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Sorry, Amanda had a Blues Clues birthday party yesterday!

Greetings, FANZING readers! Again, my heartfelt apologies for the lack of a lettercol in last month's issue… Sometimes the world of paid employment just has to take precedence!

So, let's play catch-up here and take a look at some of the responses that have stacked up over the last couple of months.

Hello comic fans!
I have enjoyed receiving issues of your fanzine, and have forwarded the web address to one of my other friends. Your writing contest sounds very interesting, unfortunately I am not presently able to submit a story over the internet. Firestorm would be a good character to ret-con, unfortunately I haven't seen the character since I stopped reading his book when they first started that silly elemental storyline and I have no idea what the character's current status is. Hal Jordan seems like an easy one to do, I mean who says he's really dead to begin with? Take it easy.


Hey, all!

Great challenge idea. I'd love to participate. But… Who has time? Busy, busy, bu-ZY! I have one old story I can dust off, but may not count. Does Green Arrow Oliver Queen count as ruined now that DC's planning to bring him back? I'm rather pleased with a little fanfic I did that explains what really happened on that exploding plane, and where Ollie has been since, and why Clark has kept his trap shut. But I'm expecting Kevin Smith will render it moot.


FANZING Editor-in-chief Michael Hutchison replies: It's too bad you didn't want to submit it. Kevin Smith's plans are just that, plans…and it seems like that Green Arrow series is delayed and delayed.

I read FANZING in small doses and today I read your DC Combat videogame article. Totally incredible! I was quietly chuckling the whole way through, and then I got to the "Black Condor - all he does is fly" part and had a good laugh. My fellow occupants in the computer lab gave me strange looks, but your column made my day!

David R. Black

Hi fanzingers:

 It's a pleasure for me to let you know how much I enjoy reading the last FANZING. I really enjoyed two of them (not that the other are bad), but I really liked the fiction about Flash thinking in parenthood and the proposal for a new video game. If there's one person to make a new "Kingdom Come" related series that would be Louise. I really like all the stories that are appearing in FANZING with a Kingdom flavour on it. But the funny one was the delightful proposal for a new video game "DC Com-bat". First I think they were serious about it. But after reading (and laughing) at the combat abilities of the DC characters I realized that you were joking, weren't you?

Here in Bolivia, the comic books fans don't have the chance to read comics they way you are. They come in a rare basis (from time to time) and principally (almost only), Batman and Superman. But I'm finding slowly many comic books that shows the bullet from DC. That way I'm slowly getting a gradual knowledge of the DC Universe. Sorry Louise, that the Titans comics don't arrive here, but I like these group too, and between my favorite characters from this group are Changeling, Nightwing and Donna Troy.

The only way I found to keep alive my interest in comics is reading FANZING, month after month (well this gap, are driving me a little nut), so I hope that soon will be reading another delicious issue of Fanzing.

Thanks to all the people that took a little bit from their precious time and entertain us at the same time that maintain our interest alive in comic books. Thanks a lot!

Your friend

Muchas gracias to you, Gevalher, for your kind and thoughtful letter. We've head from several overseas readers that FANZING helps fill the gaps in their local comic distribution network, and hearing things like that makes a lot of the work we do seem worthwhile. As you mention, FANZING does take time and energy to produce, often time away form our real-world jobs and families. True of any hobby, I guess, but it means a lot to know others appreciate our efforts.

Were we joking with the video game? Well only the writers could tell you for sure, but Marilee and I were darn serious about that Batty Bunch thing, let me assure you! ;) I'm certain they'll be more Kingdom features in the works. -LFD.

You wrote that "Users of other browsers and/or Mac computers may have different results." Well, you were right. I'm using an iMac running Mac OS 8.5, which I thought was supposed to be able to use TrueType fonts (at least the old Mac OS used to be able to…), but when I put these fonts in my Fonts folder the computer still doesn't use them. When I try to open them I get a message saying "The font [name.ttf] can't be opened because no sample is provided for it." Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

Yours, Si Rowe

Michael replies: Hmmm…not a clue. I haven't tried using Mac Fonts. However, more and more, I'm using backup fonts so that if "Final Frontier" doesn't work, "Arial" will. Arial should be common enough that you'd see it.

