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TITLE: Firestorm Returns
AUTHOR: J. Reber
CHARACTER: Firestorm

Chapter One

It had been one wild night. Ronnie had attended a frat party at New York University's Manhattan campus. He and his best friend, Chad, had decided to go to a party instead of laying around their apartment like a bunch of overgrown slugs watching horror movies made in the 1950's. Ronnie met up with Zatanna, who was performing her usual tricks…not to mention her charm…there. They talked about old times and Zatanna even asked him out on a date. Ronnie, however, declined and left. Chad stayed behind, sitting on the recliner chair in the center of the room, looking at girls' boobs. Chad was an average kid, a horny one at that. Ronnie reached his Beetle just as a horde of NYPD cars sped by

"Great, now what?" Ronnie said as he unlocked his car. He climbed into the comfortable drivers seat and turned on the ignition. The familiar sound of the engine hummed as he pulled away, staying on Madison. He wanted to stop by Times Square and see if TLC had arrived at MTV yet. As he arrived, several police cars were lined up along the intersection. He hit the gas then hit the brakes, missing the Chief of Police's car.

"Hey officer," Ronnie said, "what's going on?"

"You best get of here, kid. Someone ran into TLC's limo at the front of MTV Studios. They weren't hurt, but the guy ran off, with a sack of money in tow."

"Let me speak to Chief Irons," Ronnie demanded.

"Okay, hold on a second." He jogged over to the chief's black Dodge Intrepid and asked. He pointed out Ronnie's sleek blue Beetle. Irons climbed out of the car and trudged over.

"Ronnie, what do you want? I told you that you are off duty tonight," Irons said grumpily.

"I know sir, but I feel as if the rest of the squad has had too much to do today. Besides, remember who I used to be." Ronnie smiled at Irons, recalling his glory days.

Irons frowned. "Sorry Ronnie, I'm afraid I don't remember. Fine, ya know what, you need to see some action tonight. I hope you have your 9MM on you, but I know you don't have this." Irons took off the cuffs strapped on his black leather belt designed to hold his pants up his fat body. "Return 'em when you're done."

"Thanks Chief, I won't be long!" Ronnie said as he slammed on the gas and riding off into the bowels of New York City.

Jake Wright looked like a common crook, but he had graduated from Forrestor Grove High School with top honors. He went to a good college and got offered great jobs. One day, a man of incredible wealth asked him for a favor, one which Jake couldn't refuse. This was the second time he robbed First Union Times Square, and by now, the NYPD was catching onto him. They had a finger print he mistakenly left on the vault door and he figured within the hour, a warrant would be issued for his arrest. He ran heavily towards his brand new Mustang, the dim street lights glowly off of it. He quickly unlocked the door and climbed inside. He turned the engine on and drove to the end of the alley. He was about to turn, but one of those disgusting Beetles parked in front of him. The guy turned the engine off and grabbed something out of his glove compartment. Jake turned off the engine and slammed the steering wheel. He opened the glove compartment and pulled out a Glock .30, which his new fortune had bought him. He hid it inside his pocket and opened his car door. He slammed the door furiously and stomped over to the Beetle.

"What the hell do you thunk you're doing?! I am running late for an appointment. Show yourself, you coward!!"

The man rolled down his window. His hair was dark brown and his eyes an odd shade of blue.

"Oh, I'm sorry, just let me turn on my engine. My friggin car has had lots of problems lately and…"

Jake couldn't take this guy anymore. He sounded like one of those rich snobs living on Park Avenue. He pulled out the gun and loaded a clip.

"Move the car NOW or face the music."

"I got a better idea."

"And what would that be?" Jake asked.

The man yanked the gun out of his hand and put a pair of handcuffs around his delicate wrists. A few moments later, a squad car pulled up and hauled him away.

"What the?!" Jake yelled.

"Sorry, you've just been scammed. Have a nice day," the guy said with a crushing smile.

