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The Batty Bunch!
The Batty Bunch!

Comic Book Quote of the Month:

Green Lantern Quarzz Teranh lies dying after his single-handed battle with a black hole. The Guardians have told him that even if he survives he will be unable to continue as a Green Lantern.
Quarzz Teranh: "G-guardians…I hurt…! It s-shall soon…be over…"
Xylpth: "Ghr'll…Lies Quarzz there!"
Ghr'll: "Aye Xylpth…his aura still glows! Quarzz…brother!"
Quarzz Teranh: "I-I yet live, friend Ghr'll"
Xylpth: "Live yet still, brother. Guardians heal perhaps."
Quarzz Teranh: "No, good Xylpth! L-leave me…here…where I-I lie. I-I…am among…t-the s-stars, my friends. Leave m-m…"
Green Lantern #151

Art & Fiction:

Art Challenge
Our second annual swimsuit contest!

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Results of our Movie Poster Challenge!
Brainstorm's Corner -- by Kurt Belcher
Plastic Man gets a series in this fanatically-researched proposal by our springboard gourmet!
Fiction: Choices, pt. 7 -- by Marilee Stephens
Nightwing meets Earth-1's Tim Drake & Jason Todd!
Fiction: Growing Pains -- by Syl Francis
The Teen Titans…in jail!
Fiction: The Waiting Room -- by David Schock
Who's the anxious father?
DC Futures: Dr. Mid-Nite -- by Schuyler Bush
Darkness is My Ally - Part 2
Sector 2814
Where fan art shines like a Green Lantern's ring!

Our special project for 1999: alt.showcase.94
Introduction -- by Joel Rea
What you need to know.
Starman: Life After Death -- by Joel Rea
DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Part 3 of Joel's mini-epic brings a startling revelation!


DCU Digest - Chaim Mattis Keller
Read a DCU newspaper

DCU 101 -- by Benjamin Grose
Superman Elseworlds, part 2
The Hall of Justice -- by Mario Di Giacomo
JLA Casebook -- by Mark Gillins
JLI #59 Reviewed
Comics Cabana --
DCU: The Animated Series -- art by Bob Riley
Louise and Marilee cook up a batty idea.
Gillin' With The Homeboys -- by Mark Gillin
The Top 12 Headpieces (not hairpieces)
Site of the Month
…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!


Thoughts at 3:00 A.M. -- by Ye Olde Editor


You're kidding, right? -- by the staff
Comics we thought were jokes.
In Defense of Joel Schumacher -- by Matt Morrison
That's a thankless job!
Interview: Todd Dezago -- by Louise F. Davis
Go 1-on-1 with the mind behind Impulse!
Getting To Know Bill Wiist -- by Michael Hutchison
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