Loved the Titans issue by the way. The Louise Freeman Davis story went very nicely with my recent acquisition of TEEN TITANS #6, where Beast Boy first tries to join the Titans. Looking forward to the new BEAST BOY mini series, whenever it gets published. Another great issue of FANZING, as always! :-)

All the best!
Stewart Brower <>

Thanks, Stew! That issue of the Titans is one of the very few of the original series that I've shelled out the money to own. For myself, I've love to see Archive editions of the original Titans and Doom Patrol! -LFD.


 The new and improved archives really look great! I think that the archival issue viewer format is neater to use, because you get the feeling that you're looking at an actual back issue of FANZING, but I tend to overlook a few features while using it. I browsed through the new archives and found a few articles and features I hadn't noticed before. The new archives are much more specific (and therefore easier to find certain items with) and like an ultimate FANZING index.

Both the archival viewer and the new archival index complement each other nicely. Where one is a spiffed up, nice for browsing version, the other is a "bare bones" locator of specifics. The casual reader and the hardcore fan both benefit from this dual archive, symbiotic situation.

Great job, and I wish you good luck with submitting your proposals to DC.

David R. Black

 Great work on the archives. I'm an avid fan fiction reader and this way I was able to catch up on some missing pieces.

Give Marilee my compliments for 'Choices'. I especially like the 'Batman - Catwoman' relationship. When is the next chapter coming?

Keep up the good work.


 I'm glad you sent me an updated letter to visit the site. It was like a good refresher for me with many thoughtful opinions and researched articles for me to peruse. I also enjoyed Tim Truman's interview and the little bits of information about ADD. It just goes to reaffirm that comic book creators can come from anywhere. I enjoyed the DC War heroes piece in The Hall of Justice and hope there is a companion article about Blackhawk, which hopefully would include Quality's run and the Evanier/Spiegle material which was probably the most faithful to the Blackhawk of the Quality era. You may wish to do (if you haven't already done so) a general article about all the companies and characters that DC has absorbed from Fawcett and Quality to Charlton's Action Heroes and Wildstorm. It would also be nice to read about how each acquisition affects the characters, and how those characters are forced to conform into DC's world.

Keep on sending me those reminders. I need my butt kicked.

Neil A. Hansen

 Well, you said you want feedback so here goes:

Thanks, by the way for a great site. I hope you keep up the good work -- and congrats on the nuptials as well.

Is it just me, or is the current run of JLA really confusing? It seems that every time I pick up an issue, I have to go back and read the previous one just to piece together what is going on. Most of the time, I find that the amount of action that goes on "off panel" is just too much! My prime example of this is the "Tomorrow Woman" story. A great concept, but wouldn't it have been much more effective for the fans to get to know Tomorrow Woman for at least a few months before the story wrapped? I think that in most cases, Morrison is flying at such a breakneck pace that most of the details are lost. I find this very frustrating! I think my favorite parts of JLA in the past are the interaction of the heroes as friends, which we almost NEVER see in the current run.

Also, when Giffen was writing JLA, I begged DC to use Plastic Man - he would have been perfect with that lighthearted style. This run, however, is just begging for the return of Elongated Man. I hope he will not be exiled to comic book limbo for too long.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Replies can be directed to

Thanks Again
Dave J.
Edison, NJ

Dave, I think your Elongated Man comments just made you a pal for life! ;) -LFD.

Please note: This is not a flame about the site. I really enjoy it.

Recently, I've become aware of the fact that, thanks to Grant Morrison's handling of the JLA, Heaven and Hell have been in the mainstream continuity. I have no problems with is in itself. I've been reading 'Vertigo' type stuff before getting into the more mainstream DC comics so things like Hell and demons in comics don't upset me.

