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CARTER HALL, famous adventurer and archeologist, visited with his former mentor HANS ZARKOV, prominent professor and engineer, to discuss some strange ruins he explored on the remote island of KRAKATAO in his guise as the mysteryman known to the public as, HAWKMAN. A cursory examination revealed that the bits of stone were from the mysterious planet MONGO, a place that Doctor Zarkov had explored when he perfected his first rocketship.

The two men formed an expedition, accompanied by Carter's lovely assistant, SHIERA SANDERS. Zarkov also invited his old friends and companions, FLASH GORDON and DALE ARDEN to join them. Flash, bored with his life of celebrity, jumps at the chance to get away from interviews and dull meetings and he and Dale head off to Krakatoa. When Flash and Dale arrive, they find the camp deserted and signs of a struggle everywhere. They've barely begun their investigation when they are ambushed and subdued by a mysterious foe. Flash awakes to find himself tied up and suspended from a branch over the sea, Dale gone and his friend and PRINCE BARIN, armed with a bow and arrow, threatening to kill him. Flash tries to reason with his old friend only to hear him swear allegiance to MING THE MERCILESS, the former ruler of Mongo who was supposed to have died during the last battle for Mongo's freedom, before firing off an arrow at a helpless Flash. Barin's aim was not at Flash himself, but rather at the rope that held him over the crystal white clouds of sea spray. The rope severed and Flash fell into the abyss below, lost in the blinding sea spray and roar of the ocean…

The YesterYear Fan Fiction Group acknowledges that names, concepts, and images of many characters that may be used here and ALL related characters may be owned by other individuals and/or companies and that said owners retain complete rights to said characters. These concepts are used WITHOUT permission for NO PROFIT, but rather a strong desire to peer into the potential characters have in a combined setting. This also acknowledges that original concepts presented here are the intellectual property of the author.


Flash knew his number was up. As he dropped out of sight of the cliff, all he could do was kick himself mentally for being so careless. He could have gladly accepted death if he knew those that he loved and cared for were safe. As it was Dale had been kidnapped and God only knew what she was being subjected to at this very moment, Doctor Zarkov was missing and probably, for all Flash knew, dead.

Flash let his body go limp as despair washed over him like the water's spray. He always knew, no matter what peril he faced, he could count on his friends to come to his aid. Now he'd have no one to even witness his death, much less save his life. He watched the sea spray start to fade and the huge, ugly spires of rock take on a more definite form as he cleared the cloud of sea foam. Flash wondered which one would get him first; would he be impaled on the jagged rocks or smashed into the cliffside by an angry sweep of a wave? He closed his eyes and waited for fate to make its decision.

He felt his body stop suddenly and then it began to feel like he was--

Flash opened his eyes and stared in disbelief as he skimmed over the rocks and the sea, carried through the air by-- what?

The answer became obvious as a shadow fell on the waters below the young adventurer. It was a huge birdlike shadow that reminded Flash of--


"Not quite," said a strong voice from above. "I'm glad to meet you nonetheless, Mister Gordon."

Flash fought the wall of air formed by the sheer speed of their flight and craned his neck upward. The man who flew overhead was powerfully built, his muscles were corded with the strain of carrying Flash while maintaining his course and speed, but he seemed to pull it off effortlessly. His broad chest was adorned with two wide golden straps that crossed like a huge X, with a blood red circle in the middle. The balance of his outfit seemed even more in line with a native of Mongo's; red trunks with gold trim and belt, emerald green leggings and red boots with a gold stripe running down the front from top to toe. His wings protruded from his back and were proudly outstretched, as if Icarus himself had risen from the seas to challenge the sun once again. The winged man seemed to be as proud in his bearing, but he also seemed to be experiencing something mystical, almost spiritual as he flew. The smile wasn't evident beneath the golden hawk's head helmet, but Flash knew, that his rescuer was at home and at peace in the sky, and flying brought him a joy beyond description.