"It's not fair, he took my gun, it's not FAIR…" Jake kept yelling as the car pulled away into the lights of the inner city.

Ronnie arrived home at 10:57 PM, just in time to catch NBC 7 News at 11. He took the usual smelly elevator to the third floor and went to apartment 330. He stuck the bright gold key into the keyhole and turned. The door opened with a creak and Ronnie turned on the lights. Yep, it was still all there; the refurbished living room and kitchen, their HDTV with DirectTV installed, their DVD and VCR, 1999 Compaq with Pentium 3 and 333 megahertz, an oversized fridge, and many other things his parents had bought for him on his 22nd birthday.

Man, I can't believe I haven't even patrolled in a while, Ronnie thought as he jumped onto their leather sofa. He hadn't been out as Firestorm full time since the late 1980's and on a team since 1995. His life had gone to hell since the Professor had left and without him, he felt lonely. Of all the girls that asked him out, he went out with one and even then, it sucked. He grabbed for the remote, when suddenly, a crash came from his exquisite bedroom. Crap!! A burglar no less…well, I guess I need to test my powers. He quickly changed into his Firestorm suit and gently floated to his room. He slowly opened the door, revealing the contents of it. He switched on the light to see a man dressed in his old clothes.

"Ronald, is that you?"

Chapter Two

"Professor!" Ronnie said as he went over to hug him. But to his dismay, he was bleeding. He looked like someone had taken a knife or some kind of weapon and cut him wide open.

"Ronald…please…help me," he groaned. Ronnie led him to his bed, where he laid him down. Martin explained to him he had a run-in with the Controllers, the same aliens who created Effigy, Kyle's new enemy. The Controllers, from what the Professor deduced, hated humans, as if they were a superior race, but in truth, the Controllers are far more advanced. When they saw him, they sent Effigy to kill him. He managed to escape and locate Ronnie. Barely.

"Ronald," he said softly, "I have bad news for you. The Controllers…*cough*…have sent Effigy back down. He is more powerful than his first battle with Green Lantern. He chased me here. He is here, somewhere in New York, looking for me. I…*cough*…don't have much time. There is no way to save this body now. They only way to save me is to do what we did in the old days. I would be in your body forever. My body is dying Ronnie…make your choice."

Ronnie raised his head and thought about it. With the Professor back inside him, everything would be back to normal. Ah, he couldn't wait for it to happen. IF it happened.

"Professor, go ahead. If you want to do this, you better do it soon…"

Then, suddenly, his front door exploded into an array of fireworks and a man wearing a red suit walked in. Ronnie quietly closed the door.

"Mommy's home," the man yelled with an evil grin.


"Come on Christie, let's go inside. Nothin will harm you, 'cept for my roommate, who is a stiff ass."

It was 12:30 AM in New York and Chad and his girlfriend had came back from the frat party. The NYPD found out about it and had a raid. Christie and Chad rushed out of the back door and took a cab to his apartment. They took the steps, cuz at night, some old man would fall asleep in the elevator, which frightened everyone living in the building. Chad arrived at the front door. It had been blown up.

"Crap, what the hell happened?" Chad asked as he walked into his apartment. In the living room, Ronnie was sprawled out across the leather sofa and a gigantic hole had replaced the wall in the far corner of the living room. A man, about 54 years old, was laying on the kitchen floor, warm blood drying in puddles in front of him.

"Christie, call an ambulance!" Chad yelled as he rushed over to Ronnie. He wasn't breathing. He panicked. He ran to the kitchen, avoiding the old man, and grabbed a pitcher and filled it with water. He ran back over to Ronnie and threw it on his face. Ronnie coughed up something yellowish and turned his face toward Chad.

"Oh…," Ronnie groaned. "God I feel like crap. What happened?"

"I wish I knew Ronnie, but there is a guy laying in the kitchen."