What I'd like to know is who the Hell is in charge of, well, Hell? You see, since I've been reading quite a few Vertigo Comics, I was always under the impression that Duma, the Angel of Silence, and Remiel, the Angel of Whining, were in charge because God had placed them there after Lucifer abdicated. The abdication of Lucifer also did the same thing that is supposed to happen this September, which is send everyone out of Hell, but that's another gripe.

In any case, later on I find out in the DC Universe, Neron is the Lord of Hell. Since I largely ignored the whole Underworld Unleashed thing, I am not quite familiar with who Neron is or what his game is. Still to claim that you're a Lord of Hell is not something you do casually.

Okay, so we have two or three Lords of Hell now. No problem. We just say Neron is the Lord of Hell in the DC Universe and Duma and Remiel rule in the Vertigo and everybody's happy right? No chance in Hell.

Y'see, during Grant Morrison's run on JLA, he has Dream of the Endless show up in DC Universe proper. And Lucifer, the original sovereign of Hell, was in the Demon's comic series. Then there's the fact that Superman, Batman, and the Martian Manhunter show up in the Wake, beyond the first time that the JLA appears in the Sandman series. The two universes are linked.

Okay. Then Neron overthrew the two Angels or they returned to Heaven. Doesn't work. Recently, there was a Vertigo series called, "Lucifer: the Morningstar Option." In it, Lucifer returns to Hell and is confronted by Remiel. If we assume that events in comic books happen in chronological order, an earlier comic books events precede a later comic book, unless otherwise stated, Remiel and Duma are still in charge of Hell after Underworld Unleashed occurs.

Are you getting one Hell of a headache? I am.

It's also bad enough that we've got two different "Lords of Hell" running around, but somehow, there are even more. Take Satanus from the Superman series. Where does he fit into all of this? When I first saw him, he looked like a Lord of Hell. I don't know if he ever claimed to be as such, but I do know that he doesn't like Neron very much.

Then there's Satan from the Vertigo's Hellblazer. This guy showed up mainly because Garth Ennis wanted to do something with his "trick the Devil" dangling plotline, but Neil Gaiman already had Lucifer abdicate Hell. So, Ennis decided there was another First of the Fallen, Satan the First Angel to dare to think for himself. He also claims to be the real "Lord of Hell" allowing the Angels to think they're in charge.

So, who really is in charge of Hell in the DC Universe? Neron? Satan? Satanus? Duma and Remiel? Ah… To Hell with it. (Note: I have no idea why I'm sending this to you guys. Just thought you'd either a) know what's going on in the hierarchy of Hell or B) get a chuckle or two out of this.)

August Paul Yang

Michael replies:Thanks for the diatribe, August! I agree, DC constantly has new "lords of hell" showing up all the time. Each writer thinks that the previous version wasn't evil enough (I certainly think Neron's too hokey to be evil incarnate). However, if you'll check our FANZING Archives, you'll see that Mario di Giacomo did an excellent "Vanishing Point" article on this very topic over a year ago! Perhaps that can soothe your nerves. And don't forget to poke around at some of the other things you've missed from our past issues!

I printed up a few of the promo flyers and posted them in the Queen City Bookstores here in Buffalo . There are a few other comic shops around, and I'll put some flyers in them as well as I go to them. Every little bit helps ! Love the articles and art in FANZING. Keep it up, you deserve to get some publicity from DC, but with Julie not around the powers that be don't seem as cooperative. Perhaps someone should remind VP Paul Levitz of his fannish roots!!!

Gord Green

Michael replies: Thank you VERY much! I've been working on some better flyers which would use some more FANZING artwork. Our newest effort is now on the Promotions page. Tell you what…you can see it HERE:

Flier #4

Let me add my thanks, too, Gord, for trying to direct new readers our way! A note to any first-time FANZING readers… We'd love to know how you found us! Please drop us a line! -LFD.

