End of Summer
by editor I forgot my name

What a wonderful twenty-four issues it has been. For me, running Fanzing has been one of my life's greatest thrills. Sure, it's tiring and it's dominated my spare time and I may have to give it up someday…but not yet. I've loved hearing from the fans who think we're doing a great job, and I've loved working with the talented staff.

Yet, I do wonder if it's time to move on. I never find time to actually send stuff into DC anymore, because I'm too busy doing this. And sometimes I think it would be nice to go to bed with my wife Melinda at 11:30 instead of stumbling in exhausted at 2:30 AM.

But then I have a month where some artists and I collaborate on a story like "Men of War, Wheel of Peace" which gets great feedback…or I start discussing the possibility of doing Desktop Themes for Fanzing…or I come up with ideas for the new Arkham Asylum's Vacation Challenge…and I think I'd love to do this for the rest of my life.

If only it was a paying gig!

I watched Hillary Clinton on David Letterman's show. I won't go in to all the mocking comments that went through my mind in this space, but I thought I'd share one little observation: Hillary Clinton did her own Top Ten list on reasons she'd decided to do Dave's show (allegedly from her own staff).

One of them was "Four Words: Severe Lapse of Judgement"
Notice that she misspelled judgment.
She put an E in it.

Think she'll be held up for months and years of ridicule for it?
Just wondering…

(Yes, I realize that she didn't type it into the computer. I also realize she probably didn't write the routine. And like potatoe, judgement is an accepted alternate spelling in some dictionaries. But Dan Quayle was just reading the way the word was misspelled on a card and you don't see anyone taking it easy on him, so fair's fair.)

Results of last month's Quizlet:


Q: Best DC Comic of 1935-1999?
(of 292 respondents)
22%   The Dark Knight Returns
30%   Watchmen
19%   Crisis on Infinite Earths
14%   New Teen Titans: Judas Contract
7%   Superman: For the Man Who Has Everything
8%   The Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer

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