Ronnie popped his head up. He stood up slowly and stumbled over to the kitchen. Ronnie plopped to the ground and tapped the man over and over again. The guy moaned out something Chad couldn't understand.

"Chad, can you leave us alone for a second?" Ronnie asked.

"Sure, your wish is my command," Chad joked and walked out.

"Ronnie…*cough*…I'm not going to make it. I don't…*cough*…have enough time…groan…but I want you to know that I will always be…*cough cough* in your heart." Suddenly, a bright yellow glow came from Professor Stein and ejected itself from him. Ronnie trampled back from his corpse, only to find the yellow ball to follow him. Ronnie closed his eyes and prayed to God. Then, faster than a speeding bullet, the ball slammed into his heart and threw him into the air. He crashed into the HDTV and with a SMASH it collapsed into several large pieces. Chad and Christie came running into the room with a worried look on their faces.

"Ronnie!! Ronnie!!!" Chad yelled as he slowly approached the expired TV. Then, it exploded, sending Chad into Christie. They scattered onto the wood floor.

"Ronnie!!! Please you're killing me!!!"

Chapter 3

    Chad glanced up after the smoke cleared. A man dressed like Firestorm was standing there with his hands on his hips. His eyes were dead white and his hair was on fire, or at least appeared that way.

"Are you folks okay?" the man asked. Then, the poo hit the fan. Ronnie WAS Firestorm, he forgot!! But how did he return? He swore he would never be Firestorm again, and if he would be, it wouldn't be for the rest of his life.

Chad glanced up one final time. He pulled himself up. He pulled Christie up as well. 'We are fine Firestorm." He winked at him and Ronnie knew that the cat was out of the bag.

Ronald, I think it is time we find Effigy before he causes some major damage, Stein said. Ronnie looked back at Stein's dead body and slammed his fist into the remnants of the HDTV.

"Firestorm, what's wrong?" Christie asked.

"It took one man to kill one of the world's brightest men. When the NYPD get here, tell them that Ronnie is safe and probably has been transported to another place." With that, Firestorm took off at a tremendous speed. He glided into the cool night air and took in all the fresh air he could. Then, with a sonic boom, he took off, heading for Effigy's target: Washington D.C.

Effigy walked past the White House slowly, taking in all the sights as he went. He used to be a normal man in his 20's, but the Controllers changed all that. They made him a GOD. If not for that goody doo gooder Green Lantern, he would have wreaked havoc all over Hollywood. His chance for revenge was NOW and he wasn't going to waste any time. He had made himself appear to be a 28 year old male, with a goatee and a nose ring. He had on a brown overcoat, with a M-16 and a Desert Eagle stashed underneath. The night was unusually cold for the time of year, but it didn't matter. His orders are to kill the President, then destroy Washington D.C. with a 10 kiloton nuclear bomb. He walked to the gate at the North Lawn and approached the guard.

"What's your name, son?" the guard said as he grabbed his clipboard off the desk.

"I'm the Sandman," Effigy replied. He flashed a smile, which made the other guard walk into the booth.

"Son, I'm afraid you'll have to step away now." The guard grabbed his revolver and cocked it. "Step away from the gate NOW."

"My pleasure, but I have a surprise for both of you." He slowly pulled the Desert Eagle from his right pocket and put it behind his back. He put a silencer on.

"What would that be?" the other guard piped up.

"Two silver objects." He smiled and put the gun in front of him. He ripped off two rounds. The first landed in the first guard's heart, while the second drilled a third eye in the other guard. They slumped to the ground. He put the Desert Eagle back in his pocket and walk slowly towards the door. The night was young and the President would be dead sooner than he expected.


Ronnie landed 20 feet from the North Lawn. He quickly changed into a suit, complete with black bowtie and shined black leather shoes. He ran across the street to the gate. He slowly made his way to the gate. There was no one around him, not on the block, neither on the street. When he arrived at the gate, he noticed two trails of a dark liquid. He scratched his forehead.

