Scarface's Vegas Vacation

by Robert Flynn

"Alright youze muggz hit da ground!!!"

"You had better do what Mr. Scarface says…"

Everybody in the small car rental shop lay on the ground waiting for the strange man's demands.

"Youze iz gonna me and da dummy here a car…sumtin classy like a caddy or a Rolls…"

The man behind the counter tossed him the keys to an expensive looking car parked in the showroom. "Take that one. Just don't hurt anyone."

Scarface let loose with a spray of bullets from the tiny Tommy gun in his wooden hands.

"Hahaha come on dummy, we'z hittin' Vegas in style!"

Two days later in the office of famous hero and software magnate Booster Gold…

"I'm glad you could make it Ted…seeing you during the whole Maggeddon thing it was like…"

"Old times?"

"Yeah. God I'm becoming an old man in my own past."

"Well…it does happen. I mean even Supes is gonna have to retire someday."

"Retire! Hell no! I love this Job." He spun around in his chair and hit the button on the intercom. "Jenn come here for a second please."

"All right, sir."

A leggy brunette came in and he handed her a stack of papers.

"Get those to marketing…" He waited for her to leave the room." That's part of the reason why my friend…"

"So do you still do the Booster Gold thing Michael or what?"

"Yeah I'm pretty much the only hero in Las Vegas." Suddenly the phone began ringing."Hold on…What? A what? Okay hold on Ill be right there…That was the cops. We have a problem on the strip. It's Scarface."


"A real wackjob from Gotham. You have to see this guy…did you pack your girdle?"

"Shut up…Wait a sec they just call you when they need you?!?"

"Hey, I don't have a secret I. D. Everyone knows who I am…Hell it's listed in the phone book. Besides it beats a Bat Signal."

"Well…I do need the exercise."

"All right. Villains beware! It's Booster Gold and his sidekick Blue Beetle!"

"Shut up Michael."


"All right. There has to be more money inna classy joint like dis! Boys, search da place!"

"Uh, Mister Scarface, sir, our associates all left when we split up with that Joker fellow."

"Shudup Dummy I already know dat!"

"But Mister Scarfa…"

"I said shudup dummy!"

"Yes sir."

On the Roof…

"He's pretty good…so that's his gimmick, huh? A mobster dummy."

"No actually he has multiple personalities his violent side lives its life through the puppet."

"Hmm.and I thought you where wacko."

"Et tu dear Beetle."

"Shhh it's time to make our move."

The Ventriloquist and Scarface bolted out the door heading for a stylish Cadillac parked in front of the casino door. The Ventriloquist nearly tripped over the Valet that Scarface had shot. Booster flew down towards his prey as the Blue Beetle rappelled down the side of the building.

"Hello Mr. Wesker…Might I inquire has to where you are taking this…withdrawal? Casinos don't work like banks. I should know I used to run one."

"Jeez you costumed clownz is everywhere." Scarface leveled his gun on Booster. "Eat lead costume boy!!!"

The gun bucked in the dummy's hands as the bullets bounced off Booster's force field.

"Jeez, he's bullet proof!"

Ventriloquist held tightly on to Scarface. Tightly has they ran across the street trying to get away but the money was weighing him down. "Mr. Scarface we have to leave the money."

"Boot the loot!?! Clam up Dummy!"

Ted watched as the two bolted across the street and fired a taser shot from his Beetle gun. The Ventriloquist hit the road…hard. Ted watched as he finally quit spasming and Booster took him to the police station.

"Well it was pretty good exercise."

The End

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