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Here is the mail for the past couple of months… by the way, it has been meager… c'mon folks, these people need your feedback, good, okay, or tearful laments! How about dropping a quick e-mail to let us know how ya feel about good ol' FANZING… thanks, I knew ya would! BBB

I see that you took your Batman story from a comic that appeared several years ago almost word for word except you added Batgirl. It would have been nice if you used a completely original idea.

--Richard Croxton <>

We always aim to please our fans here at FANZING so, Richard, I personally guarantee that the next idea that you will read will be completely original. Our new title for this page will be changed to "THE KINGDOM of letters"! What do ya think? Are we hitting' the mark now?
Thanks for your succinct comments.

The Wonderful World of Louise…

It was a cute little story [Impulse in the October FANZING], a little one dimensional. A bit more research and your characters would be more entertaining. All in all it was a nice attempt, keep trying.
--Richard Croxton <>

Well, Richard, two letters in one issue from the same writer… that is a new record for us! I never thought that I would see "research" and "entertainment" linked together a logical imperatives, but it is a free world out there, eh, baby?! BBB

Hi, I just saw the Impulse Halloween story and I just had to say how great it was. It's the kind of story you could just see DC writing, this one as a Halloween special (subtle hint to any DC writers reading this). The reactions were totally realistic and you just knew what was going to happen when Bart got his hands on Robin's costume (as soon as I read it I suddenly remembered the time the Joker got his hands on Azrael's costume). The quality has never dropped once and I will always look forward to reading them.

--Martin Kelly <>

Those are very thoughtful and kind comments there, Martin. The $20 bill didn't hurt your chances at getting your letter printed either, did it? I told ya!
Now what ya need to do (in all honesty) is write DC Comics and send them Louise's stories and tell them how much you enjoy them and why DC should get her to write for them! Now that would be COOL!

No one could have loved "Crown To The Aged" more than I did. I even enjoyed the Redhead's review of it. But I do have some trouble with the way Mari pictured Diana as the only true villain in the story. I think she was a little too hard on her. Conflict does not come out of good vs. evil. The
worst conflict comes when both sides think their right, and both believe their on the side of good. As for Diana changing. She had changed years before when she rejected her Amazon training and belief system . Of
peace through strength and instead embarrassed Superman's philosophy. When he left and the world got darker, she must have still refused to change. This might have led to her exile. It was only when the world was heading to disaster did she revert back to her Martial Law philosophy. If blame is to be given it would have to be on Superman's head.

It all came down to the part in Maggin's novel. When Superman told Diana your right, Diana, they haven't learned the value of human life. How good that she answered
him you weren't there to teach them. As for her idea of the gulag and her violent reactions she was under a lot of stress. And as a warrior poet she has to be practical when it comes down to fighting a war. Their is an old saying which I just made up.When your house is on fire and your truing to put it out with a water hose you can not worry that your rugs are going to get wet. Her real sin was in pushing Superman against his nature.

David Schock

FANZING is pleased to have ya write in, David. Is this your first visit?

You have some sound thought in your letter… I hope that our readers will respond. The CBR MESSAGE BOARD featured comments about Louise's "Crown To The Aged" a couple of a months back.

A few months back I interviewed Elliot Maggin and I picked his brain about some of the philosophy and thought that went into writing the KINGDOM COME novel (yes, this is a shameless plug for my own stuff!). The interview is on the FANZING archives at the following URL:

Thanks again for putting the time and thought into your ideas that you did!

Springboard Feedback…

Pretty good concept. I like the continued appearances by the Red Tornado and the supernatural worlds of DC and Vertigo being tied together a little more closely. I would buy.

--Ken W. Jobe

Your remarks are duly noted. Your encouragement is appreciated!

This one from a new amigo who was just cruising' the 'net…

I was just bouncing around when I came across your page. It's a terrific site. Actually I was just looking at some Adam Strange stuff (I'm hoping to find more -- especially about Alanna, one of my first big crushes) when, a few clicks later, I saw Metal Men. Again, one of my all time
favorite. (Green Lantern, and Hawkman too, the best!). Well, I've got you bookmarked now, so I hope to see you again.
Best Wishes,
James A. Atchison <>

We're glad that you enjoyed your first visit as a FANZING-newbie. Welcome to the fold. You have been most gracious in your observations. Drop another line sometime and let us know what you think. Who knows? You may even end up as a contributor one day soon! BBB

A now a word from the DCF staff…


Just finished reading the new Fanzing. I thought Erik was gonna contact you about maybe running "Squad Run" part 3 this time around, but that's not what I'm primarily writing about.

I feel your pain on that Nemesis death in Catwoman. I normally like Devin Grayson's writing, but man, that issue absolutely blew. The characterization was about 180 degrees off the mark; he didn't really look like himself; there was no mention of the Suicide Squad; it burns me up to think about it even weeks after I read it.

And, like you, it's screwed me up fanfic-wise. Eve, the leader of Suicide Squad:DCF, was introduced as the daughter of Nemesis and Nightshade -- she calls herself Nemesis when in uniform, even! And her parents are both still alive in the dimension from which her mother came. Oops!

I figured out a way around it for my own series. It took me a while, but I finally hit upon something I think will work for my book. Without spoilers, I'll just say it's kind of a mixture of V.C. Andrews
and theoretical biology.

Anyway, if you're writing fanfic about Tom Tresser, is there any chance you'll post it in an upcoming Fanzing? He was one of my
favorite characters in Ostrander's Suicide Squad, and I'd love to see someone write him.

Great issue, by the way.

-- Jason Tippitt
(DCFutures' AEIC )

Ah, Jason, a man who truly "cuts to the chase". My monkey ain't been funky so I guess that things are pretty chilled in that department. It does seem that more than a few people are seriously miffed at Devin Grayson for killing off Nemesis. Oh well, it just goes to show that the way too success is paved with a number of clear failures as well.

Jason, you are a more valuable contributor to FANZING with each month. Thanks sharing your talents here (I promise not too tell Erik Burntham either!) and we, at FANZING, wish you folks at DCF all the best. By the way, when are you going to get some woman writers over there, you closet misogynists… heh, heh, heh…just kiddin'… I know that Erik is prone to wearing women's clothing on weekends. BBB

I know that it seems as if this has been short but that is all the letters that we have received the past few months! That is simply far too few if ya ask me. There are some talented people here and they need encouragement, constructive criticism, and your feedback to know that their efforts entertain or have stimulated your thinking.

Thanks to those who wrote in. I am Bruce Bachand and I'll see you in another month.

Take care!

BBB signing off