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All Characters are owned by DC Comics. The following was completed for non profit, entertainment only.

"A Dooms Day"
By Shawn Murphy

A DC Elseworlds w/
Superman, Doomsday, and Hal Jordan (Green Lantern).

Premise: It's nearing the end of Superman's first battle with Doomsday, when things take a turn that differs from the original outcome.


-Think hard, Clark,- Kal-El, the last son of Krypton told himself. -Everything I've witnessed, everything I've been part of or accomplished in my life; After all of that, it can't end like this. I can't let it.-
    Superman rose to his feet and peeled the burning car off of his torn body. Tossing it aside in an awkward motion, the Man of Steel stumbled, holding his side. He looked at his hands, covered in blood. The wound on his torso was open again, ripped apart worse this time from the jagged metal of the car. Under normal circumstances, of course, this would have never happened. But his alien metabolism hadn't been given sufficient time to heal the gash from just a few hours earlier when Doomsday had bitten him there, and even a fabric such as Earth's metal could hurt him in his present state if he wasn't careful..
    -What a monster,- he thought to himself. -What a devolved, savage beast.-
    He couldn't remember ever having been bitten before. As unaccustomed to bleeding as he was, Superman knew one thing; The blood wasn't clotting this time. Not like before. He was bleeding profusely, and he knew if it didn't stop, he'd lose consciousness, and eventually die. And that wasn't an option. He had learned to accept death as a distinct possibility of his lifestyle, just as a police officer might, but dying now was definitely not an option. If he lost to this monster, if he failed to stop it, he knew nothing else would be the same. First Metropolis, than the world. Doomsday would prevail.

Superman looked down at the wound, wincing at the pain that came from his torso as he angled himself to better view his injury. He could see it clearly now; it was several inches long, and very deep. His inside was exposed. An artery, he was fairly sure, which was the cause of the bleeding, and several bones. Superman selected the broken artery carefully, found the other end of it, and pinched them together. The pain was blinding. He bit his lip, tasted his blood. Concentrating, Superman glared hard at the mesh of tissue at the tip of his fingers and cauterized the arteries back together with his heat vision. Pain, again. After a few moments, the bleeding slowed down. Taking a deep breath, Superman frowned at the smell that now rose from his wound. He had only experienced that smell a few times in the past. But he knew this would stop the bleeding, and he sensed it would kill any possible infections the creature may have carried with him from where ever he came.

The air around him also reeked of charred flesh; although human. If there was one drawback to possessing heightened senses, it would be his inability to shut it off. It reminded him of chaos and burning and death and pain. It turned his stomach, and almost brought tears to his eyes. It reminded him of what he was put on this planet to do, and it reminded him, again, why he couldn't let the Doomsday creature win. The Justice League was gone now, they couldn't help. Earlier that day they had confronted and been severely defeated by Doomsday. And there was no way of contacting the prestigious Green Lantern Corps for aid. The GL Corps were deep in space, hours away by travel for the Man of Steel, and there was no time. Superman would stand his ground, or die trying. He watched Doomsday spot him, growl, and begin to charge like a bull.

The Man of Steel dug deep into his mind as the creature moved at him. He remembered years earlier to a battle almost as perilous as this. There was a time when he and the rest of Earth's heroes had fought long and hard to defend the Earth from alien invaders. Batman had persevered as leader, of course, as well as a skilled warrior. Superman had always carried a deep admiration for him, a man who could boast no super-abilities other than that which he had learned. He was impressed with it all; to the best of his knowledge, Kryptonians had never completed such a symbiotic relationship between mind and body as Batman had in his unique art form, which he had adopted from Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Kendo, and several other martial arts. The man knew it all. Superman remembered how Batman had depended on this when an opponent charged him during that battle. What was that move the Dark Knight used again while an opponent charged him?

