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Vol. II Issue 19

Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad

Comic Book Quote of the Month:
Ensign: "Cytothex 3 destroyed, Admiral"
Alien Admiral: "Very good, ensign."
2nd Officer: "Seems a sort of pity, sir. Was a lovely planet…in an alien way, of course. And it's unfortunate that we had to destroy… what? 3 billion… 4 billion sentient beings?"
Alien Admiral: "Of course, of course. One never likes having to do that, number two. But the alternative…to simply let the zuggernaut run free…chance it coming to our planet…well, that's simply not to be endured!"
2nd Officer: "No, no. Of course not, sir! I simply regret the necessity."
Alien Admiral: "Your sensitivity speaks well of your upbringing, number two."
Firestorm #66

Art & Fiction:
Art Challenge
Design a DC Advertisement!
Previous Challenge Results
Gaze and gander at the swimsuit contest entries!
Writing Challenge
EXTENDED until August 25th!
Brainstorm's Corner -- Kurt Belcher
You've never heard of The Clock?
Fiction: My Way -- Owen Allaway
A Fanzing newcomer, Owen introduces us to a new version of his fave villain, Killer Moth!
Fiction: Choices, Part Ten -- Marilee Stephens
Nightwing's epic saga…continues!
Fiction: The Dam -- David Corsini
Another newcomer to Fanzing, David's offering is a companion piece to "Choices"
DC Futures: Black Lightning -- Wayne Ligon
Black Lightning fights to help his community.
Sector 2814
A wretched hive of scum and villainy!

DCU Digest - Chaim Mattis Keller
Read a DCU newspaper
DCU 101 -- Benjamin Grose
Ben continues his series on Superman's Elseworlds with a look at "Elseworld's Finest"
The Hall of Justice -- Alan Kistler
Origin of Two-Face
Comics Cabana Special -- Michael Hutchison
Convention report from Wizard World '99
Site of the Month
…and a sneak peak of next month's issue!
Superman The Movie
Thoughts at 3:00 A.M. -- Ye Olde Editor

Suicide Squad -- Jason Tippitt
5 Years of Treachery, Death, and…Redemption?
The Trickster -- Matt Morrison
The Man Who Sold The World
Superman: The Movies -- Michael Hutchison
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Christopher Reeve film
Interview: John Ostrander -- Michael Hutchison
Who better to feature in our "Villains" issue than Johnny O, creator of the Suicide Squad? John talks about "Martian Manhunter", Hawkman's continuity changes and much more.

Next Month:
Fanzing's Contributors and Readers speak out
about their Favorite DC Characters!

Plus: Saving comic books for the 21st century!

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