Flash had seen that type of joy on the faces of the Hawkmen of Mongo, the day they were free of Ming's rule. Besides the sheer freedom of flight, Flash saw that the winged man was prepared to do battle if the need arose. A huge medieval looking mace was strapped to his waist and an equally menacing Bhundi dagger in a thick leather scabbard was tied to his right thigh. If this man wasn't one of the Hawkmen, he was, at the very least their brother in spirit.

"You saved me," Flash said breathlessly.

"You're welcome," Hawkman replied with a hint of his smile in his voice.

YesterYear presents -


Episode 2: "Out Of The Frying Pan… "

April, 1999

Written by Ali

Edited by: Mark Peyton


The winged hero glided, almost lazily, towards the opposite end of the island. Flash momentarily forgot his concerns as he took in the beauty of the lush green lands that swept below him.

"There they are," Flash's companion said with his head cocked to their right.

It took Flash several minutes to notice what the Hawkman had seen, a jeep near the mouth of a huge cave. Even from his vantage point in the air, Flash was hard pressed in making out there was anything at all on the cliffside, the spot was concealed by thick undergrowth and the cave itself was hidden by a jumble of rocks that fell in some long forgotten time providing a shelter from prying eyes. Flash thought for a moment how perfect the spot would be for a romantic interlude, Dale's face shot across his mind and her peril suddenly made him think that the spot would be perfect for something else.

An ambush.

The pair began to descend towards the crag which jutted out nearby and Flash saw another winged figure rise up to meet them. If Flash thought of the Hawkman as some kind of winged warrior, the vision that rose on the warm gentle breeze of the afternoon must have been an angel who decided to grace the world of mortals with her presence. Even with upper half of her face obscured by a similar hawk mask as the Hawkman's, Flash could tell she was a woman of exotic beauty. She wore a similar costume to her male counterpart, the only exception being a more modest top which was like a halter, but did very little to hide the fact that she possessed a figure as close to perfect as Flash had ever seen. The flying woman's choice of weapons seemed to be similar as well, she wore a smaller club as opposed to the man's massive mace and chose a spear over a knife or sword of any sort; she also hefted a shield made of some burnished metal, possibly bronze, on her right arm. Her ascent slowed as she got closer to Flash and his feathered savior.

"Glad to see you're back," she said in a relieved tone of voice to the winged man. She glanced at Flash, who suddenly felt as if his earlier thought of this woman as an angel might be a little too romantic. She carried her weapons with an air of confidence that gave Flash the impression that she could handle herself in a scrap if need arose.

"You must be Flash," she said as she glided along with the two men, "Doctor Zarkov will be happy to see you."

"I've seen your pictures in the papers," Flash said with a hint of awe. "You're Hawkman and Hawkgirl. What are you doing here? Where's Doc?"

"We'll explain everything when we land, Flash," Hawkman answered. "Just relax." Presently the trio settled to the ground near the mouth of the cave and Flash was soon free of his bonds.

"Follow us," Hawkman said, leading the way into the cave's entrance.

"You still haven't told me what's going on here," Flash said with frustration mounting in his voice. After being betrayed by a man who he once thought of as a friend, Flash wanted to be certain his narrow escape wasn't actually a new threat in disguise.

"Flash," Hawkman replied, "I promise you everything will be clear in a few minutes but we've got to get out of sight first."

Flash followed the winged pair into the cave and noticed there were lanterns waiting for them. Hawkgirl handed Flash a lantern which he lit, as she lit on of her own. Hawkman was also ready to brave the dark tunnel ahead of them. "Flash, you bring up the rear, Hawkgirl, keep an eye out as well but stay near me."

"Hawk," Hawkgirl said with a mild bit of irritation in her voice, "I'm capable of taking care of myself."

"Humor me, sweetheart," Hawkman replied as he tenderly touched her shoulder, "I don't want anything to happen to you too. There's no one left at the base camp."

