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Titans Timeline
by Alan Kistler a.k.a. The Continuity Cop

[Editor's Note: As current ages of the team are questionable and the Zero Hour timeline is on a sliding scale, years given may be off by a year or two. Please don't hurt us.]


  • Vandal Savage kidnaps the newborn son of Al (The Atom) Pratt and murders Mary Pratt, the boy's mother. The infant son is injected with the DNA of the members of the Justice Society and then sent to live with his foster parents, two married Symbolix employees. The Emersons name their son "Grant".


  • Garfield Logan acquires a jungle disease and is given an experimental treatment. It turns his skin green and gives him animorphic powers.


  • Roy Harper becomes Speedy, sidekick to Green Arrow I.
  • As the new era of metahumans begins, Vandal Savage acquires the DNA of many of the new superheroes and splices it into Grant Emerson's DNA.


  • Wally West becomes Kid Flash
  • Inspired by the Golden Age Wonder Woman, Donna Troy becomes Wonder Girl.


The Titans then
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  • Dick Grayson becomes the first Robin.
  • A young Atlantean boy named Garth is taken in by Aquaman and becomes Aqualad.
  • Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash unite to defeat the villain Mr. Twister.
  • A little over a month after the Mr. Twister adventure, the JLA falls under mind-control. They are saved by the combined efforts of Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad. The five decide to unite as a team and dub themselves the Teen Titans.
  • The Teen Titans first encounter Gar Logan a.k.a. Beast Boy.
  • The Titans first encounter the Russian hero Red Star. Soon afterwards, Speedy and Wonder Girl begin dating.
  • The original duo of Hawk and Dove join the team. The Titans first encounter Lilith.


  • The Teen Titans are framed for the murder of Dr. Arthur Swenson. As a result, the team disbands and the members temporarily give up their costumed identities while under the tutelage of Loren Jupiter, a wealthy philanthropist.
  • The Titans encounter Mal Duncan.
  • After a battle against a demonic race, the group disbands again.
  • Speedy becomes a heroin addict. Black Canary II and Green Arrow I help him through rehab.
  • Mal Duncan becomes Herald and soon afterwards, his girlfriend Karen Beecher becomes Bumblebee.
  • Duela Dent makes her debut.


art by Marla K. Fair
  • Raven forces events to occur that lead to the formation of the New Teen Titans. The team consists of Robin I, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Changeling (formerly Beast Boy), Starfire and Cyborg.
  • The New Teen Titans first encounter the H.I.V.E. and their agents Ravager and Deathstroke.
  • The new Brotherhood of Evil appears. Robotman of the Doom Patrol and Changeling finally avenge the fallen Doom Patrol.
  • Kid Flash's childhood friend Frances Kane discovers her mutant power over magnetic forces.
  • The Titans first encounter Brother Blood and his Church of Blood.
  • The Titans team up with the Omega Men to thwart Starfire's sister Blackfire.
  • Terra I joins the team.
  • The Teen Titans encounter the assassin Cheshire.


art by Melissa Wilson
  • Kid Flash and Robin quit the team.
  • "THE JUDAS CONTRACT." Terra reveals she is a spy for Deathstroke and turns the heroes over to H.I.V.E. To rescue his former teammates, Dick Grayson assumes the new identity of Nightwing and joins forces with Deathstroke's son Jericho. The team is freed and Terra dies in the process.
  • H.I.V.E. is taken out by the Teen Titans, with help from Aqualad and Aquagirl.
  • Donna Troy marries Terry Long.
  • Deathstroke goes on trial for his crimes. After confronting the Changeling, the two form an uneasy truce.
  • Jericho is made a full member.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs attempts to give Cyborg a new polymer "human" body, but the polymers melt.
  • Nightwing and Starfire become lovers.
  • The demon Trigon takes control of Raven (his daughter) in an attempt to rule Earth. With the help of Lilith, the Teen Titans apparently destroy him.
  • Kole joins the Teen Titans.


