End of Summer

Cross-Over and Team-Ups
Writing Challenge

Our most recent writing challenge involved Superhero team-ups and crossovers. The challenge was to team up two characters from inside the DC Universe (team-ups) or from another comics publisher (crossovers). The submissions are as follows:


Home Michael Rees Martian Manhunter and Prysm (Teen Titans)
The Last Herald of Galactus Dannell Lites Galactus and Superman
Beyond the Pale David Lotempio The Spectre and Ghost in the Shell (a manga comic/movie)
Enter The Lost World David R. Black Warlord and Batman
Sibling Rivalry Gil Carter Nightwing and Azrael
Girltalk Erik Merk Troia and Oracle
The Bodyguard Syl Francis Lois Lane and Dick Grayson
Three Sumos and a Baby
The Beginning
David Shock Superman, Wonder Woman and Project A-Ko

The announcement of the winner follows the submissions.

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