Too Many Long Boxes!


by Barb Lien and Park Cooper



Page 1: 7 panel page: 3 on top tier, 2 in middle tier, 2 on the bottom

PANEL 1: Huntress and Nightwing kissing on a roof top, with an asterisk floating near their heads (which they can't see, of course).

Caption: *: see Nightwing/Huntress mini.

PANEL 2: We see a window and a figure who has been watching the whole thing.

PANEL 3: Oracle has a shocked look on her face, hand to mouth, as if about to say, "Oh."

PANEL 4: An angry Oracle, in an IMPULSE-style thought balloon, thinks: Cartoon picture of Huntress PLUS SIGN Cartoon Picture of Nightwing PLUS SIGN Cartoon picture of Oracle EQUALS SIGN a Skull and Cross bones.

PANEL 5: Oracle, in a rage, wheels herself to computer.

PANEL 6: Oracle, in front of computer, thinks again in IMPULSE thought balloon: Cartoon picture of Huntress, in a circle, with a line through it (A "No Huntress" symbol, in other words).

PANEL 7: Oracle, from a side view, types like mad.

Page 2: One big panel on top, taking up half the page (roughly), with three panels going across the bottom.

PANEL 1: Caption: Two weeks later

Huntress is swinging on her ("bat") rope, apparently away from a meeting with Nightwing-- we can see Nightwing on the building, way in the background, standing, looking after her. This panel should be extra big, so we can see Huntress, the building, and Dick.

Note: This is the panel where the story title, credits should also be featured.

PANEL 2: Huntress opens the window to her apartment building.

PANEL 3: She slips in unnoticed.

PANEL 4: There is a picture of Huntress in her secret identity clothing, happily holding up an award. We can see the words 'Teacher of the Year' on the trophy.

Page 3: 2 panels on top, 2 middle, 2 on bottom

PANEL 1: Huntress takes off her mask, letting her hair shake about.

PANEL 2: As she walks around, she notices mail underneath her door.

PANEL 3: Huntress picks up mail.

PANEL 4: At table, Huntress reads her mail.

PANEL 5: We see that letter one reads, "Ms. Bertinelli: Our department has noticed you now have 73 outstanding parking tickets…"

PANEL 6: [zoom in on her face a little] Huntress looks puzzled.

Page 4: 6-panel page. 2 on top, 2 middle, 2 bottom.

PANEL: Huntress opens another letter.

PANEL: We see that it reads, "Thank you for your interest in Lonely Hearts Computer Dating Service. While your taste in men is somewhat 'unusual', we are sure we can help you find a soul mate. Our representative will call you within the next two business days…"

PANEL: Huntress looks both puzzled and angry, a kind of a 'what the heck is going on here' look.

PANEL: Caption: The next few days are even worse.

Huntress, in her secret identity, stands in front of an ATM machine.

PANEL: We see the screen from her POV. On the ATM screen it says, "Cannot process your request… Your account is overdrawn by $ 512.63."

PANEL: Huntress stomps away… onlookers, if you choose to draw them, watch her go with varied expressions of mild fear (a teenage girl), mild amusement (a woman), sardonic boredom, as in 'just another kook in Gotham' (a man), open lustful appreciation for Helena's attributes (teenage boy reading a Bad Girl comic entitled "Madame Death: Bikini Special").

Page 5: 8-panel page-- 3 on top, 3 in middle, 2 on bottom

PANEL 1: …and stomps into the JLA headquarters on the moon (in costume of course), holding a bunch of letters in her hand.

PANEL 2: JLA members Batman, Wally 'Flash' West, and Plastic Man, who were sitting there, chewing the fat, look up, puzzled.

PANEL 3: Huntress slams the letters down on the JLA table. (Note: all letters have the addresses blocked out, as otherwise they would reveal Huntress's secret identity).

PANEL 4: We see the JLA members reading the letters.

PANEL 5: The letter Batman [we can tell by the taloned, or whatever you'd call it, glove] is holding says,

"Dear citizen:

The IRS has found certain discrepancies in the tax returns you have sent back to us the last three years. An audit will have to take place. Please bring in your tax records…"

PANEL 6: The letter Wally [again, there's a yellow lightning thing around the wrist of costume] is holding says, "Please return the 95 library books you have borrowed from Gotham Library…"

PANEL 7: The letter Plastic Man (wrists and hands stretched out and funny-shaped, etc] is holding reads, "Please pay your over-due electric bill of $922.36 or face having your utilities cut off…"

PANEL 8: The JLA members look up, confused.

Page 6: patented Giffen 9-panel grid[©]

PANEL 1: Huntress, in symbol 'dialog': $?$?!? skull and cross bones, atomic bomb exploding…

PANEL 2: Wally West snaps his fingers in an 'I've got it!' way.

PANEL 3: Wally, at computer, types super fast.

PANEL 4: On the screen, we can read, "…and that's the situation, Oracle. Any sign of criminal activity in Gotham involving computer hacking of this kind?"

PANEL 5: Under this question, on the screen, we see that Oracle has written, "Nothing of the sort, but it does seem to have the Joker's fingerprints all over it. I'll get on it right away. Oracle out."

PANEL 6: On the screen, the Oracle mask has popped up, with the words TRANSMISSION ENDED underneath.

PANEL 7: Batman looks puzzled (one eyebrow [the kind drawn on the mask, that is] arched, perhaps).

PANEL 8: The Oracle mask seems to wink at him.

PANEL 9: Batman looks thoughtful (and probably bemused, if you can get both emotions onto a guy wearing a cowl), hand on chin, in kind of a 'oh, I get it' pose.

Page 7: 3-panel page. Each panel stretches clear from one side of the page to the other. Panel #2 is the largest, Panel #1 is the narrowest [from top to bottom, that is].

PANEL 1: Caption: Later, in the Batcave.

Batman, with a half eaten meal on a tray and a cup of coffee (in a Bat insignia cup, natch) on the control panel of the Bat computer, is typing an e-mail.

PANEL 2: On the screen, we see, in e-mail form, the following:


Subject: Discretion is the better part…

The next time, old chum, perhaps it would be wiser to 'keep it in your tights,' so to speak.

The voice of experience,

Your 'millionaire playboy' ex-guardian

PANEL 3: Batman, lit up by the blue of computer screen, in spite of himself, can't help but smile.

Caption [in bottom right hand corner]: The End.

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