Ronald, I believe those are blood trails. Effigy must be here already. What are you planning to do? Stein asked.

"What else would I do? I am going to take him outside and beat the crap out of him. Then I will turn him over to Green Lantern."

Good, then let's go, the Professor said as Ronnie made his way to the entrance.


There was a gala at the White House that night and security had been increased. Effigy flew up to the roof and took out a dozen guards guarding a skylight. He took out the M-16 and positioned it on the roof. He set it on a ledge and aimed it at the President's spot at a table. He loaded it with armor piercing bullets and cocked the gun. A few minutes later, the President and First Lady sat down. He put his right index finger on the trigger and prepared to fire. He glanced behind him, to see if anyone else wanted to mess with him. Suddenly, the M-16 was kicked to the right and an AK-47 was pointed in his face.

"Who the hell are you?" Effigy asked defiantly.

The man responded, "I'm the partypooper."

Chapter 4

Firestorm smiled as he picked Effigy up. He threw the M-16 and Desert Eagle off the roof and to the lawn.

"Wait, you're Firestorm right?" Effigy asked surprisingly.

"Yes I am. And here is a gift from your momma." He punched him in the nose, throwing him to the ground. Effigy yelled out in pain as Firestorm walked towards him.

"You bastard!! You broke my friggin nose!" Effigy kicked Ronnie in the right ankle, sending him face first into the ground. Effigy got up and kicked him in the stomach. "Eat that, you bastard."

"No thanks, but here is a gift for you." Firestorm shot up and grabbed Effigy. He propelled himself into the atmosphere. "How is this, huh? You killed an innocent man in New York and your masters are gonna face the music as soon as I am finished with you!"

"Hey man, it ain't my fault!! LET ME GO!!!" Effigy yelled as Firestorm continued to propel them upwards. A few moments later, they cleared the Earth and were in space. The black void was space was very cold, but the hero and villain were not affected by death from space. "There's my ship, now LET ME GO!!"

"Your wish is my command." Firestorm threw him towards the ship. The Controllers were about to meet their makers.


The Controllers stood on the command deck of the ship. They looked down onto Effigy, who was being propelled to the ship at an incredible speed.

"What shall we do with this Firestorm?" one of the Controllers asked.

"We must make Effigy stronger. So strong that he is as powerful as this planet's God. Bring him into the ship and fire the repulsor beam at that hero. Make him pay."


Firestorm watched as the door to some kind of cargo bay opened and took Effigy in. Then, like a flash of lightning, a purple beam was slowly making its way to him.

Ronald, that beam is heading for us!! That is the ray that nearly killed me, the Professor said. Ronnie got a look of despair on his face. Then it hit him. He fired an atomic beam at the ray. They collided and a brilliant flash of light shone. Firestorm put all his strength and willpower into the beam, but it wasn't enough.

"Holy crap, the ray is gonna hit…" Suddenly, a white light surrounded him and the beam bounced off the whatever it was. Ronnie wondered what it was, but it didn't matter. He planned on getting his revenge with the Controllers, no matter what. Whatever it was, it disappeared and Ronnie saw his chance. With all the speed he could muster, he sped towards the ship. He put his hands on the hull of the ship and pushed. Slowly, the ship began to move. He kept pushing with all his strength. Then, he fired an atomic beam again. The ship began to get an eerie purple and red glow to it. Firestorm backed off slowly, still emptying out his energy on the ship. Suddenly, the ship began to move faster and faster, until it made its way into light speed and disappeared from sight. A small capsule was left behind. The small sphere opened, revealing a hologram of one of the Controllers.

"Hello Firestorm, you may refer to me as the Leader. We have been watching your kind of the past 50 years and so far you appear as no threat to us. But as for you superheroes and supervillains, your powers challenge ours. A reckoning is coming soon and you, Firestorm will be the center of it. Effigy isn't with us. If you turn around, he should be 4000 feet directly behind you. His strength and power level have been enormously increased, to challenge you and other heroes. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, either way we will destroy your filthy planet. Good day and I hope you die."

