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Bat Beach Bob Riley turned in an hilarious picture of the Batman Animated Series characters at play.
Batgirl But hey! It turns out that Bob Riley isn't the only one taking a crack at the animated show! Christian Moore did this nummy pic of Batgirl! Everyone's crazy about this swimsuit. Good choice for a butler, too.
Superman Wonder Woman

Bill Wiist gave us a beautiful view of the big two.

No, no, we mean Superman and Wonder Woman! Mr. Kent is wearing a very patriotic striped pair of shorts, and Diana gets back to her roots with this Greek island number.

Big Barda Catwoman Zatanna
Rick Blackwell got mighty industrious, and he even focused on a few of the lesser lights of the DCU! Not only did he come up with a cool design for Catwoman's costume, but he gives us a stylish "washed version" of Zatanna's costume.
AND he even shows us just why Mr. Miracle's wife is called "BIG" Barda!
Fire Jerry S. Loomis is new to Fanzing, and I have a feeling he's been holding out on us all this time! The talent! The coloring! The shading! The cleavage! Er…

Good swimsuit design, too! This is a swimsuit a guy might actually see on a beach (if he's lucky!).

Guy Gardner Ice Fire's friends also get some beach time, too!

Melissa Wilson gives us her two favorite characters: the newly red-skinned Guy Gardner and his one-time lady love, the sun-shy Ice!

Wonder woman

Karl a/k/a "Weaponist" shows off some swimsuit design skills of his own with this tantalizing image of Wonder Woman in a bikini.

ambush Bug The Brothers Grinn offer this more-green-than-tan picture of everyone's favorite goofball, Ambush Bug! Mr. Schwab is sporting a lovely pair of Superman-insignia boxers.
This has been our most difficult judging yet! Every single entry was wonderful in different ways, to the point that picking a winner was almost an arbitrary decision. But, after a good deal of skulling, our judges weighed in. And the winnah is…

Christian Moore for his rendition of Batgirl! Christian will receive a lovely grab bag of comics.

Second prize goes to newcomer Jerry S. Loomis for his lovely pic of Fire. Jerry gets a battered copy of Young All-Stars #15.

Thank you for entering, everyone! And we hope you'll all compete in our next contest…