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The Independent Online
DC Comics Fan Magazine
Vol. II Issue 8

The Big Three
The 60th Anniversaries of DC's Big Three
begin this year with Superman

An animated JSA and more!

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Booster Gold: "What happened to you? Last we saw, you were moving like the world's fastest gutter ball."
Flash: "Through the kitchen, past the freezer, out the back---BA-BOOM! By the time my feet hit the ground, I was in the parking lot…cutting through the dumpster like a straw in a hurricane. I gotta tell you… if not for my sudden stop, I'd have bounced right into the East River and drowned!"
Booster Gold: "You were in the parking lot? Did you see the car? Is it okay?"
Flash: "Are you kidding? That car saved my life!"
From Waid's immortal "When Titans Date"
Justice League Quarterly #10

Happy Birthday, Superman! - Ed Dillon
Superman's 60th Anniversary is the beginning of celebrations for many pivotal DC characters.
Adventures in the DC Cartoons - Michael Hutchison and Bob Riley
We propose new episodes of the Superman/Batman Adventures which would introduce other DCU characters.
The Forgotten Superman - Bruce Bachand
The Golden Age Man of Steel gets a little respect.

Dinner Party - Wayne Hotu
Superheroes don't always meet during battles!
Brainstorm's Corner - Louise Freeman Davis
Nightwing investigates Jill the Ripper
Not My Kid - Louise Freeman Davis
Allegations in a tabloid frustrate the Teen Titans in this sequel to "a Friend In Need"

DC Futures: Night Force - Paul McNally

Sector 2814
An extra-large fan art section this month!

Enter Fanzing's
Swimsuit Contest!

DCU 101 - Simon Brown
Green Lantern in Action, pt. 2
The Hall of Justice - Russell Burlingame
Mr. Mxyzptlk gets a bio
JLA Casebook - Bruce Bachand
The best of Death
Comics Cabana - Russell Burlingame
Starman, GL Secret Files Reviewed
Classics Revisited - David Luhn
Wonder Woman goes medieval!
Vanishing Point - Mario Di Giacomo
Something fishy about this one.
Thoughts at 3:00 A.M.
DCU Digest - Ed Dillon
Read a DCU newspaper.
Next Month:
The Greatest DC Stories Of All Time
If AFI can do it, why not us?
Plus: More Adventures in the DC Universe


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