"Are you sure?" Hawkgirl asked, "Maybe they're just in hiding."

"I saw the bodies. Somebody slaughtered them all and tossed the bodies into the sea."

"And we thought we'd be in time to warn them away," Hawkgirl said sadly. She bowed her head as if in prayer for a moment or two before she looked up and asked, "What about the radio?"

"It's gone," Flash said before Hawkman could respond. "Dale and I searched the camp before we were attacked, there was no radio."

"Attacked by whom?" Hawkman asked.

"Hawk," Hawkgirl said, interrupting Flash's next statement, "We might want to table this until after we've gotten back to the doctor."

"You're right," Hawkman said quietly, "We'd better get going."


Dale Arden woke to the sensation of dozens of hands all over her body. She felt a dull warmth all over and smelled a sweet, rose scented perfume that hung heavily in the air. Every inch of her skin seemed sensitive to the touch, the fingers that massaged her had brought her to a state that was so pleasurable that it had to be a sin. Dale fought past the sensations that had overwhelmed her body to get her bearings.

She was in a tent, that much was certain, as her eyes began to focus and the canvas walls took on some kind of form and definition. Dale also noticed that she was surrounded by a group of women with exotic, beautiful features, most of them were clothed in flimsy scarf like garments with skin of an unusually olive complexion. There were however, some that were undressed completely, these women were covered it seemed in some kind of oil or lotion which they were applying to Dale's own skin as their hands raced across her body. Dale continued to lay there, trying to figure out if this were some kind of odd dream. But the touches were all too real and too easy to succumb to, it was then that Dale realized that she too was naked.

Dale sat upright in shock, "What's going on here?!" Dale said, her voice sounded sluggish to her own ears, "What are you doing?"

Delicate hands pushed Dale back down to the cot, and continued their rhythmic caresses. Once more she forgot herself and the oddness of her situation. A low, throaty moan managed to escape her lips as Dale was touched in ways and places that had been ignored for far too long. Even though her head swam in between the warmth of the oils and the pleasures being delivered by the silken hands of the exquisite women that surrounded her, Dale faintly remembered that she had been in danger prior to waking here. Dale had traveled to an island-- it was so hard for her to think-- who was she with before, where was she now? A name managed to work itself into the tempo set by warm hands that kneaded her breasts and thighs with a gentle abandon that her man-- no man had ever managed to achieve. Another moan found release as Dale gave herself over to her attendants.

"Shush, child," one of the women said. "We are simply preparing you, wiping away the past so that you can face the future without fear or regret."

"What are you preparing me for?" Dale managed to get out between ragged gasps. Her voice betrayed a growing desire that needed to be satisfied; her body squirmed anticipating the next touch, needing the next touch, as much as she needed her next breath. Dale almost cried in a tantrum when one of the women stopped to answer her question.

"We prepare you for him, the one we serve, the one we love and the one who wants you to be by his side."

"Flash?" Dale asked, suddenly aware that his name simply surfaced because she was trying desperately to remember it earlier. Yet it sounded foreign to her ears now, it was the name of a stranger who no longer mattered, there was another who wanted her with him and she was suddenly overcome with a desire to be with him as well.

"Flash Gordon is dead."

All eyes snapped to the front of the tent, the rays of the setting sun hid the features of the man who had peeled back the door flap, but every woman in the tent fell to her knees, not daring to look him in the eye for fear of being struck dead instantly. Dale groveled too, but her actions were meant to show respect, not fear. This man would not harm her, she knew this, so her mind was free from fear as he crossed the space between them.

"Myla," the man said, Dale couldn't help but be swayed by the musical accent in his voice, "we will depart soon, is Dale Arden ready to fulfill her destiny?"

Myla was the same vision of loveliness that had spoken to Dale earlier. She was easily the most beautiful woman in the room, and possibly the only other person present who was unafraid of the visitor to the tent.