The image of the "Leader" disappeared and the sphere blew up in an array of fireworks. Firestorm's eyes got big. He felt worried, yet scared too. He turned around to face Effigy.

Ronald, gather your power and energy. I detect you have enough to be as powerful as Superman. Just focus your mind. You can beat him.

"But how??" Ronnie asked. "Wait, I have an idea. We need to get past Effigy and get back to New York City. There is someone there who can help." Firestorm flew around a few times, then took off at the speed of light. Effigy threw a fireball, but just missed Firestorm's head. He punched Effigy as he passed him and shot down to New York City. It was time to end all of this.

Chapter 5

Kyle Rayner sat in a Planet Hollywood, sipping his coffee while reading the New York Times. Kyle was in his early 30's, with sleek black hair and comforting blue eyes. Kyle was a very passionate man, but when it came to being a hero, he was very serious. His last major battle was against a man named Effigy and he rivaled him in power. He wished he could discover his weakness, but he had ran off suddenly. Those aliens, the Controllers, sounded like bad news, but what could he do? He finished the coffee and left a tip as he exited the place. When he got outside, people were pointing at a man. Kyle glared up at the man, whose fiery hair…wait a minute, it was Firestorm!! Kyle smiled. He had heard about Ronnie's trials and tribulations, but thought he had died. The next time he saw Wally, he was give him a nice, fat lecture on telling the truth. Kyle ran around to a back alley and changed to his Green Lantern suit. He shot into the air, going after Firestorm.

Ronnie kept searching the city, looking for Kyle as best as he could. Kyle had fought Effigy before and knew what to expect from him. He stopped and scratched his head. He felt a breeze against his neck and turned around. GL was floating there, smiling at him.

"Well well, you must be Kyle. My name is Ronald Raymond, Ronnie to my friends." Kyle looked deep into his eyes and saw something other than Ronnie himself.

"And who might that other person be?" Kyle asked. He smiled again, showing that he knew that Stein was in there.

"Oh, that is Professor Martin Stein." Ronnie glanced up at the sky, then back at Kyle. "Listen, we have a problem and the little bundle of joy is coming HERE. Soon. Where can we talk…in privacy?"

"Either the JLA Moonbase or my apartment. Take your pick."

"I think your apartment. There's a method to my madness."

About thirty minutes later, Kyle understood what exactly was coming to New York and why.

"So, Effigy killed Stein?" Kyle inquired.

"Sadly, yes. Well, you have probably heard from…" Kyle looked at him funny. Ronnie rolled his eyes and said, "…Wally that Stein went into space as the elemental Firestorm. I remained behind. Got a bad disease. Stein came back and cured it for me. I joined Extreme Justice for a short time. I hadn't seen him until about 15 hours ago."

Kyle took another sip of his coffee and, using his power ring, made an image of Alex, his ex-girlfriend. "You remember that story, don't ya? How Major Force killed my Alex? I went on a rampage. I felt so…mad and yet…so saddened she was dead. I was only starting out then and, well, if it happened today, it would be different."

"I know how you feel." Ronnie created a map of New York and the outer suburbs. There were small circles made on it and Kyle gave him a funny look. "You need a power ring, I don't, okay? Listen, Effigy is five times as strong. With our combined stregnth, we can take him out, but not without some help. I work with the NYPD and Chief Irons has set up barriers at key points. Staten Island. Times Square. The special forces unit is carrying a new type of weapon called the Rail Gun. Around here, if you have one of those, you are unstoppable. We are going to get him to come here." Ronnie pointed up to the roof of Kyle's apartment building. "On the roof, I will take him down. The rail guns won't kill him…with the power he has, they will be nothing. Whatever you do, do not use your powers on him. They make him more powerful. Use any kind of fighting you can. Karate, kick boxing, street fighting, ANYTHING. It hurts him more that way than with powers."

