Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
Major Announcement #1:
A Month Off

Phew! I still can't believe we made it to 80 web pages. A little over that, even. Wow.

Well, hopefully this will be enough to tide you over for a while, because I need a short break. So DON'T read this entire issue in one sitting, for gosh sakes…it will have to last you for a spell.

What with the employment situation, relocating to Rochester, MN (and all the adjustment that entails), financial woes, some creative time for other writing endeavors and entrepreneurial efforts… I just need some time away from the computer to concentrate on other things. Losing some weight wouldn't be a bad i-dee, either. J

I will be at the Microcon at the Maplewood Community Center in Maplewood, MN (so long as nothing happens to upset those plans). It should be a lot of fun, as the sponsors at the Minnesota Comic Book Association have done a lot to help promote our attendance. I'll have my laptop there so that I can show off Steven Conroy's various computer animated movies, and I'll also have fliers and Fanzing T-shirts, too. Fanzing artist Kevin A. Voith should also be there with his portfolio.

After that, I'll need some time to get settled in Rochester, hook up to the Net again (if I have to go back to dial-up, I think I'll scream) and engage in some constructive writing. In addition to some hush-hush writing plans, I also have to get in my entries for the Arkham Asylum's Vacation challenge (not to win, though, since I don't need the prize). Chuck Dixon has challenged me to write a story with the Flash taking on the Firefly; that should be fun. Add to that, my piece of resistance: Elongated Man vs. The Riddler! (It seems the perfect match-up: two attention-loving, publicity-hound nerds trying to match wits.)

SO…enough personal stuff. It all comes down to the fact that Fanzing #27 will be delayed and I'm not even going to bother putting an estimated date on it. This 80 Page Giant issue contains almost all of the artwork and fiction I've had sitting around waiting for use for the last half a year or more, so it should tide you over. I mean, it has to be the equivalent of three or four regular issues.

As for the fiction and art contests…the due dates for both are now May 25th. I don't plan to extend them further, so mark your calendars and get those entries ready…because of what's in the

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