"I'd have preferred more time, Lord," Myla answered. "But yes, I do think she is ready to walk the path that the great god Kao has selected for her. You simply have to ask her anything you desire, her answers will give you yours."

Dale still knelt before the newcomer, obediently waiting for him to speak to her, to make his thoughts and desires known to her. His hand stroked her hair and Dale felt as if she had been touched by a live wire. She resisted the urge to respond as it slid behind her ear and gently traced her cheek.

"Who am I, child?" The visitor asked in a soft voice.

"You are my lord, my life and my love," Dale answered still kneeling as his fingers passed over her lips. "All that I am, all that I have is yours to do with as you will."

"You have done well Myla," the newcomer said quietly. "The oils from the Flowers of Forgetfulness appear to have changed Miss Arden for the better. She is worthy to stand at my side."

"I am pleased, my lord," Myla said sweetly.

The visitor's fingers grazed over Dale's shoulder. He felt her tremble as he touched her and knew that if he desired, he could have her, or any of these women right now. He seemed to consider the thought for a moment before saying, "Dale Arden, rise and approach me."

"As you wish, my lord." Dale rose quietly, her apparent nakedness not a concern for her, despite the fact she was in a room full of virtual strangers, and began to walk towards the man. Each step Dale took seemed to wipe away any thought of resistance, any fears, any inhibition; she instead felt more and more certain that this man was someone who truly desired her and she wanted to do nothing more than please him. For one moment, she looked into his eyes, feeling a twinge of doubt, but the man's eyes seemed to have their own power, one that made her his completely in mind, body and soul.

Dale stood before the man and said, almost reverently, "How may I please you, my lord?"

He smiled at her choice of words as he appraised her with his eyes. He would enjoy discovering the pleasures of this woman, taking her bodily and making her his in deed as well as words. He almost regretted Flash Gordon's demise, it would have made the conquest that much sweeter to have had the hero watch his love taken away before his eyes. To have had Flash Gordon die with his woman's sighs of pleasure in his ears would have been a fitting end to his most hated foe. As it was, he was willing to settle for the consolation prize of Dale Arden at his side, cursing the very thought of her lover for all eternity as she whispered his own name passionately.

"You will please me in many ways later, Dale Arden. For now I will settle for the token of a kiss."

"I live to obey you, lord," Dale said before slowly placing her arms around his neck, allowing his hands to roam where they would as she offered much more than her lips to him. He took full advantage, exploring her body eagerly and elicting a greater passion from Dale for his efforts. Eventually, he broke the embrace, remembering that there was still much to do.

"Myla, dress her and get ready to leave," He said, his voice still husky. He stood there as Dale was led away by several of the women to find her proper clothes.

Myla remained behind, toweling away the oils from her body, and she asked, "Is there anything else, my lord?"

"Yes, Myla," He said quietly. "Find Prince Barin and bring him to me, I wish to know if he's found Doctor Zarkov and his friends."

Mount KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA, July 2, 1938…

"Thank goodness, you've found him!" Doctor Zarkov's exclamation was a whispered one, but Flash knew there had to be good reason for his old friend to restrain himself. After all the old man's very nature was a boisterous one when he investigating some kind of intellectual mystery or involved in a scientific adventure. The simple nods acknowledging Zarkov's presence were enough to let Flash know that though he was safe, they were also in enemy territory and had to use caution until they could get a handle on the situation.

"Glad to see you in one piece, Doc!" Flash said in a hushed response. "What's going on here?"

Zarkov was covered in dust and soot, his once white khaki outfit now forever stained with the blackened remains of the volcano. Still, to Flash, it looked as if the haggard older man were having the time of his life, despite their desperate situation. "I will explain what we've managed to find out in a minute, my friend, is Dale with you?"

Flash's downcast expression was apparent, even in the gloom of the cavern. "She was, Doc," Flash said grimly, "but she was captured-- by Prince Barin!"

