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We may have to re-think our art gallery's name, now that I'm the Spectre. Anyone out there have any ideas? Just click the e-mail link below and send them in!

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Body Doubles In our "Give The Public What They Want" category, we offer Jon Karl Haynes' rendition of the Body Doubles. It's nice to see that DC has filled the void of gratuitous T&A left by Black Canary when she adopted her new sensible costume.


Speaking of more sensible costumes, Troi looks resplendent as she soars through the air in this piece by S. Blank!

Roll Call

Wow! We've never had a piece of artwork like this before. A panoramic view of SEVEN superteams, joined by their crossover characters. The Sentinels of Magic, the JSA, vigilantes, the JLA, the Titans, the Gotham Knights and Young Justice. Again…WOW! This amazing piece comes to us from Kevin A. Voith. The actual image is 3500 pixels wide! Just click it to see the rendering of all these characters! Be sure to download it if you like it, because we're not sure how long we can keep something this big on our server!

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!
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