art by Melissa Wilson
  • "THE CRISIS." The Anti-Monitor, arguably the most powerful villain Earth's heroes have ever faced, attempts to wipe out all realities but his own and attain godhood. All of Earth's heroes respond and all the villains become involved somehow as well. By the end, the Anti-Monitor is finally killed and it seems all realities but the main DCU are wiped out. In the course of battle, Kole, Dove I and Aquagirl are all killed. Barry Allen (Flash II) dies in battle and Kid Flash assumes the mantle of his mentor. He does not choose to rejoin the Titans.
  • Starfire is taken back to her home of Tamaran and is forced to enter a political marriage to support a peace treaty (an unthinkable thing for her people, who pride emotion).
  • Changeling's father Mento, a former member of the Doom Patrol, goes insane and attempts to kill Cyborg.
  • Jason Todd becomes Robin II.
  • Donna Troy attempts to form a modern-version of the original Titans in order to help defeat Cheshire. Robin II is included in the roster. By the end of the venture, this makeshift version of the Titans disbands and Cheshire reveals that Speedy is the father of her daughter Lian.
  • Cheshire frames the Teen Titans for a murder attempt on Brother Blood. Nightwing infiltrates the Church of Blood and finds Raven there. The alien Azrael, believing himself an angel, also falls under Blood's influence.

    This scanned image was recolored by Marcus Mebes

  • The Teen Titans confront Mento and his new team The Hybrid.
  • Starfire returns to Earth and soon afterwards the Titans team-up with other heroes to finally thwart Brother Blood.
  • The Wildebeest Society debuts.
  • Danny Chase, a young mutant with telekinesis, is admitted to the team.


art by Clark Hawbarker
  • The Titans of Myth come to enlist Wonder Girl's aid against the renegade god Sparta. She gains a new costume and set of powers and calls herself "Troia."
  • The Teen Titans drop the "Teen" from their name and declare themselves the "New Titans."
  • Jason Todd is murdered by the Joker. Nightwing becomes concerned for the safety of young Danny Chase and asks him to leave the team for his own good.
  • Speedy rejoins the Titans. Nightwing takes a short leave of absence to check on The Batman, who's become more violent in the wake of Jason's death. The two meet Tim Drake who's solved their secret identities and whom Nightwing nominates to become the new Robin.
  • Deathstroke comes out of retirement to aid the Titans in an adventure.
  • Danny Chase creates the false persona of The Phantasm in order to continue helping the Titans. Although Nightwing deduces the truth, he decides to let it be considering the boy's determination.
    gold Raven
    art by Marcus Mebes
  • Dove II debuts.
  • "TITANS HUNT." The dark souls of Azarath take over the Wildebeest Society in an attempt to create storage bodies to house themselves. Jericho is possessed in the process and turns to evil. He takes control of the Society and nearly destroys the Titans. To save everyone, Deathstroke is forced to kill his own son. In the ensuing battles, Cyborg is nearly destroyed, Golden Eagle is killed, Danny Chase is exposed and subsequently killed, and Titans Tower is demolished. The Wildebeests are defeated. Raven is transformed into pure spirit and vanishes.
  • Pantha and Red Star join the team.
  • Cyborg's life is saved by Russian scientists, but in the process he becomes even more robotic and is left in a mindless state.


