End of Summer
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Batman Month was BIG with our art contributors…so much so that we don't have any Non-Bat art for the gallery this month!

"Nightwing" by Kurt Belcher. Kurt knows how to become a popular artist, given all the Wingnuts amongst our readership!

Christian Moore designed this as a cover for this month's issue, but then he altered it for the Nightwing pic in the No Man's Land feature. We thought you might like to see the original.

Kevin A. Voith turned in this Catwoman piece. Me-yow! Maybe Kevin could replace Balent on the regular book? I'm sure the fine gals at Sequential Tart would be happy to see an artist who can draw a reasonable chest on Selina!

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old resurrected buddy Hal!

has an 80-page project that he co-wrote and illustrated, called UNIVERSITY, finished and being prepared for self-publication. He's also recently finished drawing another project called FOG for Hallucination Studios, an independent comics group. Kurt is back in school at Southwest Missouri State University, working towards a degree in Graphic Design so he can get out there and make the big bucks. But no matter how many late nights he has to pull, he'll never give up his love of reading and creating comic books. Kurt has also written and illustrated an 8-page story for our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many Longboxes.com!

is a Media Designer with an interactive learning company. His hobbies include Shotokan Karate, Disc Golf, and of course drawing. You can see more of Christian's work at www.christianmoore.com and in our first comic book, "Fanzing Presents: Job Wanted", which can be purchased at Too Many Longboxes.com!

Kevin Voith runs the website KaveComics where he publishes SAST.

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