"Barin?" Hawkman echoed, "Wasn't he the leader of the resistance on Mongo? I thought he was part of the ruling committee put in place after Ming's fall."

"Hawk's a big fan of the Saturday Matinees," Hawkgirl said with a smile.

"Hawkgirl…" Hawkman countered with a slight grinding of his teeth.

"Don't worry, Hawkman," Flash said with a grin, "your secret's safe with me."

"Which still doesn't explain why Barin has kidnapped Miss Arden," Hawkman said drawing everyone back to the situation at hand. "It's safe to assume he was the one responsible for your plunge into the sea too." Zarkov started to say something, but Hawkman was quick to continue rather than recount the rescue. "I'll tell you later Hans, but at least we know that we can't expect any help from the cavalry."

"Don't be too sure, my friend," Zarkov interjected as he stroked his great beard, "Someone is bound to investigate when we don't check in on schedule."

"That may be weeks away, Doc," Flash said, " and whoever comes won't be ready for Barin and a squadron of warriors from Mongo." Steely determination came to Flash's eyes as he began to feel the familiar rush that danger brought to his heart. "No, whatever's going on here has to be stopped before anyone else gets hurt." Flash suddenly shook his head in frustration, "Which would be easier if we only knew what their plan was."

Hans Zarkov moved forward down the tunnel. "Then follow me, my young friend, some of our answers lie ahead." Looking into his bag, Zarkov fished out a handful of peculiar looking goggles, which resembled the style worn by aviators. He handed a pair to each of his companions and instructed them to put them on before they continued further.

"Hawkman, Hawkgirl, you can put out your lanterns, we won't need them," Zarkov said confidently.

The two winged heroes extinguished their lights, waiting for all consuming darkness to rush in on them. To the amazement of everyone present except Zarkov, they were able to see as if the cavern were bathed in the brightest sunlight.

"Doc," Flash exclaimed, "this is amazing!"

"One of my minor inventions, Flash," Zarkov said modestly, "It was inspired by our adventures on Mongo. A simple twist of the knob can adjust the lenses to function in practically any kind of light. I thought that this trip would provide ample opportunity to test them out in the field."

"Well, Hans," Hawkman said quietly, " with the lanterns out, we should be able to get back to that site that we found earlier."

"What site?" Flash asked, curious about all of the mystery surrounding the goal at the end of their search. "C'mon, Doc, you said you would tell me what's going on here."

"Well, Flash," Doc said with the hint of an apology in his voice, "We decided to search the caves that Hawkman had found here last year when he fought the Fire-Ghosts, men who were pretending to be mythical creatures, but were actually would be conqouerers utilizing fantastic scientific techniques."

"Which explains why Hawkman is here, Doc," Flash said. "But what happened to your old student, Carter Hall? I hope he wasn't with the party at your camp."

"Fortunately he wasn't," Hawkman interjected. "Mister Hall and I have met a few times and we're both mutual friends of the doctor's so they contacted me and requested my assistance. Luckily, Hawkgirl and I were finishing up a case on the coast and were able to intercept the boat taking the party out to the island. Carter realized that he had left behind some key translations of stones he found here back on the mainland and insisted on returning for them when we arrived here," Hawkman glanced Zarkov's way, grateful that his old mentor did not give away his secret. "We decided to push on without him and see what we could uncover."

Flash eyed the winged hero suspiciously, "Is it possible Hall's in league with Barin and his soldiers? Somebody knew we were coming."

"I doubt it, Flash," Hawkgirl said. "We've all known Carter for a while, he's always been on the side of the angels." Beneath his mask, Carter Hall allowed himself a slight smile at the irony of being accused of betraying himself.

"That's what I thought about Barin until he tried to kill me this afternoon," Flash said grimly. "I apologize if I've done your friend an injustice, I just want to be sure to keep our options open."