Howdy. I see from your photo on your web, not only are you a fan of DC comics, but also a pike fisherman. I myself am an avid fan of classic DC comics, and large northern pike. I'm sure we don't grow them here in Montana like you guys have in the land of the Vikings, which, by the way is my team, but this isn't about fishing. It is about a search, for a comic I'm not sure really ever existed. When I was young, I had an oversize Limited Collector's Edition called Secret Origins of Super Villains. Within the yellow-orange cover were stories of the Joker, Lex Luthor, and a myriad of other baddies. Be danged if I didn't lose it over the past twenty years and now I am looking for another copy of it. Am I making this up? Nobody seems to recall this title or the comic, although it is listed in the Overstreet guide. If you happen to recall this comic or know of someone who can help me acquire a copy, please drop me a line at my home base. The address is: Muchos gracias and may you catch the record muskie.

Nate Wilburn

Michael replies:Thanks Harvey! Best of luck to you in your fishing, too! Believe it or not, that was the first day I ever fished for pike. I've only gotten into fishing in the last year or so.

I DO remember that Secret Origins of Super Villains special. It was often advertised in the comics of the time. It had the super villains and super heroes facing off against each other on the cover. I remember having a hell of a time trying to find it…and never did. I only got to read the digest version. But you might try looking for it on Ebay. Here's the appropriate category:
I hope that helps.

I was wondering if you could interview Karl Kesel for your magazine in the near future.

Thank you

Michael replies:I've received his e-mail address, so we'll certainly try..


I found the recent proposal for a Captain Comet series that was posted on your site to be excellent. A series with this tone is truly lacking in the DC universe, particularly since Green Lantern has become earthbound. The idea that Comet has actually been a super hero since the 50s instead of around for the vague "10 years" of many DC heroes could lead to many interesting stories. I would most definitely be willing to pay $2 a month for such a series. An issue set in the 60s that featured a discussion between Comet and Martian Manhunter would be a true gem.

Thank you,

Austin Jenkins

Michael assures me that he and Kurt are working on the proposal as we speak, Austin! Maybe DC will nibble at our bait one of these days (to continue the fishing motif from the previous letter!) -LFD.

Loved the new Clock. I'd buy it! …just wanted to say that…

Martin Flodkvist

 Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you guys how much I dig FANZING!

It's very well put together, and it looks great. I'm an old buddy of Joel Rea, who works on your alt.showcase series. He led me to the site. I need to get cracking on a few ideas I've had to send in to you.

Meanwhile, I could ask you to take a look at It's a new science fiction / fantasy / comics / etc. site. We think we have a different look and attitude than the other general sci-fi sites. And we'd love to get the Fanzingers over there and checking us out.

Good luck with the next issue. I'll be reading.

Joe Crowe
Sci-Fi and Fantasy fun since July! :)

Dear Sirs,

I just read your review of the Justice League storyline with Despero, and heartily praise it! You echoed my exact sentiments. I am a 25 year veteran comic reader, and have probably read that series at least 20 times or more. I rank it right up there with the other great stories - Dark Phoenix, Watchmen, Dark Knight, etc. You have won a new reader and regular visitor to your website. It is very refreshing to find other comic fans with the intelligence and good taste to appreciate great stories and art. Most of the fans I meet nowadays seem to think that if a book doesn't have a butt-shot or gratuitous nudity then it isn't any good. Then you have the ones who think great art is a bunch of flash lines thrown on a page. Adam Hughes did a fantastic job without a bunch of scribbles everywhere, ala most of the newer artists in the field today. Sorry for the rambling, I'll let you go now, but I wanted you to know that I really like your site and will let all my friends know how fantastic it is.

Julian R. Rice

Many thanks for the kind words, to Julian and all the rest of you who wrote. Hopefully the lettercol is back for the long haul (or at least until I have my baby in December!)
Louise Freeman Davis