art by Bill Walko
  • "ARMAGEDDON 2001." In a future timeline, Hawk becomes the villain Monarch and wipes out all heroes in an effort to create a totalitarian rule. Waverider journeys from this future to the present in order to prevent this. Following him, Monarch decides to jumpstart the events that created him and kills Dove II, causing the present-day Hawk to go insane and become Monarch.
  • The group known as the Team Titans are brought from a future timeline by Monarch so that they can assassinate Earth's heroes. Their first mission to prevent the pregnant Donna Troy from having her baby, prophesised to be a god-powered dictator. When all is over, Donna survives but loses her powers in the process. She gives birth to a normal baby boy.
  • Team Titan member Mirage kidnaps Starfire and masquerades as her so that she can sleep with Nightwing. She's later attacked and raped by the villain Deathwing and soon she's discovered.
  • Speedy assumes the new identity of "Arsenal."
  • Nightwing and Starfire (the real one) are to be wed. Raven, under control of Trigon, interrupts before they can take their vows. Starfire is implanted with a "seed" of Raven's dark side and leaves Earth and Nightwing.
  • In Atlanta, GA, Grant Emerson's powers manifest themselves in an explosion which destroys his school. In the succeeding months, he searches for his true origins and leaves a wake of destruction wherever he goes.
    art by Bill Walko
  • Donna Troy joins the Darkstar organization. She divorces her husband Terry.
  • Monarch gains more power and renames himself Extant.
  • "ZERO HOUR." Former hero Hal Jordan, now Parallax, joins forces with Extant to wipe out all space and time and recreate reality from scratch. New hero Damage must restart the big bang using his explosive powers. They are stopped by Earth's heroes but the Team Titans are wiped from existence in the process. The only two members of the Team Titans who survive and remain in existence are Terra II and Mirage.
  • The techno-alien race called the Technis recruit Cyborg into their ranks and rename him "Cyberion."
  • Under govt. authority, Arsenal forms a new team of Titans. He recruits Damage, Terra II, Supergirl, Impulse, Donna Troy, Minion and Mirage. Kyle Rayner, last of the Green Lanterns, later joins.
  • Raven returns to Earth and enlists the Titans' aid in destroying her evil "Trigon seeds." Changeling and Starfire help out in his adventure. Changeling, Raven and Minion then go off into space with Cyberion for a while.
  • Mirage has a baby.
  • Starfire's home planet of Tamaran is destroyed by the Sun Eater.


art by Marcus Mebes
  • After gaining skills in sorcery, Aqualad renames himself "Tempest."
  • Damage learns his origins from Vandal Savage and is accepted as The Atom's son by the surviving members of the Justice Society of America.
  • Arsenal's team disbands.
  • Four teenagers discover that they're hybrids of humans and alien H'San Natalls. Joined by Ray Palmer a.k.a. Atom II, they form a new version of the Teen Titans. The four teens are Joto, Argent, Prysm and Risk and they're taken in by Loren Jupiter and the mysterious Omen.
  • Fringe joins the Teen Titans.
  • The new Teen Titans join forces with the founders (minus Donna) in a battle against Haze, the son of Loren Jupiter. Omen is revealed to be Lilith. Joto is apparently killed in the battle.
  • CM3 (or Capt. Marvel Jr.) joins the team. Changeling returns to Earth.
  • Terry Long and David (the son of Terry and Donna) die in a car accident.
  • The Teen Titans are taken to the moon of Saturn called Titan. There, they meet the remnants of the H'San Natall race. Joto is resurrected and the team basically disbands. Only Argent decides to return to Earth.
  • Donna Troy discovers she's an avatar of Wonder Woman and gains new powers in the process. She reclaims the name "Troia."
    The Titans
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  • Cyberion returns as a planet-sized machine. Attempting to carry out his Technis imperative, he unwittingly captures all living beings who were once Titan members and endangers life on Earth in the process. The JLA join forces with the former Titans. The Earth is saved and Cyborg's spirit is saved and "downloaded" into a new humanoid body.
  • Nightwing, Tempest, Arsenal, Flash and Troia decide to reform the Titans. They recruit Jesse Quick, Argent, Damage, Cyborg and Starfire and set up base on Titans Island.


art by Marcus Mebes
  • The New HIVE battles the Titans.
  • The Titans encounter Goth.
  • The Titans meet a siren who has caused a seaside community to fear water.
  • Garth swallows Velocity-9, a super-speed drug.

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