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End of Summer

By Benjamin Grose

As many of you know, Warner Brothers Animation has finished production of Superman: The Animated Series. They feel that they have enough episodes to show in repeats to keep the kids happy and make a profit. I'd like to show them that they're wrong, that there is an audience wanting new episodes of this great series. The final episode left the ending open, with the potential for some interesting stories. Producer Paul Dini has said that he would love to keep doing the series, but it's up to WB. So what I'm doing is starting a campaign to bring back S:TAS.

What can you do? Well, the first thing you can do is send me your name and also, optionally, your e-mail address or city and state. I'll compile all the names into a list that could be sent to WB. Also, you can tell others about the campaign site, located at This is a work in progress, but together we can reach our goal.


Ben Grose
Save S:TAS Campaign

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