Doomsday was upon him now, and Superman remembered. Stepping aside so quickly no one could have seen him, Superman grabbed Doomsday's extended arm, using the creature's motion against him. As the creature fell past him, the Man of Steel brought his knee up against the creature's groin. The breath knocked out of the Doomsday creature sent a mailbox flying through a bus. Doomsday fell to his knees. Superman sank his elbow into the back of the creature's head, straight and hard. Doomsday fell to the ground, groaning.

Superman started to move back, but it was too late. Doomsday swung out an enormous arm and swept Superman's feet out from under him. Something cracked and Superman felt a sharp pain run up his leg. It had been broken. Superman looked at the Doomsday monster, who was standing over him with a steel girder in his hand. When had he stood up? When had he grabbed that? His speed and agility continued to shock Superman.

Doomsday swung at the Man of Steel, who barely moved out of the way. The girder left a scar in the sidewalk, and Superman avoided what could have been a paralyzing injury. The Last Son of Krypton looked at his hand, scraped by the girder. It went numb.
    -Another broken bone, damn him.-
    Superman rose into the air and stood a dozen yards above the creature. He breathed deeply, looking down at his foot. It throbbed when he moved it. He closed his eyes, concentrated, trying to block out the pain. Looking around him, Superman saw people running in all directions, and bodies lying about. News choppers flew around him like nervous guppies scattering about in an evaporating puddle of water. Someone somewhere was screaming. Her baby was trapped. Superman's stomach turned again. If he left the creature to help one person a hundred more would die. He ignored the pleas for help. He did his best to block out the sounds.

And then he heard something no one could have blocked out. A sonic boon not unlike the sound he made during some of his quickest retreats to the Fortress of Solitude. It came from space, from straight above the eastern seaboard and flew by Superman so quickly it left him in circles.

It left a residue of green energy in its path, too. Superman glanced down toward Doomsday. The creature was pinned, getting whaled on by a monstrosity of a mallet that glowed green.
    -A Green Lantern. Hal?-

At the receiving end of the mallet, Doomsday. At the generous end of the long stream of concentrated green energy was a tiny ring donned by Hal Jordan, a Green Lantern.

-Thank you, Lord,- Superman sighed in relief.

-Lord? Why so formal. Stick to 'Hal.' It's more 'me.'- the GL responded telepathically, using his ring to do so.

If there was anyone in the universe who could help defeat the monster, it was one of the elite members of the Green Lantern Corps. The fact Hal Jordan was the one who came to help was even better. His talents and experience made him a priceless addition to the fight. But he knew there was really little time for thanks. He nodded at Hal, assuming the ring would pick up his thoughts as well, as though they were communicating in space like they had so many times in the past.

-You came,- Superman said, -How did you know? I thought the Corps could turn this around, hoped they were nearby … -

-And we received those thoughts. That's one of the ring's redeeming qualities. We weren't nearby, but I heard what happened to the Justice League. I was on OA when it happened and left for Earth right away to see if I could be of any help.

Superman watched Doomsday get up and glance around, confused. He turned to Hal, -Thank you. You can be. I need … Metropolis needs your help. Earth needs your help.-
    Hal Jordan looked around, assessing the damage, -This looks bad, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry I couldn't bring the entire corps.- He looked up at Superman and than back at Doomsday, who was glaring evilly at the Green Lantern. Another Doomsday, but this one tinted green and suited up as a member of the GL Corps, materialized between the angry creature and Hal Jordan. Doomsday paused for one, fleeting moment, looked at it with infantile confusion, and the green Doomsday took its opportunity, knocking the creature into the air, almost taking its head off.

Superman caught the flailing Doomsday in mid air, swung him around for added momentum, and threw him into the ground, creating a large crater in the concrete. He felt a new will now that had not been there before. With Hal's help there was much better odds. Superman never fed off the glory of a fight, was never selfish when it came to battling like some of his peers had been, and a former member of the GL Corps was there now. The Man of Steel welcomed help with open arms. Everything seemed far less futile.

