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Fanzing would like to take this opportunity to grant space to a very worthy cause:


THE 3600 PROJECT is a long-term philanthropic undertaking conceived of and initiated by the comics fandom organization known as H.E.A.T (Hal's Emerald Advancement Team; "Hal," in this instance, being Silver Age DC Comics character HAL JORDAN), to donate used comics to needy children -- inner city kids; kids hospitalized due to malady or infirmity, and so forth.

H.E.A.T. feels an ongoing project such as this works to promote both "good PR" for the larger comics community, overall… *and* serves as a fitting testimonial to the concepts of Sacrifice and Duty so emblematic of the Silver/Bronze Age "Green Lantern," Hal Jordan.

H.E.A.T.s previous entry in the philanthropic arena -- arranging for (and assuming the entire cost *of*) the appearance of noted Silver Age comics scribe John Broome at the 1998 San Diego Comics Convention -- was both sucessful and well-received.

Anyone interested in contributing old and/or unwanted comics to H.E.A.T.s "3600 Project" is advised to remember that these books will be going out to *children*. Therefore: violent and/or "adult-themed" materials (i.e. SPAWN; LOBO; EVIL ERNIE; "Vertigo" titles; etc.) are inappropriate to the project's needs. Disney- and Archie-related comics, on the other hand, are *always* both appropriate *and* appreciated. Coverless comics are acceptable, so long as the comics' spines are intact (i.e., no loose pages falling every whichway).

For further updates on the status of H.E.A.T.s "3600 Project," please visit the project's web site, The 3600 Project, or else see The CHEEKS THE TOY WONDER HOME PAGE.

The mailing address for all comics donated towards the "3600 Project" is:
9919 S. Homan
Evergreen Park, IL 60805

H.E.A.T. thanks you, in advance, for helping keep the memory of Hal Jordan alive…

… *and* for helping out the kids, in the bargain.

And now another favor, this one for Greg our Graphics Guy:
"USA today is running a poll on which is the better cartoon, Superfriends or Doug. Well you and I know the right answer, right? Anyway, if you would please cast your vote (and ask others out there to visit): Currently Doug has the edge at 52%!"

Consider it done, Greg!

You'll all be happy to hear that after 3+ months of computer hassles (inept and slow repairs by CompUSA followed by over a month of calls to Hewlett Packard), Hewlett Packard called me and has offered to replace this never-worked-well computer with an upgrade. This new one (it's an upgrade, but really, it's the equivalent of what I could buy for the same money four months later!) is going to be 400 mhz and should serve me well.


In other news…Yes, I'm getting married! I know, it's hard to believe. You can learn all about us by visiting our wedding web page. Anyway, I'm working hard to try to raise the money for the wedding, the ring, the house down-payment (OY!), my computer, Fanzing's domain and server space (thank you to those Fanzingers who contributed to the fund!) and everything. To do so, I'm looking for a new webmaster job in the Twin Cities area.

I know I could be earning about 10K more a year than I'm currently getting; unfortunately, I've been too comfortable in my current job to go looking. It's only the sudden engagement that has pressured me to get on the ball. Here's hoping I find something quickly. So if I find a good job, I may ask you all to e-mail a glowing reference about my work on Fanzing to the employer!

One thing I'll be doing (and this should appear on the site within a few days) is selling DC Comics at I've been conducting extensive searches to find dozens and dozens of Archives, Trade Paperbacks, character-related books, etc. You can follow our links to the books; anything you order after following the link will give 5-15% of your purchase back to Fanzing. I think this will be good for everyone concerned, since it helps out DC Comics and Fanzing. Plus, the discounts are great (some of these Archives are over $10 off the retail price!), so you benefit too. I'll let you know when the page goes active.

I'll also be selling my more valuable comic books on and selling some other stuff on my own home page. Of course, you can always buy my stuff by visiting Comic Relief !

This column is © 1999 Michael Hutchison.