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TITLE: Return of Ice
AUTHOR: Keri Wilson

This is dedicated to my younger sister Melissa, the number one Guy and Ice fan. :)

New Years Day, noon

"Gonna take a walk." Guy told his friends and co-workers at his theme bar/restaurant Warriors. They had finally sent the last drunken superhero home at 4 this morning, and then had promptly collapsed into their beds. Not even Veronna had emerged before 10am. Guy had just woken up fifteen minutes ago.

Guy briefly paused by his memorial to Ice. It still hurt him that when Ice died, none of his so called Justice League friends had bothered to tell him she had been killed. He learned about it on the news.

Guy walked on, still deep in thought. But lately, he had begun to wonder if she was really dead. He had some clues recently that seemed to point to her still being alive, but not able to return.

Like when he was believed dead, but instead had been trapped in the Phantom Zone. Could that be what had happened to Tora?

Guy stopped short of the front door in surprise of the direction of his thoughts. Why hadn't he thought of that until now?

He went out the door in a run. He knew how to find out right now, and was going to, even if he had to bust a few Leaguers' heads to do it!

He slammed into a pedestrian right outside the door. He mumbled something vaguely approaching an apology and started to run again, but he was grabbed by the arm.

"Hello Guy."

Guy whirled back around, "Mother of Mercy!"

"Mother? … not quite." Tora laughed.

Guy hugged her tight. His heart was pumping like the opening notes of "I'm a Believer" and the song was roaring through his soul.

"Tora…I .." Damn! I'm no good with the romantic stuff! He thought in frustration.

"Me, too." Tora saw the emotions on Guy's face; they were the same ones in her heart: love, pain, joy and relief. She hugged him back. Then she brushed her lips against his, and they kissed long and hard.

After they finally were able to let go of each other, Tora said, "I asked at the Justice League where you were. They told me that you had opened a bar or something here."

"Yeah. Come on in and I'll show you." Guy put his arm around Ice and guided her into Warriors. "It's kinda like Planet Hollywood or the Hard Rock Cafe, except it's about superheroes."

Tora immediately noticed the memorial to herself. "You really did think I was dead."

"Yeah, that's what I heard. What did happen?"

"I'm not sure. I was in a dark place without boundary it seemed, trapped. I tried to get out but couldn't until I got some help five days ago."

"I had felt something like that, that reminded me of my Phantom Zone experience! I had just thought of that, when I ran into you thinking of how to get you out."

"Bea evidently had similiar thoughts six nights ago, and got the League's help getting me out the next morning."

"She should have called me too." Guy almost growled. Yet again the League kept something about Ice from him! And Bea, there was no excuse for that behavior, not anymore!

Then it hit Guy, oh boy - Beatrice, Tora's best friend. What was he going to tell Ice about what happened last New Years? He and Bea had gotten skunk drunk and did the deed. It was more out of them both missing Tora than any affection they had for each other. They never slept together again, but it definitely changed things between them.

"Uh, about Bea-"

"She told me Guy. I was angry at both of you until today. Then I thought through it better, this morning. I'm still not happy about it, but I forgive both of you. I haven't told Bea that yet, but I will." Then she half smiled. "Guess I should be flattered that I still had influence enough to make you two stop fighting each other."

"We went way too far; I'm sorry, Tora."

"That's what Bea said too. Now I know you both meant it." Tora hugged Guy.

What Tora didn't tell Guy was that Bea had told her that Guy had changed, and not just in appearance. Bea said, "You know when you used to insist what a great person Guy was underneath and I refused to believe that? Well, now I know you're right. He doesn't play the obnoxious jerk so much anymore. He let's his real self show more. Now I know why you like him. I hope what happened that one time between Guy and I doesn't make you hate him, because he still loves you. You two are great for each other, I hope some day I can find someone who's as good for me."

One day Tora would tell Guy what Bea had said, but not now. For now they would just work on getting back together and getting to know each other again.

Guy asked, "You wanna start again?"

Tora kissed him lightly. "Ja. Jeg elske du, Guy Gardner."

"Jeg elske du, Tora Olafsdotter." Guy said in a strongly Baltimorian accented Norwegian.

All characters are ™ DC Comics
This story is © 1999 by Keri Wilson.