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Since some of you are wondering what to do to pass the time while Ye Olde Editor takes a bit of a break…and since I get to throw my editorial weight (all of it) around every once in a while…I'm going to talk about something that has nothing to do with DC Comics!

One of my best friends, K.C. McGuire (you've seen him in my wedding pics; he's the handsome one with the long hair who really doesn't do drugs despite all appearances to the contrary), is bassist for the Minneapolis-based power pop trio Green Pyramids. The Green Pyramids have released two albums, "…down the hall" and "There She Is". And now, thanks to the magic of MP3s and his good buddy Michael Hutchison (that'd be me)…or more specifically, Michael Hutchison's cable modem…a couple of their singles are available on the web for downloading!

For those of you who don't know, the mp3 format is a compressed music file which allows one to play music right from the computer. The best way of describing its purpose is that it replaces the
45 rpm record as a way of listening to a single from an album…er…CD. One thing you will need is a method of playing an mp3 file. Generally, if you have one of the latest web browsers, the player should be built right in. Otherwise you can go to and click under "mp3 software" and there are a number of free programs which you may download.

Anyway, the address to the site is: If that doesn't work, you can just go to and type Green Pyramids under the "search" function. And if THAT doesn't work, just visit the Green Pyramids' home page.

I know this is a bit of shameless promotion…but hey, if you'd like me to give some attention to your band, all you have to do is be in the groom's party at my next wedding.

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