"We're here!" Zarkov whispered hoarsely. His quiet exclamation pulled everyone's attention to the edge of rise they had climbed and as they peered over, Flash found himself awestruck by the sight that greeted him.

The complex stretched out over the base of the entire volcano. An archaic melding of ancient stone ruins, a latticework of modern steel and wire, and technology that could only be described as alien ran throughout every part of the structure, giving the place an eerie resembelance to a spider's web. Workers moved across the station furiously, as if they were racing some invisible doomsday clock ticking off the last seconds of the world. Brutal taskmasters watched over the progress of the toiling men, pressing them to work harder, faster than they already were. If any man slacked off or passed out because of exhaustion, punishment was swiftly meted out and the poor devils were tossed into one of the many pockets of molten lava that dotted the grounds.

The lava seemed to serve a more direct purpose than the disposal of unwilling workmen. A tangle of pipes dipped into the white hot liquid rock, and ran to various junctions placed all over the encampment. Burly guards patrolled everywhere, staying ever alert for any threat to work underway. Flash reconized the crests worn on some of the officers' uniforms, it was Barin's. He shook his head sadly in disbelief. Had his friend really become a threat that rivalled that of Ming the Merciless?

"What is all this, Doc?" Flash asked in a stunned whisper. "What are they trying to do here?"

"To be honest, Flash, I have no idea what their purpose is," Zarkov answered, "all that I know for certain is that they've harnessed the fiery heart of this volcano to power this facility."

Flash stared at the men working on the tubing around the site, he reconized the distinctive races of Mongo; once proud Lionmen from the mountains, Hawkmen with their wings mutilated to prevent flight; even some of Barin's own people, the Aboreans, wore heavy chains as they bore the further weight of heavy hearts. Flash turned away, unable to bear the sight and the role he may have played in the misery of these people. When he did turn around to face his companions once again, his face was set in a mask of determination. "We need to do something."

"Wait a minute," Hawkman said placing his hand on Flash's shoulder, "Something's happening down there."

The group looked once more at the clearing below, all activity came to a halt as a procession marched in, making an entrance from the cavern's main tunnel. It was Hawkman's turn to supress an exclamation as he recognized the figures who entered were none other than the Fire-Ghosts.

"Impossible!" Hawkgirl said in a hushed tone. "They died when Krakatoa erupted!"

"We don't know that for sure, Hawkgirl," Hawkman said quietly. "Remember their bodies and clothing were treated with a special chemical that made them immune to the incredible heat generated by the volcano which led to the Fire-Ghost legends in the first place. They could have survived or they may even be a new bunch of Ghosts."

"If so," Hawkgirl said as she pointed into the distance, "then what's he doing here?"

To Flash, it simply looked as if a group of orange men had filed into the spacious complex. There was no noticable difference he could make out from his vantage point. It was obvious that Hawkman and Hawkgirl had the visual acuity of their namesake. A sharp intake of breath came from the winged warrior.

"It can't be!" Hawkman hissed through clenched teeth, "It's Mazda, but I saw him die myself!" Hawkman shook his head, "No that's not accurate, I only saw him go over a cliff, there may have been a dozen ways he could have escaped and we wouldn't have known."

The gaunt man Hawkman called Mazda strolled through the throng to a dias that stood in a small area just in front of the complex. Fire-Ghosts, soldiers and slaves alike parted to allow Mazda access to the platform. Mazda strode forward slowly, not looking to his left or right, he walked with a quiet confidence that comes with one used to the trappings of power and control. It almost seemed as if these men didn't exist to him, had one been in his way, there was no doubt that Mazda would have walked over that person without breaking step.

Mazda was dressed as if he were a native of some island storybook, a simple length of cloth was wrapped around his waist as one would wear a bath towel out of the tub. He wore no jewelry, or other adornment except for the "helmet" on his head, which was once the skull of some long dead man or beast. His eyes were sunken, almost lost in the hollows of their sockets and despite his frail, skeleton thin build; Mazda looked as if he could be a dangerous man to get into a fight with. Hawkman remembered barely defeating the madman and rescuing Shiera in those last moments before Krakatoa erupted.