Kyle frowned again. "Ronnie…I am sorry about Stein."

"He's in ME, Kyle, he's in my body. We were a team back when I was a normal person." Ronnie sighed. "I miss being a human, don't you?"

"Hell yeah. The only thing that makes me feel that way is WWF and WCW. That or Jade, my girlfriend."

"I know, she told me. We were both fighting the Anti-Monitor."


"Nevermind. Damn, we better go. Irons is gonna get pissed."

Effigy was flying over Times Square when the heroes encountered him. He apparently hadn't seen them. Ronnie thought he was a moron, but Kyle begged to differ. Effigy cocked his right eyebrow up and turned around.

"Well well, TWO heroes to fight. So, who goes first?" Effigy asked.

"Me and my buddies."

"Who?" Effigy asked.

"Turn around and see for yourself." Effigy turned around, facing twenty soldiers, all with rail guns. They let loose on Effigy. He yelled as dozens of bullets hit him over and over again. Kyle and Ronnie were getting worried that the rail guns were killing him.

"Stop!" Ronnie ordered. Special forces stood down. Effigy got up slowly and laughed, "HA!!! Puny guns are no match for THIS!" He loose a shockwave. The S.F. fell backwards. Kyle and Ronnie dodged it fairly easily. "Green Lantern, go away." Suddenly, Kyle turned blue and red and began to twirl around. He disappeared.

"Where is he?!" Ronnie yelled.

"None of your business. How 'bout we fight hand-to-hand?"

"Fine." Ronnie punched him. He spiraled down to a rooftop and landed with a thud. Ronnie landed on his ribs. Effigy cried out in pain.

"My ribs!"

"Your nose!" Ronnie punched him in the nose. Blood gushed out of it as Ronnie scoop slammed him onto the roof top. "Too bad about your nose."

"Too bad about your death." Effigy kicked him in the chin, sending him face first into the ground. Effigy kicked him in the stomach twice and kicked his ankle. He picked him up and right hooked him. He made a bomb and planted it in front of his face.

"Just the thing that injures you Firestorm…Type 3 Nerve Gas. Hope ya die!" Effigy took off, going straight up about fifty feet into the air.

"NOOOOO!!!" Ronnie yelled as the bomb went off. The gas erupted, overtaking the rooftop within a matter of seconds. Effigy cackled as he returned to the rooftop. The gas was still twirling around, but it had no affect on Effigy. He looked around for Firestorm's corpse.

"Where are you?" he laughed.

"Here." Ronnie's suit was torn to shreads. His hair was still on fire and his eyes were still dead white. All that was left of his clothes were his white boxers and pieces of his pants and shirt. "I have no weaknesses to nerve gas, you moron."

"How the hell…?!?! Screw you man, you are DEAD!!"

"I was…but after you killed Professor Martin Stein, I was reborn. No more OLD Firestorm. Welcome to hell…hope you had a nice ride." Ronnie left hooked him. Effigy stumbled backwards, affected by the blow.

"That punch…"

"Pure energy. All that's left of my energy. For now." He kicked him in the stomach, sending him to the edge. He stood up and began to fly away. Then, Kyle came up from the bottom and punched him square in the jaw. He fell into Ronnie's arms. "Don't call us. Effigy, we'll call you!" Ronnie put all of his energy into his last punch and hit Effigy in the jaw. He spiraled upwards, until he disappeared in the clouds.. "I did it…**" Ronnie smiled at Kyle as he dropped to the ground, unconscious.

Several days later, at Memorial Hospital, Kyle, Jade, and Wally came over to visit. Ronnie had both legs broken, his right arm strained, and his neck broke as well. Wally surprisingly brought an old friend along.

"Ronnie, do you remember me?" Wally asked.

