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Vol. II Issue 15

"Batman from Generations" by Bill Wiist

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Flash (on Adam Strange): "Wow. One guy against an entire race of invaders…and he beat them by outthinkingthem. And I thought Batman was good."
JLA (third series) #21

Art & Fiction:
Art Challenge
Design a DC Movie poster!
Previous Challenge Results
Our Social Poster Challenge
Writing Challenge
"alt.showcase.94" wants YOU!
Brainstorm's Corner -- by Kurt Belcher
The "Monster Society of America"
Fiction: "To Leap Tall Buildings In A Single Bound" -- by Andrew Wickliffe
A story of Superman's early career.
Fiction: "A Doom's Day" -- by Shawn Murphy
An Elseworlds story
Fiction: "My Girl" -- by Syl Francis
Young Dick Grayson's first love.
Fiction: "Choices" -- by Marilee Stephens
Nightwing's adventures on Earth-1 continue!
DC Futures: Dr. Mid-Nite #1 -- by Schuyler Bush
A self-contained story: the future Mid-Nite's first issue!
Yesteryear: Man Named Kent -- by Tommy Hancock
"Clues", part one
Sector 2814
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!

Our special project for 1999: alt.showcase.94
Introduction -- by Joel Rea
This explains what AS94 is all about.
New Blood: Sparx -- by Gil Carter
"Only the Good…"
Starman: Life After Death pt. 2 -- by Joel Rea
Will Payton learns more about his death
Armageddon 2001 Summary -- by Joel Rea
Joel covers a series of prime importance to

DCU Digest - by Chaim M. Keller
Read a DCU newspaper
The Hall of Justice -- by Mario Di Giacomo
Kal-L, the first Superman
JLA Casebook -- by Mark Gillins
The JLA - JSA Crossovers begin again
Comics Cabana -- by Benjamin Grose
Superman Elseworlds Reviewed
DCU The Animated Series -- by Michael Hutchison & Bob Riley
The Metal Men get their own show
Gillin' with the Homeboys -- by Mark Gillins
The top 12 Super-Insignias
Thoughts at 3:00 A.M. -- by Ye Olde Editor

Hypertime -- by M. Hutchison and C. Keller
Our editor and sci-fi writer discuss DC's newest threat to continuity!
Yo Ho Ho and a Battle of Bats -- by Louise Freeman Davis
Louise recaps her favorite Batman Elseworlds, Leatherwing
Why Impulse Sells -- by Michael Hutchison
Just one opinion, mind you.
Elseworlds -- by Bruce Bachand
Origins, Observations and the Future
Interview: Walt Simonson -- by Mario Di Giacomo
Walt discusses his upcoming Orion series.

Next Month:
Joker's Wild!!!
Anything goes, as the writers and artists of Fanzing are given free rein!

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