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End of Summer
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Discussed this month: New Multi-Poll and other good stuff…Comics for sale…Comic book database…How I spent my month of March…Results of last month's Quizlet

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New Multi-Poll and other good stuff

You may have noticed the new Multi-Poll on Fanzing's front page. It's also available right here, if you want to take it now. The poll is pretty simple, and the results will help to guide me as I shape the magazine further. For instance, should we keep these pages at 600 pixels wide, go to 800 pixels wide, or should we keep the reading area the same size but put a toolbar down the side? Your answer in the survey will affect what Fanzing looks like in the future, so make sure your voice heard! (This is an election year, after all.)

The multi-poll is from, and they have a number of other attractive services. For one thing, I may also switch our Forum over to the one offered at freepolls, in order to make it easier for you guys to hang out there. (If you have things that you like/dislike about the Fanzing Forum, let me know!) If you'd like to see examples of the Forum offered by, just CLICK HERE.

Comics for sale:

I have an old list of my comics for sale at a site called "Comic Relief". It's at

I thought most people knew about it, but a recent posting of the link at drew a flurry of sales! So, while I'm packing up the apartment for moving, I'm looking to sell as many of these comics as I can so that these boxes are lighter. I've got a bunch of envelopes ready to go. I'm not gonna wholesale 'em, but I'll take most reasonable offers on the ones that aren't pre-priced. (ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: I'll try to keep the list updated as sales are made, but web page work isn't a high priority for me for the next month…so please understand if some comics are listed but not available. Best I can tell you is to make your offers fast…first come, first served!)

One more thing: The Superman and Batman books are on separate pages. To get there, you must click on the links in the box at the top of the page. It's a horrible system, something I've meant to fix for ages. Actually, I wanted to revamp the whole Comic Relief site, but Fanzing takes up all of my time. Which leads into my next subject:

Comic book database:

Simon Brown and I have been collaborating on a comic book database for MS-Access. I'm trying to put in as many titles and info as I can. Once the thing is ready, we plan to sell it.

I'd initially planned to just buy an existing program, but I couldn't find one that did all the things I wanted. For instance, the reports need to be put into an e-commerce database, and thus they'd need to be customizable based on the e-commerce system used. Simon Brown took the idea and ran with it, adding the ability to track story arcs, sort by publisher, link to logos and cover art, and add entire runs with one step.

Hopefully, we'll have the thing ready to sell later this year.

Who knows, maybe I can sell it at Wizard World!?

Helpers needed:

Fanzing needs to move in some directions that I cannot take it alone. I'm looking for a number of assistants to do HTML Formatting, Graphic Design, the letters columns and other work. I'll go into more detail at some later date when I have time to work out the requirements and what it entails.

How I spent my month of March:

ProStaff got me a three-week temp job as a technical writer at a company called in downtown Minneapolis. This place was a DREAM! I'm talking as non-Dilbert as you can get.

Instead of cubicles, there are "pods" which branch off of a central piller like fins on a rocket and give everyone a little privacy. The lighting is subdued. You can go to the break room whenever you need a break, and there's a foosball table, a pinball game (Gorgar, if you must know), Defender, Tron, Moon Patrol and Asteroids. There was also a pool table (broken the whole time I was there, shucky-darn), a cinema popcorn machine and a Select Comfort bed in case you needed a rest. At 4:00PM on Friday they have "Fun Fridays" where everyone stops working and heads to the break room for beer and other refreshments. (Sadly, I don't drink; this almost made me wish I did, just cause I was missing out on a nice perk!)

If you're in the Minneapolis area and looking for a tech job, check them out. I know they're hiring for a lot of positions. You can tell them I sent you…although, not being an employee of theirs anymore, I won't get any kind of monetary benefit!

Results of last month's Quizlet:

Q: If the Flash died, who should replace him?
(of 340 respondents)
46%   Jesse Quick
9%   John Fox
24%   Impulse
7%   Fastback
4%   Max Mercury
9%   Jay Garrick

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