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by Russell Burlingame

Real Name: Victor Stone
Former Aliases: Cyborg, Cyberion
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Silas Stone (father), Elinore Stone (mother), Tucker and Maude Stone (grandparents)
Occupation: Adventurer, member of The Titans
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Base of Operations: Titans Island, New York
Group Affiliation: Member of The Titans; formerly part of the Technis
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 385 lbs.
Eyes: (originally) Brown; (currently) Red
Hair: Black
First Appearance: DC COMICS PRESENTS #26
Unusual Features: Cyborg's skin is a metallic gold color and his eyes are red with no visible irises or pupils.


Victor Stone was the only son of two research scientists for S.T.A.R. Labs. While he was still young, Silas and Elinore Stone subjected Victor to rigorous intelligence-boosting experiments, giving him a genius-level IQ. This situation began to cause a rift between Victor and his parents and the boy began to rebel. Eventually, he attended public schools, where he excelled in athletics as well as academics.

One day, Elenore and Silas were experimenting in the lab and ended up opening a dimensional portal. Both were horrified as a protoplasmic creature emerged from the portal. Victor had been on his way to visit and at the moment he entered the lab. He was frozen in fear as he watched the creature kill his mother, only to then be attacked himself. Silas quickly managed to send the creature back to its dimension and close the portal. The damage had been done though, as most of Victor's body had been severely damaged by the creature's attack.

Silas Stone had been working on a cybernetic suit for the government, but with his son's present condition he saw this project as Victor's only means of survival. Modifying parts of the suit, he grafted them to the damaged areas of Victor's body, transforming him into a cyborg in the process ("cyborg" is short for "cybernetic-organism"). Victor did not adjust well to this change however, believing he was now a freak. The next 6 months were learning how to use his normal motor functions which were now controlled by robotic parts. He literally had to learn how to walk all over again, as well as other everyday feats. Afterwards, things only got worse. Where once Victor had been the popular school athlete, he was now outcasted because of his "handicap." His friends ostracized him, including his girlfriend. Victor blamed his father for turning him into an outcast. To try and make up for his son's condition, Silas made continuous upgrades to Victor's cybernetics.

One night, the mysterious Raven was forming a new team of Teen Titans in order to combat her father Trigon and Victor was one of her choices. Due to his unique condition, Victor joined the Titans under the simple name of "Cyborg." He quickly proved himself an invaluable resource for the team and became a very close friend with fellow Titan Gary Logan a.k.a. The Changeling.

A little while later, Victor also met Sarah Simms, a teacher who helped young children cope with their prosthetics. Victor made a lot of friends with the children there, and they saw him as a role model of sorts. He also finally reconciled with his father, who was now dying due to exposure to an alien. Before his death though, Silas Stone has secretly financed, designed and built the base that would be known as Titans Tower. This was his gift to the Team for the positive changes it had brought into his son's life.

In an attempt to gain a more human looking appearance, Victor attempted to replace the metallic pieces of his body with a plastic-like polymer that resembled flesh. His body rejected the pieces though, mostly due to the stress he put on his mechanical parts during adventures with the Titans. Soon afterwards, he met Sarah Charles, who eventually became his girlfriend. Victor and Sarah parted though, when she accepted a job with the S.T.A.R. Labs branch in San Francisco.

Due to his exploits with the Titans, Cyborg's body has been out through more stress than his father had predicted and that stress was beginning to hinder him somewhat. But this was not to be the end of his worries. When the Titan known as Jericho went rogue, he imprisoned Cyborg in an orbiting rocket and then destroyed it. The rocket crash-landed in the Russia, where Cyborg's body was found by resident hero Red Star. Russian scientists attempted to repair him, but the results were somewhat disheartening. Now Victor resembled almost a full robot, as only half of his face retained any flesh. What's more, Cyborg was now in a vegetative state and could not function without a control pad. After these repairs were finished, the Titans retrieved their fallen comrade.

In an attempt to release Cyborg from his catatonia, the Team Titan member Prestor Jon entered Cyborg's body, only to be assaulted by his memories.

Later, Cyborg and the Titans were kidnapped by the alien race known as the Technis, a community of techno-organic beings. The Technis needed Cyborg to help them fight a virus within their computer-minds. Cyborg's mind was restored and he immediately joined the Titans against a renegade-member of the Technis. Afterwards though, Cyborg decided to stay with the Technis, leaving Earth and his friends so that he would be among beings who were more like himself.

