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by editor I forgot my name

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with me as I took a much-needed vacation! I can't tell you how rested and renewed I am. I took a trip from my home in St. Paul, MN, up into Canada. I traveled to Ottawa, zipped as fast as I could through Frogtown (Quebec), then had a beautiful drive through New Brunswick and spent several beautiful days in Nova Scotia. I was actually right near that airliner that crashed, although I didn't even find out about it until I got back into the U.S.A. because I was intentionally avoiding news reports.

I took the ferry from Yarmouth to Bar Harbor, ME, and was surprised to find that Billy Bob was still in office.

I then stayed for a few days with my old girlfriend in Salem, Mass. Boston is a TERRIBLE city to try to navigate. My friend and her current boyfriend are natives and even they are terrified of driving in Boston!

I came back rejuvenated and got started on my first fiction story since "The Trial of Hal Jordan" all those many months ago. Hopefully, I'll have it ready to go next month. Unfortunately, the story I'm writing involves the character of Nemesis, who was killed off in a lousy issue of Catwoman while I was on my trip, but I'm going to write around that.

I apologize for the lateness of Fanzing. I've bought a new computer and have had nothing but problems since!

Plus I have a girlfriend for the first time in six years, for which I make absolutely NO apologies!

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