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As Barry Allen's good friend, I'm so happy to see the outpouring of Flash-related artwork this month.

Even if no one actually drew Barry Allen.

Ah, well. What can you do?

Impulse Redesign Impulse may be superfast, but this entry arrived too late…for our costume redesign contest, that is! Nonetheless, it's a pretty cool look for young bart…more in line with what Flash and Jesse Quick wear! It's by "Coyote".

NO "Speed" issue would be complete without Timmy Joe Terrapin, AKA Fastback! The Brothers Grinn give us this cute little one-panel adventure of Fastback of the Zoo Crew! Poor guy.

Kurt Belcher turned in this piece: an atmospheric shot of an individual accessing the Speed Force.

As always, Fanzing invites you to contribute any fan artwork you may have! Just send it to your old dead buddy Hal!
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