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End of Summer
Reflections On Superman
by J. Morton

I remember when I was a kid, getting on for forty years ago now, and Marvel comics hadn't been going long. I had a dream that my favourite superhero, Superman, had somehow been transported into the Marvel Universe. I can still remember a vivid image of Superman hovering outside a window of the Baxter Building while Reed Richards talked to him. Last year my dream came true, Superman met the FF. I'll tell you the real reason it means so much to me later.

It's difficult to explain why Superman strikes a chord with me. It's not just wanting to fly and beat up on all the bullies you've ever known. For me I think it's the ideal that you could have all that power and use it to help people, not to push them about. Still, the flying is good, do you remember that scene at the end of the Superman films where Superman smiles at the camera while he's flying in orbit? Superman is grandeur and iconic status, but why do I like him?

I always liked Superman, and collected the comics over the years, but following John Burne's post-crisis revamp I think I've got all of the Superman comics published. The way the character has developed, along with the supporting characters and Clark's own life is just wonderful. All those story arcs, the pocket universe where Superman was forced to kill the Kryptonian villians, those robots in different outfits, the Eradicator and the Cleric, the wedding, the Fortress, THE DEATH. I could go on and on. In fact occasionally my wife complains that I do go on and on.

Without trying to recap all the plot developments, I love the never-ending battle. The friendship with Batman, the friendship with Wonder Woman (if I was Lois I think I'd be cheesed off as well). Anyway, if you're reading all this you're probably thinking "Is he going to do Superman 101?". Well, we can all list our favourite stories, I like them all. Superman for Earth (absolute knockout), Dark Knight over Metropolis (when Supes gave Batman the Kryptonite!!), Superman vs. Aliens (well I liked it - a great moment when it turned out Argo City wasn't from Krypton after all).

I'll also have to mention the Elseworlds Annual where Superman's rocket landed in India in the 19th century and he was brought up by wolves and a friendly panther. The young man was discovered by Americam reporter Lois Lane, and British explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton. Who thought of that one? I'll bet Phillip Jose Farmer loved it.

I like the history, and the heritage, behind the character, and I've written this to let everyone know. Lets talk about each and every plot development as they come along. Thanks to the entire team at Fanzing for letting this old fanboy bang on about Superman. One last thing, what's this about Superman and the FF? Well, if you've read the comic you'll know that Supes found an artifact that was connected with Galactus. He remembered that the heroes in the "other universe" knew of Galactus, and he said "I've got to find Access". That meant the character introduced in the Marvel versus DC series. That meant it "really happened". It was IN CONTINUITY!! Galactus said that he knew of Krypton's imminent destruction, and wanted to take its energies, but was too late, when he got there it was already exploding. BUT HE SAW IT!! IT WAS IN CONTINUITY!! So, whenever you think about Krypton exploding, remember, Galactus was there. He may not be shown, but he was there. Mark Grunwald was right, all comics exist together in the multiverse, and Superman is the first and the best.

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