Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer
Major Announcement #2:

This is going to be a heck of a lot of fun!

With the help of Cafe Press and their very simple store set-up, Fanzing is going to be selling
T-shirts, coffee mugs and mouse pads. I'll embellish this page as soon as I have the graphics and the merchandise ready to go.

And to celebrate this new endeavor, I've decided to GIVE AWAY one item apiece to the winners of the current Desktop Theme Art Challenge and Arkham Asylum's Vacation Fiction Challenge! This is currently a one-time offer; we may not do this for future challenges, so get your entries in now!

Hopefully these will be ready fast, so that we can have them available at the convention April 30th. Tony Smith is working on the designs right now.

I'd just like to thank Player vs. Player over at If not for the "Ale and Whores"
T-shirts they're selling, I wouldn't have found out about Cafe Press! Player vs. Player is one of the funniest online strips around…so check them out and have fun going through their archives.

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