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Announcing Fanzing Writing Challenge 1999:
"An Alternate Showcase '94"
(so we're a little late!)

An open call to interested writers:

In 1993, fan writer Joel Rea had an idea which, had he submitted it to run in 1994, would have resolved the unsatisfactory Armageddon: 2001, Eclipso: The Darkness Within and the Bloodlines mega-crossovers, as well as replacing Zero Hour with a better event. The two earlier events had tried and failed to 1) introduce a new mega-villain into the DCU (the failure of which affected the decision to corrupt Hal Jordan), and 2) introduce a new series of "New Blood" characters, which fell flat, basically because that the Bloodlines characters were by and large a lame bunch.

FANZING, however, will be running Joel's story in 4 parts, just as it would have been had it run in four issues of Showcase 1994. This FANZING project will be called "alt.Showcase.94" Accompanying Joel's story will be several short stories featuring the New Blood characters This is where you, the readers and closet writers of FANZING come in. We are looking for volunteers to write the companion New Blood stories, each one featuring one of the New Blood characters in a good light. So, whether you're an aspiring professional, a longtime fan writer, or a first timer whose always wanted to see your work online, we need you. If you see untapped potential in any of the New Blood characters, this is your chance to give an underdeveloped character an opportunity to shine.

If you are interested in participating in the FANZING WRITING CHALLENGE of 1999, here's what you do!

  1. Look at the table below and pick the character you wish to spotlight. A name in red in the last column designates characters who are already claimed.
  2. Jump to this site to read a little more about the guidelines for the story. This site contains some spoiler information for Joel Rea's series, so serious participants only, please!
  3. If, after reading these guidelines, you are still interested in participating, email Joel Rea to stake your claim on a New Blood character. Characters will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do not snatch up a character unless you are serious about completing your story.
  4. Joel Rea must approve Story proposals and FANZING fiction editor Louise Freeman Davis will proof the stories themselves. Stories must meet the standard FANZING writing requirements; i.e. They must not suck. "Adult" or erotic fiction is also unacceptable.
  5. Stories will begin running in January, and continue through April.

We look forward to hearing your story ideas!

New Blood Heroes

All of the following New Blood descriptions are by Michael Hutchison, except for the short statements in quotation marks which are from DC's promotional materials. Hitman has been removed from the running for this contest, as his character was the one resounding success of 1993's "Bloodlines" and you are being challenged to write an unsuccessful character. More to the point, you are to write this story as if it took place in early 1994, which means you'd have to ignore his entire series.

Character Appeared in 1993 Annual: Description: Claimed
Anima New Titans Girl who manifests a monster known as the Animus  
Argus Flash "Shadow-melding undercover agent" Robert Lee
Ballistic Batman "Armed and dangerous Vigilante" Allan Thomas
Cardinal Sin Legends of the Dark Knight "Disillusioned priest" Tony "HeroScribe"
Chimera Team Titans "Illusion-creating hero" Gary Halpin
Edge Man of Steel Razor-covered leather punk; hurls blades at people Erik Burnham
Geist Detective Comics "The ghostly night-hero" Mike Rehor
Gunfire Deathstroke In his hands, any phallic-shaped object becomes a weapon capable of firing energy blasts.  
Hook Green Arrow "Hook-handed former soldier"  
Jamm Legion of Super-Heroes Surfer dude; no idea what his powers are. Chaim Mattis Keller
Joe Public Shadow of the Bat Gotham gym teacher turned drug-fighting vigilante; pirates energy from people around him to become superstrong and gain powers Michael Hutchison
Layla Lobo Punk-rocker L.E.G.I.O.N.aire; possesses super-strength  
Lionheart JLI British agent; descendent of Richard the Lionhearted; equipped with high-tech armor and weaponry. Rayner80
Loose Cannon Action Comics Rogue cop who is a "mood ring Incredible Hulk"; he gains different powers depending on what color his body is.  
Mongrel Hawkman "Darkforce-blasting rebel"  
Myriad Superman Lex Luthors martial arts trainer, Sasha, whom he murdered. Her corpse reactivated by the parasites, she steals personalities from those with whom she comes into contact.  
Nightblade Green Lantern Martial arts kid who hurls knives. He can't die (?) and if he loses a limb, he'll regrow it. Michael Hutchison
Pax L.E.G.I.O.N. '93 Alien, last of his race (killed off by parasites); wields a battle axe.  
Prism Eclipso "Light-manipulating scientist"  
Razorsharp Robin Woman who can turn her arm into metal spikes; someone overdosed on T-1000, methinks! Louise Freeman Davis
Sparx Adventures of Superman Teenage girl with energy powers  
Terrorsmith JLA Villain(?) who can transform others into monsters David R. Black