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Oy! What a month!

Fanzing's had a great month. Our interview with Mark Waid generated over a thousand comments in the rec.arts.comics.dc.universe newsgroup, as well as discussions in other message boards! As a result, hits to Fanzing have increased and a dozen more people join our Listbot subscription each week.

To help spread the word, I've asked Fanzing's best artists to come up with new fliers for Fanzing. Once we have a variety of fliers, I'll be sure to announce it via Listbot. With well over 200 Listbot subscribers and up to 700 more people visiting each month…if even a quarter of you were to print up a batch of fliers for display in local comic shops and conventions, we'd reach an even wider number of people!

Perhaps it's due to our good hitcount of late, but our first month of being an Amazon associate has already brought in about $5. That's not a LOT, but it helps to pay for Fanzing's domain and webspace. If you haven't visited the DC Comics bookstore page, check it out today! I've tried to find all of the DC-related books at Amazon; if I've made an oversight, let me know and I'll be sure to add a link for the benefit of others. Of course, you're welcome to conduct your own search from Fanzing's link; you'll get Amazon's same low prices, but Fanzing gets back 5-15% of your total purchase. And, since we help bring in profits for DC Comics, everybody's happy that way!
One thing I'm thinking of doing with the page is to put up reading lists by myself and some of the other Fanzing contributors. By knowing which books we enjoy and recommend to others, you get to know us a little better and maybe you'll check out some good books you wouldn't have read otherwise!
In personal news, I'm almost exactly three months away from my wedding date and I imagine it will only get more hectic. I'm hoping I can find the time to keep running Fanzing at its present level of quality! In case you haven't heard, Fanzing will not be published in June. As I'll be far too busy that month, Joel Ellis Rea will instead use the Fanzing site to publish a "very special episode" (as they say on TV) of Fanzing. This will be a follow-up to the "alt.showcase.94" event which is running in issues 13-17.

I've had a lot on my mind of late. It's difficult trying to go house/apartment-hunting when you and your wife-to-be are also both switching jobs! I have no idea where to look for a home, simply because I don't know where in the Twin Cities Melinda and I will be working. And on the job-hunt front, I finally revamped my resume and posted it on Headhunter. I've had many, many recruiters calling, but no interviews yet. I'm looking for a webmaster job in Minneapolis/St. Paul; if you have any leads, pass 'em on, please!

The Fanzing Forum, our own message board, is a cool place to hang out. We've had numerous interesting discussions of late. I hope you might stop by there sometime.
One last thing: I hope you might send in some feedback about this month's "DC Universe: The Animated Series". Although it's a for-fun proposal of a new Animated Series, it also includes numerous elements which I'm including in my Elongated Man proposal for DC. So feel free to click the Flash icon below and send in some mail, or simply stop by the Fanzing Forum and give your feedback for all to discuss!
This column is © 1999 Michael Hutchison.