translucent reflections of the table. (I loved the way the trees appear more clearly through the slight opening in the window. Nice touch!)

Bill Wiist is now the lucky winner of:
A Contest Winner's Certificate! $20 worth of comics from Comic Relief
And a package of comic collectibles offered by!

HOWEVER! In a major upset, we've decided to give a second prize to Tim Mahoney! Since it really was a very close call, we're awarding him a package of collectibles from Comic Relief as well!

Congratulations to all of you who entered.
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