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Bride of Steel
by Mario Di Giacomo

What kind of person marries a superhero? While several men and women (notably Inza Nelson and Sue Dibny) have made the decision to wed mystery men in the past, one woman's name stands above them all: Lois Lane.

In a way, her history begins with an accident. Her father, Samuel Lane a career army man, badly wanted sons to carry on the family tradition. However, as luck would have it, he and his wife Ella only had daughters, Lois and Lucy.

Undeterred, he drilled his offspring in hand-to-hand combat and survival training. As the eldest, Lois took the brunt of the discipline, eventually gaining a black belt in karate. A chance encounter with then-reporter Perry White at the offices of the Daily Planet, while her father was stationed near Metropolis, had a tremendous impact on the young girl, and when, in her mid-teens, her family returned to Metropolis, Lois attempted to get a job at the paper.

At first, White, at the time Managing Editor, demurred, but when the budding journalist managed to reveal information on a LexCorp business deal, he was impressed enough to give her a part-time job, one which became full-time upon her graduation.

Her drive and ambition led her to seek, and acquire a role in covering the "police beat", and within a few short years, she became the Daily Planet's star reporter, as well as a best-selling mystery novelist. Not surprisingly, when the space-plane Constitution was scheduled to make it's maiden flight, landing at Metropolis Airport, Lois was chosen as one of the civilian observers.

When another aircraft accidentally collided with the space-plane, something marvelous, something which would change her life forever, occurred. One man, operating alone, flew from the crowd, and caught her plane, gently easing it to the ground. Although she was unable to catch more than a glimpse of her savior, she saw enough of his actions to give him the name which he has held for a decade since: Superman.

Shortly afterward, the newly-named hero made his public debut, and Lane, determined to get the story., faked an automobile accident in a successful attempt to get an interview. It was a Pyrrhic victory, however, since, as she rushed to the paper to get it printed, she discovered that a new reporter, just hired, had managed to get the story first.

At first, this neophyte, Kansas native Clark Kent, was her rival, as they battled for supremacy on the front page. Eventually, however, they earned respect for one another, and a good working relationship. In fact, she found herself attracted to him. On a trip to Clark's hometown, she discovered a connection between Kent, Superman, and Smallville native Lana Lang which affected her relationship with both men.

However, Ms. Lang was able to smooth things over, and soon afterwards, Lois accepted Clark's proposal of marriage. A week later, however, Clark revealed the secret he'd held locked away for years.. he was Superman. Lois, realizing the hints had been there all along., accepted the fact, and the relationship continued.

The road to the wedding was a bumpy one. First, Superman died, temporarily anyway, causing an obvious strain on their relationship :) Later on, after the villain Conduit discovered his identity, he decided to abandon his life as Clark, but Lois convinced him otherwise. Later, the presence of Lori Lemaris, Clark's first love, strained the relationship enough that Lois called off the engagement, and took a position as a foreign correspondent, leaving Clark and Metropolis behind.

After the events dubbed the "Final Night", Lois returned to Metropolis, and finally wed Clark. She stood by him during the "Electric Superman" crisis, even the purchase and closure of the Daily Planet by Lex Luthor. However, Luthor, a notoriously vindictive man, has maintained a strict control over the couple, at least in their civilian roles, by only hiring Lois to work at his Internet news service, LexCom, while leaving her husband unemployed, and tying Lois down to an office.

It's likely this situation, among others, which has caused Superman to once again abandon his "human" identity, devoting himself full time to protecting the people of Earth.. and leaving one woman alone in an office working for her greatest enemy. However, you can't keep a good Lane down. Lois Lane, as she's proven time and again, can take care of herself.

So who would marry a superhero? A woman of strength, drive, and determination… a woman named Lois Lane.

This article is © 1999 Mario Di Giacomo.
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