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Deadline: September 25, 1999

With Spiderman doing "Got Milk" and the Thing doing SUV ads, it's amazing that DC doesn't license its characters more often. The last one DC did was that great Baby Ruth ad with a rather silly Hawkman.

So this is your chance. Have Cliff Steele running strong on Energizer Batteries. Subject a Samsonite suitcase to Lobo. Show Dr. Magnus putting the Intel Inside logo on Tin. Or give Ralph Dibny a milk mustache: "I drink Gingold once a day to keep my body rubbery, but I need three glasses of milk a day to keep myself strong!" I'm brimming with ideas, but I'm not an artist, unfortunately.

It would be best if you avoided brand names and used a "variant" such as "Energyuser" instead of "Energizer", etc.

So here's the challenge:

  1. Create a piece of artwork
  2. Send it in to by September 25, 1999.
  3. A panel of judges will pick the best one. The results will be announced in the issue.

Entries must be in a digital format such as GIF, JPG or BMP (scan in your drawings if necessary). Photomanipulations are allowed for backgrounds, although doing a background by hand can help your score. All acceptable entries will be shown in the issue. Have fun!

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