Superman came down on Doomsday feet first, pushing him into the ground like a wedge in a tree stump. Above them, Hal produced a nine iron that stood several stories high. Superman moved to the side, doing his best to keep the creature pinned by melting the tar around the creature with his heat vision, and making it difficult to manage in much less stand up in.

-Fore!,- Hal announced so nonchalantly Superman looked at him with a smirk. But Doomsday stood still as the immense golf club came down on him, straining. The sound emitted shattered several windows in the block radius. -My God. I've never seen that happen,- Hal said. -I mean, he's not yellow in hue … -
    Doomsday looked at his newest nemesis and than back at Superman. The look was one of death personified. He jumped up at the Green Lantern with the speed of light. Hal went flying back against a residential building so quickly Superman could barely follow with his eyes. He prayed Hal could take that kind of a hit.

Superman looked around. Doomsday was nowhere to be seen. At closer look, Superman saw that he was still on top of Hal, now over a block away.

Hal struggled. Superman caught one of his thoughts. It was one of hysterics, fear. -Get off me …- A blinding explosion of green light penetrated the hold Doomsday had on Hal, but not completely, and the creature was back on top of the Green Lantern before Superman could blink an eye.

The Man of Steel saw blood fly from Hal's mouth as Doomsday stuck him across the face. The green mask covering the emerald warrior's face lost consistency and faded with Hal's will.

Superman flew at them, his shoulder pointed sharply at the small of the creature's back. Doomsday screamed in pain when the Man of Steel hit, but turned around in a flash, slapping the Man of Steel with the back of his hand. The bony protrusion on the creature's knuckle cut Superman's cheek as he went flying backward. Superman saw water spring up from the ground in all directions. He had knocked over a fire hydrant when the creature hit him. Doomsday had the hydrant in his hands now. He lifted it over Hal's head and Superman saw a look of sheer terror on Hal's face. He looked so vulnerable without his mask.

Hal . . !

Doomsday lifted the yellow object over its head and brought it down hard on Hal's face. Superman's ear picked up the sound of several bones crushing. He could hear Hal's heart beat fade, and then stop almost instantly. There was no more breath in his limp body.

Superman jumped at the Doomsday creature, and with both hands fisted, knocked him in the head. Than holding the creature over his head, Superman threw him several blocks away where Superman had spotted a deserted gas station. There was an explosion when Doomsday hit. Superman knew it would only slow him down.

Looking down at Hal, Superman had to catch his breath. Hal was unrecognizable. Superman looked through the Green Lantern's flesh and could see there was nothing to be done. Placing his hand across Hal's crippled face, the Man of Steel closed the dead man's eyes.

-First the Justice League. Now the life of a friend, and the finest Green Lantern I've ever known. Clark, it's got to end here.-
    Superman closed his eyes and listened to the noises around him, focusing in on the creature, who he could tell was still shaking off that last blow. Superman fought back the swell in his throat, but he could not stop the tears. He opened his eyes. Hal Jordan was beginning to vanish in an aura of green energy. In a moment, he was gone.

-So quickly. I can't . . I can't believe it … -

Superman felt a strange sensation on his hand; the one that had been broken. He moved it around without so much as a twinge of discomfort, as if it had never been broken. On his index finger he noticed something that had not been there before. There was now a small green ring. It fit perfectly, as though it had been designed for him. It seemed to have forged itself to the Man of Steel's flesh, like an extension of his hand. Superman felt a boost both physically and emotionally as he stood up and turned to face his opponent.

He watched Doomsday round a corner. The creature looked like a furious asteroid; unstoppable, and afire. Soaked in burning gasoline that had no affect on him, the creature charged him again.

Superman looked down at his hand. The ring glowed brightly. He made a fist and felt a surge of raw power he had never felt before. Opening his mouth, Superman heard a voice so overcome with determination he hardly recognized it as his own, "Doomsday, your time has come."

All characters are ™ DC Comics
This story is © 1999 by Shawn Murphy.