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Just read the Titans Oprah story on the site. And wasnted to tell you I thought it was great. I laughed outloud quite a few times. The parts with Donna's origin were the best.
-Rich Civil

Just wanted to let you know (as if you didn't already) that "A Crown to the Aged" is the best short story I've read in several years. It seamlessly interweaves the things we saw in KC and the things we didn't see. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for printing it and thanks to Ms. Davis for writing it.
Dave Ziegler

As a big fan of KC in all of its different incarnations, and as a longtime fan of the Titans (30+ years), I loved this!

I was deeply moved by it. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.
Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo /

First off let me say I loved Kingdom Come.The fan fiction story A Crown to the Aged was a truly great piece of work.I would love to see this story in comic book form.(With artwork by Alex Ross of course.)I had to print it out so I could read it again later.(forty-four pages,Whew!!)What else can I say but the author really drew me in with this tale.I felt for each and everyone of these characters.I hope you have her do future stories for your web-site.(Kingdom Come related please,please,please!!!)Good Luck with keeping this site going.I only just discovered you a month or two ago,but I visit as often as I can.Thanks for your time!!

I absolutely loved your story. The interplay between the Titans, of both generations, was beautiful, and it touched well on issues left undiscussed during Kingdom Come. Bravo!

I was thinking of starting a Kingdom Come FanFiction site, and would like to have permission to use this story. I would appreciate the opportunity to read any other stories you have written. I would also like to ask you if you would care to continue your tale, writing more about the post-KC world.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rants.

I just wanted to take a few minutes to comment on your Fan fiction "A Crown to the Aged". All I have to say about it is:

The single greatest piece of fan work I have ever read!

I came across your work accidentally, while checking out the message boards at Jonah's Comicbook Resources. Someone was talking about Kingdom Come, and included a link to your contribution at Fanzig.

I was a bit skeptical, having read others' prose previously. But, with the subject matter of the Titans and KC, I decided to give it a shot.

It was so amazing… I read it one sitting, until 4am. Drawn into a story that felt so true and real, that I hope it could become DC cannon with time.

There were some aspects I didn't like as a fan, mainly how all of the Titans had become such poor parents. But I view this personal reaction as an effect of seeing these cherished characters treated as real people, with faults. Not pure heros.

Your portrayal of Dick Grayson was of the greatest interest to me. Dick is by far my favorite DC character, and the subject of my now displaced fan page. I was wow'd by him, but in particular the writing of his daughter Nightstar. In this one character, you accomplished a feat never done before: made me appreciate Starfire.

I've heard pro Starfire arguments for several years, mostly by Marilee Stephens, when i was on the TT mailing list. Yet, I could never bring myself to like her in the least. But, to see how you wrote the product of Kori and Dick's love, made me realize the good in Starfire. She still isn't my favorite character, but her status among my personal rankings has increased tremendously. Thank you.

Sorry for rambling so much, but i just wanted you to know that your writing is appreciated, if only from one wordy reader.

Please keep up the good work, as I look forward to reading both your past, and future projects.
James Parkhurst

Had to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. how good was it? Of all the fan fiction I have been reading lately your story was one of only a few I would be willing to pay money to read! I assume from the story elements you have used the Novelization by Maggin as a foundation for your work. Queston Why didn't you use Avita more? Granted she didn't have a connection to the ten titans but she was Night Stars best friend and she was the one who prevented Diana from turning Red Robins head into mulch when he made the terrible mistake of of touching her bracelets. UM! did they or didn't they? Can't wait for yor next story.
David Schock

Louise replies:

Many thanks to evryone who sent their comments. At the present time I have no plans for any other KC-related stories, but I'm looking forward to Mark Waid's Kingdom event specials: especially the issues involving Nightstar, Flash IV and Ibn. I continue to work on a few fan fiction pieces, but right now I'm refocusing efforts into some professional submissions. I hope to send a Springboard or two to DC soon, and I'm currently looking for a publisher for an original superhero novel I've co-written with a couple of friends. Positive feedback from Fanzing readers keeps the dream alive.

Concerning the Titans as parents: I hear this bit of feedback frequently. Actually, I thought the only Titan who really had long-term parenting problems was Dick: Roy and Lian were close and worked together well up until they split over the issue of the gulag. Donna and Robert were supportive of each other throughout most of their lives. Wally and Garth, I think would have been good fathers, but were denied a chance to raise their kids by external circumstances.

As for Starfire and Avia: I'm glad my work improved her image in some eyes. Marilee is a very good friend of mine (offline and on) and I discussed the story extensively with her when I was writing it I actually have not read the Maggin novel cover to cover…Marilee filled me in on details concerning the former Titans and kids. I was therefore not aware of Avia's and Nightstar's friendship, beyond their sitting together in the club. Nightstar, in a way, was a chance to write Kory as I'd rather see her… as a character who could be taken more seriously. For instance, Nightstar kept her passion and emotionality, but incorporated at least some of Dick's leadership talents. Plus, the prose format has a advantage over the comic in that the character is not visualized constantly. I think a lot of people don't take Starfire as a serious heroine in part because they can't get past the looks: Balloon body, iron bikini, overblown hair and vacant eyes. Visually she's beautiful, but, fairly or not, her "assets" are not what one typically assoiciates with intelligence, which is what every character needs to be appreciated. In the hands of a skillful writer she can be a powerful force and a marvelous character… in the hands of a poor one, a meaningless bit of fluff. Unfortunately, the dying gasps of Titans were marked by very poor writing, and Kory bears a disporportionate burden of the bad taste that era left in a lot of people's mouths.

Again, thanks for the comments. More of my stories are available in this issue of Fanzing, in the archives or on the Titan's Lair website (, on the fan fiction page. There is also a link there to my original superhero series on the Superguy mailing list, which features (what else?) a disgruntled ex-sidekick.
Louise Freeman Davis