"If the man below really is Mazda," Hawkman whispered, "and he still possesses the incredible technology that he had before, then the stakes have gone up considerably. We can't allow whatever's going on to continue."

"How do you propose to stop them?" Zarkov asked. "There are hundreds of men down there, willing or unwilling, they will try to stop us."

"I'm aware of that, Hans," Hawkman said. "If we can infiltrate the camp, possibly mix in with the slaves, we may be able to get close enough to find out what their game is."

"I don't know," Flash said, "seems like an unecessary risk to me. Besides, it looks like this Mazda character is about to address the crowd."

The little group moved even closer to the crest of the rise, straining to hear whatever it was the Fire-Ghost had to say.

Mazda stared serenely out at the crowd, studying them as if they were his children. When it seemed as if the majority of the men had been assembled in the open area, Mazda began his speech.

"We were on the verge of bringing this world to its knees, but were thwarted by one of the surface dwellers, the man called Hawkman. He thought us defeated, the world thought us dead, but we were simply recovering, unharmed by the essence of this mighty mountain that has protected and nurtured us these many years. Now we stand renewed in strength and purpose, ready to lay claim to the power we have husbanded these many months. We are almost ready to rule this world once more!" Mazda's proclamation was greeted with an enthusiastic bellow from the gathered Fire-Ghosts and to a lesser degree by the men of Mongo.

Mazda continued, "As we reclaim our destiny, we will enter it with something we didn't have before-- allies. No, let me rephrase that, my friends, brothers. We have been lost all too long, alone all to long, but now we are reunited with our long lost bretheren from the stars, the people of the planet Mongo!" Flash and Hawkman both recoiled as if they had been struck, Zarkov nodded as if had made the connection already and finally recieved confirmation of his suspicions. An involuntary hand shot up to Hawkgirl's lips as she gasped in surprise. All of them knew that this dark alliance could accomplish what neither power could do individually, assume complete control of the Earth.

"To cement our pact," Mazda said, his voice filling the chamber, "the sons of Mongo have helped us rebuild our most powerful weapon--" Mazda's arm swept behind him as a metallic cylinder began to rise out of the platform behind him. From the ceiling above, a second cylinder dropped down. As the two cylinders got closer, there was a slight whine and the converging tubes sprouted small domes sparking with powerful energy. "-- THE FORCE GENERATOR!!!" The Fire-Ghosts cheered heartily as the Force Generator locked into place. The separate domes, now only a few inches apart, came alive with charges of power that grew into a dazzling display that lit the entire cavern.

"The power that we can create will turn this world into rubble if we will it!" Mazda shouted over the rumble of the machine. Hawkman noted that the rebuilt Force Generator was much larger than the last one, he could only assume that this model was also more powerful than its predecessor. Hawkman looked at his companions and wondered if the four of them would be enough to save the world from this new threat. Hawkman's attention returned to the scene below as Mazda continued to speak.

"Despite my great joy at having such power," Mazda's face almost immediately became a sorrowful mask, "I regret that we will have to sacrifice it for a short while." Confusion ran throughout the faces of Mazda's men as well as the party huddled above them. "Hear me!" Mazda's voice stilled the few murmurs that had begun among the people. "As I said earlier, one of the Earthmen had discovered us and with his discovery came our defeat. This time he has returned with even more of his kind to hunt us down and destroy us. We have labored too long to allow his meddling to upset our plans," Mazda placed his palms flat on the stone slab that stood as some kind of podium, looking into the expectant faces of his followers and allies who hung on man's every word.

