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Vol. II Issue 13

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Chase: "What are you talking about?"
Bolt: "C'mon, lady. Roswell, 1947. Ring any bells? Don't tell me you don't know about it."
Chase: "Oh, please. Everyone knows it was just a crashed Dominator scout-ship. Haven't you seen pictures of the debris?"
Bolt: "Like I don't know a cover story when I hear one. So what really happened? Huh? You can live in the dark lady, but you can't keep the truthburied forever."
Chase #2

Art & Fiction:
Art Challenge
Topic: Community service posters
Previous Challenge Results
Topic: Inter-company team-ups
Writing Challenge
Join in alt.showcase.94!
"Choices" -- by Marilee Stephens
What if the multiverse still existed?
"Stepping Up" -- by Frank A. Lauro
Is Kid Flash ready to be a hero on his own?
"Crisis Epilogue" -- by Alan Kistler
Hal Jordan says good-bye to his best friend.
DC Futures: Batman -- by Jason Tippitt
"Squad Run" concludes
Yesteryear: Hawkman of Mongo -- by Ali
Hawkman and Flash Gordon.
Sector 2814
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!

Our special project for 1999: alt.showcase.94
Introduction -- by Joel Rea

Monsters in Paradise -- by David R. Black
Featuring New Blood "Terrorsmith"
One of the Guys -- by Louise Freeman Davis
Featuring New Blood "Razorsharp"
Fragile Rhythms -- by Robert Lee
Featuring New Blood "Argus"

DCU Digest - Chaim Mattis Keller
Read a DCU newspaper
The Hall of Justice -- by Russell T. Burlingame
Two Flashes, two Supergirls
JLA Casebook -- by Bruce Bachand
JLA/Titans Reviewed
Comics Cabana -- Russell T. Burlingame
Kingdom Event Reviewed
Vanishing Point -- by Mario Di Giacomo
DCU: The animated Series -- art by Bob Riley
Guest writer David Schock intros…Death!
Thoughts at 3:00 A.M. -- by Ye Olde Editor

Crisis on Infinite Earths -- by Bruce Bachand
Crisis, Zero Hour, Hypertime and beyond.
Ret-Cons Revisited -- by Michael Hutchison
Recounting the Post-Crisis changes.
Troubled Waters -- by Tracy Mallon
Charting Batman and Robin's break-up.
Interview: Mark Waid -- by Bruce Bachand
Part one of our interview with one of comicdom's hottest writers!

Next Month:
Personal Lives & Secret Identities
What superheroes do when they're not damaging property!
Plus: Part one of a four-part Starman (Will Payton) Story

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