"Yeah, I remember you from that battle with the Anti-Monitor. Besides that, nothing else."

"That's what I thought. Hey, I got one of your old friends here."

"And who would that be?" Ronnie implied.

"Ronnie, do you remember Cyborg?" Wally asked.

"Hell yeah. I miss him…why, do you know where he is?"

"I'm here Flamehead." Vic walked into the room. Odd, since when did he have GOLD for skin? Vic explained what had happened with him over the past few years, including the recent JLA/Titans crossover.

"Man Vic, it's good to see ya. So who are you with now?" Ronnie inquired.

"The Titans. You should join, it's so much fun…ah we will just wait and see what Dick thinks."

"Who is Dick?" Ronnie asked, obviously not knowing who he was.

"That's Nightwing. Boy, you need to learn about the past few years, don't you?"

Kyle pushed through Wally and Jade to tell Ronnie something. "Listen, Ronnie, next week, me and Jade are having a BBQ at Titans Tower. We want you to come."

Wally gave Kyle a stern look. "You didn't organize the BBQ, me and Dick did. Hell, you aren't even on the Titans!!"

"Whatever." Kyle looked back at Ronnie. "Well, will you?"

Ronnie flashed a weak smile. "Kyle, Hal would be glad to see you this happy, trust me. Sure, I would LOVE to eat some good BBQ chicken. Now leave me be, I need sleep."


    Effigy returned to the Controllers bruised and battered. He told them of how Firestorm survived his main weakness, or what it was believed to be. The Leader was certainly mad at him and had him put in stasis, until he was needed again.

"Leader, what do we do now?" one of the others asked.

"We wait. We have been to the future and we know what will happen next. We will return in July…one of the Firestorm's greatest villains will be out and with his brains, together we will destroy the Earth."

Three days later, Chad came by to pick Ronnie up. The doctors were astounded to discover that his legs had healed in such record time. They had no choice but to release him. Ronnie got out of the wheelchair and got in Chad's Expedition. Chad reached for the backseat and gave him a copy of the day's New York Times. Ronnie read the headline, which read "SCIENTISTS DISCOVER CAPSULE IN ARCTIC, CLAIM PERSON IS INSIDE." Ronnie looked at Chad and looked away.

"Chad, who do you think is in that capsule?" Ronnie asked.

"Hmm…as long as it ain't a supervillian. I have had my fill of villains, haven't you?"

"You don't even want to know right now, Chad." They laughed as they got on Park Avenue and headed for their apartment.

"Steve, look at this." Steven Chambers was in charge of an expedition to the Arctic, to see if they could find any remnants of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. But instead, they found something else. Something HUGE.

"What the hell is it?" Steve asked.

"I think it is a woman, sir. We should be able to get inside the ship within the hour," one of the scientists said.

"Good…whoever that is is bound to know what happened to the dinosaurs."

When Ronnie got back home, he thought hard about his dreams. His dream of being one of the world's best heroes was shattered. If he had kept being Firestorm, he definitely would be. He already knew what to do: quit the NYPD and become Firestorm full-time. He would need a job, but he remembered that Kyle had said that a restaurant called Warrior's needed help. He just might do it. His dreams were gone, but a new goal came in mind: he planned to stop the Controllers once and for all.

"General, come here quick." Robert Chambers was Steve Chamber's younger brother. Robert worked at NORAD, checking radar for any unknown objects or missiles.

"What is it Robert?" General Wicker asked.

"Sir, at that site in the Arctic where that capsule is, there was just an explosion. I just checked with the heat sensor radar and everyone is still alive. But there is a new lifesign. A female."

"Robert, contact the President immediately. This could be a problem."

Who is this arch enemy that is returning to ruin Ronnie's life once and for all? Want to find out? Read "Shattered Dreams", Part Two of this Three Part series, coming in September!!

All characters are ™ DC Comics
This story is © 1999 by J. Reber.