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New Looks!
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Dec 20, 1999

Every now and then, comic book characters get re-designed. Wonder Woman has had both an eagle and a "W" on her chest, while lower she's worn everything from a skirt to a thong (though it's never called that). Batman's costume has undergone numerous changes. Robin's costume got a 90s update, with practical leggings and a dark cape. Black Canary and Zatanna have tried to shed their earlier cheesecake looks for more practical garb (with BC finally succeeding in "Birds of Prey"). And while the big names of the DCU make periodic alterations to their classic garb, others like Metamorpho, Blue Devil, Black Lightning, Firestorm, Elongated Man, Fire and Ice, Booster Gold, Vixen, Gypsy and Nightwing have changed their looks every so often, always hoping that the latest re-design will be the one which catches the public's fancy.

Sometimes changes are for cosmetic value, as the costumes look dated (Nightwing's "Las Vegas Elvis" collared look, Black Lightning's "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" afro and threads, Black Canary's "I'm a martial artist but I'll wear heels, fishnets and a bustier to a fight" cheesy costume) or plain. Other times it's for practical reasons (Robin sees way to much action to leave those legs unprotected). And most female characters wear costumes which are far too scanty and/or cumbersome, don't offer any of the protection and defensive capabilities which their male counterparts take for granted.

What ideas will you come up with?

Superman doesn't wear gloves. Isn't he leaving fingerprints embedded in all those steel girders? Can Firestorm shed those poofy sleeves while still retaining his overall image? And can't Wonder Woman put on some pants, for God's sake?

So here's the challenge:

  1. Create a piece of artwork in which you re-design the costume or look of a DC Comics character.
  2. Send it in to by Dec. 20, 1999, 1999.
  3. Judges will pick the best one. The results will be announced in the January issue.

Entries must be in a digital format such as GIF, JPG or BMP (scan in your drawings if necessary). Photomanipulations are allowed for backgrounds, although doing a background by hand can help your score. All acceptable entries will be shown in the issue. Have fun!

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All characters and scanned artwork are © 1999 DC Comics.