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by Alan Kistler
One Million!

REAL NAME: Unknown
NICKNAMES: The Cloaked Crusader, the Night's Greatest Detective, the Dark Knight.
OCCUPATION: Warden of the Prison-Planet Pluto
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Planet Pluto, Sol System, in the 853rd century.
GROUP AFFILIATION: Justice Legion-A; occasional partner to the Superman of the 853rd century.
EYES: Bluish-gray
HAIR: Blonde
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: approx. 215 lbs.
FIRST APPEARANCE: JLA #23 (cameo); DC 1 Million #1 (Full appearance/introduction).


By the 853rd century, the planets of the Sol System had all been populated in some way. Pluto had become the prison planet of the system, where tens of thousands of the system's worst criminals were contained. The prison was specifically meant for those who simply refused to rehabilitate. Naturally, such a planet required a large staff and most of the guards actually lived there with their families.

In the year 84,245 AD, there was an incident. A corrupt criminal genius had actually transferred his consciousness into self-replicating software which was dubbed the Laughing Virus. The Laughing Virus was known as a terror among many. Some even believed him to be the ghost of the Joker, greatest foe of the original Batman of legend. Eventually, the Laughing Virus made his way to Pluto, where he infected the guards and drove them temporarily insane. As a result, they soon released several of the criminals. A small group of renegades led by the alien criminal Xauron quickly took advantage of the situation and within hours they had control of the station.

But rather than simply take revenge on the governor of Pluto and his guards, Xauron decided on "a much better idea." He herded all of the prison staff and their spouses into the exercise area. He then herded the fifteen thousand children of Pluto into the observation seats. And then, in front of the children, Xauron and his men opened fire on all the adults, slaughtering them without care or remorse.

After it was over, Xauron and his small band escaped. The psychological damage they'd done on the children was incalculable. Most of the fifteen thousand whimpered and begged for days to come. Hundreds would commit suicide in later years. Hundreds of others were driven insane, traumatized for life by what they had witnessed. One child, however, took a vow. He promised to himself that this massacre, which would later be known as "the thousand scream blip", would be avenged. He promised himself that nothing like this would ever happen again. And so, partially inspired by Xauron's bat-like appearance and partially inspired by legends his father had told him, this boy vowed to become the next Batman.

Years later, that boy (whose name is still unknown to us) eventually did adopt the guise of the Batman, a guise which had been used by thousands of people over the millennia, dating back to Bruce Wayne, the first Batman. It is not known exactly what he did in the intervening years but presumably he went through rigorous training to hone his mind and body to perfection. Upon becoming the Batman, he took up residence once again on Pluto. After being elected new Governor Warden, he ordered all other guards to leave the prison-planet. Now if the prisoners ever rioted, only he would be at risk rather than an entire squadron of guards, each of whom had family and friends.

Realizing he would need assistance as warden, the new Batman built himself a robotic companion based on legends of the hero Robin. The new Batman programmed his Robin with a personality based on what he'd been like as a child, before the death of his family. Thus, Robin is permanently the neural imprint of what he used to be. As Robin explained it, "I'm still innocent, even here in the Hell of Pluto, my last memory eternally golden … mother tucking me in, father reading me a story of the past … They're still alive for me … and I'm uncorrupted by their deaths. I'm the ultimate 'dashing daredevil' – forever young, forever hopeful, forever unchanged." Thus, the Batman made himself a partner to balance his personal darkness with a familiar old light.

As time went on, the latest Batman soon gained a reputation as one of the smartest man alive, a brilliant tactician and a fighter of extraordinary skill. His assistant Robin also gained quite a reputation as "the Toy Wonder." The two of them gained a reputation for "keeping the rest of the system sane!"

At one point, the Laughing Virus joined forces with OWAC, a notorious enemy of the Superman of the 853rd century. The two decided to recall the Batman and Superman Revenge Squads, two bands of criminals who were each dedicated to the elimination of their respective foe. But the villains were taken by surprise when both Batman and Superman showed up, each having individually infiltrated the meeting.

After this team-up, Batman and Superman decided they worked well together. Although never officially becoming partners, they shared enough cases together that they became known as the System's Finest Duo. Eventually, both became founding members of the latest Justice Legion-A.

During the celebration of Kal-El's return from his hermitage on the sun, the Justice Legion A journeyed back to the 20th century to meet their predecessors, the JLA. Thus, the Batman of the 853rd century actually got to meet his predecessor and explore the world he lived in. While he was in the past, Bruce Wayne went into the future and met the robotic Robin. A riot ensued and at one point the criminal Laugher severely damaged the Toy Wonder. Days later, however, after Bruce Wayne had returned to the past, Robin's teammates of the Young Justice Legion-S were able to reactivate him.

Soon after returning to the far future, the new Batman finally tracked down Xauron for his crimes from years before. Not believing that Pluto was enough to hold such a fiend, the new Batman banished Xauron and his gang into the void of tesseract space.

The Batman of the 853rd century continues to guard over Pluto. He is also always available whenever his Justice Legion teammates require his aid.




The Batman of the 853rd century is a master tactician. He is a cunning strategist and a brilliant criminologist. He is well-versed in many scientific fields of his era. The Batman of the 853rd century is a brilliant scientist in terms of robotics, artificial intelligence and engineering. The Batman's IQ level is 1045.

The Batman is hailed as the greatest physical combatant of his time. A master of his century's martial art forms, he is also in peak physical condition.

The Batman is a student of ancient history and legends.


The Batman of the 853rd century wielded a variety of weapons which are state of the art even for his time period. His datarangs allows him to keep track of whomever they tagged. His boom-suit allows him to teleport to certain pre-programmed coordinates. His outfit allows a small manipulation of gravity fields which at times gives him the ability of flight. However, he often uses a small accessory that acts as a sort of energy grappling-hook, so it's very likely that this flight is a limited ability.

The Batman's outfit allows him to project holographic projections of himself. It also allows for temporary invisibility. The hologram could be used to imitate other likenesses, such as when the Batman disguised himself as Picomoth in order to infiltrate a meeting of the Batman Revenge Squad.

The Batman possessed many gadgets that allowed him to disrupt and/or control other mechanical and electronic devices. He could even enhance the power of ancient machines so that they could match with his own century's technology. The Batman of the 853rd century also programmed many holographic avatars of himself to act and perform mundane tasks while he was busy on more pressing matters. Thus, while he was busy fighting an enemy, his avatar could be back at his base researching data on a computer.

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