"I have been convinced by Mongo's great leader that we will always be in danger of being discovered so long as this place exists, so we must return to a place where we can prepare undisturbed, where we can build upon our strength and revenge ourselves on this world for the injustices we've endured. My friends, we will be returning to our home world, we are going back to Mongo!" Stunned silence greeted Mazda's proclamation, but it was shortlived and a roar rose from the Fire-Ghosts and soldiers that threatened to shake the cave to its very foundations. Mazda smiled benevolently at the people, his people, and his pride in them made his chest swell.

"We will leave in a few moments," Mazda said with his smile still firmly planted, "and when we reach Mongo, we will be standing side by side with our allies and brothers. The force Generator will tap into the heart of this mountain one last time, to transport us away from this world to our new home on Mongo. The amount of power necessary will tear this island apart and it will sink into the seas, taking our secrets with it. The instability of this island is well known and documented, to the Earthmen, it will seem as if this land died a natural death. So gather together my friends, the time has come to meet Mongo's master, the man who will cross over with us as a gesture of faith and brotherhood!"

The throng parted once more and Flash saw Barin stride into the complex, leading a band of soldiers and a small harem of beautiful women. The next thing he saw froze his heart in his chest, Dale Arden, dressed in the same exotic silken veils as the other women walked in regally, her eyes straight ahead, unblinking, her attention seemingly focused on nothing at all but at the same time very aware of the man who arm she held.

Dale's companion was as gaunt as Mazda, one could see that despite the deep purple robes he wore. His features were smooth, serene, as if mortal concerns were beneath him. Unlike Dale or Mazda, the man took in everything and looked at every person in the arena and measured their character from their body language. He was far more comfortable with the mantle of power than Mazda, it was obvious by the way he carried himself. His smooth bald head added to the weight of age and power that the man seemed to radiiate. Every soldier of Mongo knew he had gone to the Great Palace of Kao on more than one occassion, only to walk away untouched by death. To the men of Mongo, he was more than a man, he was one of the gods in the form of a mere mortal. To friend and foe alike he was known as--

"Ming," Flash said with a hint of anger in his voice.

Zarkov placed a hand on his friend's shoulder, "Easy, Flash, don't do anything rash. We have to bide our time until the opportunity comes to save Dale."

Ming stared at a man seated in front of a small console. "Are we ready, technician?"

The little man nodded his head seriously, "I await your command, my lord."

Ming faced the crowd, "Prepare yourselves, my friends! When we walk this world again--" Ming stopped speaking, and focused his attention off in the distance, well over the crowd. Others tried to see what was so important, but gave up, thinking the Emperor of Mongo was simply lost in the power of the moment. Ming's stare was dangerously close to where the four heroes were hidden, they scrambled down a little lower, just to be safe. Ming suddenly smiled a thin, knowing smile and continued, "When we walk this world again," Ming turned to face Dale Arden, "no man will stand against us and we will be able to drink deep of the pleasures this world offers." Ming drew his arms around Dale, who responded passionately as his lips met hers. Ming's hands ran all over Dale's body with such abandon that one would have thought that the two were lovers alone in some intimate place, than travelers heading into space.

It was more than Flash Gordon could bear, he dove over the side, snatching Hawkgirl's spear as he went, and ran screaming venomously at Ming and the crowd below, "You bastard! I'll bury you!"

"Flash, NO!!!" Zarkov yelled at the retreating back of his friend.

Hawkman had risen to his feet, mace in hand. "Sheira, get the Doctor out of here, I'll get Flash!"

"Hawkman, be careful!" Hawkgirl yelled as he raced after Flash.

Ming looked up with the same smile he had before he kissed Dale. He'd known his old enemy was there, somehow he felt it and now his victory would be complete, now Flash Gordon was going to die.

"Now, technician."

The little man threw a switch and the ground trembled violently, knocking both Flash and Hawkman off of their feet. Flash looked up in time to see the men in the arena fade away. The last thing he saw was Dale locked in another passionate embrace with Ming before the ground exploded into a mess of stone lava and steam…


Will our heroes escape from certain flaming death?

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