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Team-Ups and Cross-overs!
Due Date:
December 20, 1999

We fans love team-ups and crossovers, but they need to be done right! Think you can do one?

Here's the challenge:
Write either a team-up (two characters who aren't regular partners) or a crossover (two characters from different comic book companies).


  • No spatial rifts necessary. If you want to do an inter-company crossover, go ahead and do it the "Batman/Captain Marvel" way. Just pretend that they inhabit the same universe. Interdimensional travel stories have been done to death and half the time they're out of character, so just focus on the team-up.
  • Try to find interesting combinations. If using characters who normally team (Batman/Superman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Robin/Superboy), try to do something unique with them.
  • Prose form is fine. Comic script style is also acceptable, although many people don't like reading them.
  • You have about three months, so make it a good one.
  • Do your own editing and spell-check. Entries will be posted as-is.
  • Please send your story in either Word format or Rich Text Format (.rtf).
  • As always, It Must Not Suck.
  • E-mail it to