Once in space, Victor Stone's body and soul was absorbed by the Technis collective. They then explored the galaxy, encountering new races and new civilizations. Their journey was interrupted by a distress call from former Titan Starfire, who had returned to her home planet and become involved in a new war against the alien Gordanians. Cyborg, taking a new form as a 7 foot tall techno-organic being and now calling himself "Cyberion", rescued Starfure from the Gordanians and brought her to Earth. On Earth, they met with the current team of Titans, who had recently captured a possessed Changeling. The heroes journeyed back to Tamaran, too late to save Starfire's parents before the planet was destroyed.

Later on, the Titan's battled their old teammate Raven, who had been taken over by her evil side. At the conclusion of this battle, Ravan's evil side was destroyed and Changeling was cured of his possession.

Raven, Changeling and Jarras Minion then joined Cyberion on his voyages to other worlds. However, Victor had begun relied more and more on his technology side and less on his humanity. Because of this, eventually left his old friend, who had apparently lost his humanity, and returned to Earth. Victor then began collecting space debris to recreate the Technis world. To help these efforts, Jarras Minion left Victor the OmegaDrome, a war suit of malleable metal.

As his humanity became more distant, Victor's memories became confused and he began to feel lonely. Heading towards Earth, Victor's mind was still running the program the Technis had intended for him: reassemble the Technis race, the collective family. But his addled brain confused this and suddenly he saw this family as the Titans. Since there was currently no Titans team whatsoever, he sent drones to collect all individuals who had ever been a member of the Titans in their lives, whether they be Teen Titan, New Titan, Titan West or Team Titan. As the drones collected them, Victor's new planet-sized body approached and enveloped the moon, forcing the Justice League from their Watchtower.

The Titans were soon able to escape their imprisonment and deduce the reason for their capture. Not a moment later, the JLA arrived in response to the havoc Victor was inadvertently causing. The League felt that whatever had once been Victor's soul was now nothing but a program and set out to destroy his body which was engulfing the moon. But many of the former Titans believed he could still be saved and set about to help their old friend. As the League attempted to free the moon, the founding Titans members (Nightwing, Troia, Flash, Arsenal and Tempest) joined with Changeling and attempted to communicate with Victor. Knowing that his planet-sized body would soon be destroyed, the managed to literally "download" his soul into what remained of the OmegaDrome. The OmegaDrome then shifted into a gold humanoid body resembling Victor's old human self. Victor's full personality re-emerged as well, though his memories concerning his time as one of the Technis were hazy.

Victor has adjusted to his current physical condition rather well. He feels far more comfortable as a golden-skined human than a freakish half-man, half-machine. Besides which, after being a robotic being the size of a planet, he's glad to have a humanoid body at all. Though, he was still very troubled by the damage he'd caused when he'd tried to collect the former Titans. Renaming himself "Cyborg" once more, Victor once again assumed the role of a super-hero in order to make up for what he saw as his crimes. About a week later, the founding Titans decided to reform their old team and Cyborg was among those nominated to also join. After some careful consideration, Cyborg decided that joining the Titans again could only help his personal quest of redemption. What's more, he felt he needed to be with his old "family" again. And so, he joined the latest team of Titans and remains a member to this day.


Natural Abilities:
When Victor was totally human, he was in excellent physical condition, winning multiple awards in track, boxing and other school sports. He is also a genius in electronics and computers.

Former Super-Powers:
In his original form of Cyborg, Victor's metallic body parts were bullet-proof and highly resistant to injury. Victor also possessed super-strength, an increase in speed, and enhanced endurance. After long stress however, fatigue would set into his still somewhat human body and this would cause his robotic parts to wane in their strength as well.

Victor was equipped with an infared eye, computer generator, sound amplifier and special programming adaptors which allowed him to communicate with other machines. His arsenal included lasers, a telescopic eyepiece, sonic disruptors, grappling hooks and winches.

After his body was repaired by Russian scientists, a variety of new weapon systems were built into Victor. His strength was also increased about 5x and an armor plate would flip over to protect the half of his face that was still human.

As Cyberion, Victor Stone was a 7 foot tall techno-organic being, essentially a living robot. His powers included flight, superhuman strength, and energy projection force beams and force fields.

Current Super-Powers:
In his new body, Cyborg is virtually invulnerable. He has superhuman strength and can shape-shift himself into a variety of machines he can imagine, such as guns and computers. He also has cyber-empathy, allowing him to interface with almost any known computer system.

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