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Hawk and Dove

Hawk I, Dove I and Dove II

by Alan Kistler


Real Name: Hank Hall

OTHER ALIASES: Extant, Monarch

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Don Hall

Group Affiliation: Teen Titans

Eyes: Brown, (as Hawk) White Hair: Brown

Occupation: Student

Base of Operations: Washington D.C., later the Timestream

Current Status: Dead (allegedly)



Real Name: Donald Hall

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Hank Hall

Group Affiliation: Teen Titans

Eyes: brown, (as Dove) White Hair: Brown

Occupation: Student

Base of Operations: Washington D.C.

Current Status: Dead



Real Name: Dawn Granger

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: none

Group Affiliation: Teen Titans

Eyes: Blue, (as Dove) White Hair: Blonde, (as Dove) White

Occupation: Student

Base of Operations: Washington D.C.

Current Status: Dead

FIRST APPEARANCE: Hawk & Dove vol. 2 #1 (1988)
DEATH OCCURRED IN: Armageddon: 2001 #2


Hank and Don Hall were raised together by a court judge. As such, they learned very early on about justice and the like. But while they were brothers, they were very different in their attitudes. Hank was a very physical guy, doing sports and always ready to raise his fists to defend his views. Don on the other hand was a more studious sort, preferring diplomacy to battle.

When the two were teenagers, a criminal named Dargo wanted revenge against Judge Hall. He ended up kidnapping Hank and Don and locked them in a room at his HQ. All their efforts to escape were futile. Hank shouted about how much he wanted power to stop injustice like this. Then, they heard the voices of a Lord of Order and Lord of Chaos. The Lords said:

"You wish power? Your wish shall be granted. Whenever injustice strikes you need only speak your names - 'HAWK' and 'DOVE'-- and you shall be transformed! Whatever you could do moments ago, now in costume, you can do infinitely better. You will become extensions of your inner selves. The transformations will not occur if there is no injustice present. And when your powers are no longer needed, you will revert to your ordinary selves."

And so was born the duo of Hawk and Dove. Going into action, they destroyed Dargo's crime syndicate and freed their captured father. They then began a successful career of crime-fighting and soon afterwards even joined the Teen Titans.

During the so-called "Crisis on the Infinite Earths", Dove was killed while rescuing children from a falling wall. The death of his brother drove Hawk to be more wrathful and violent. Don's calming presence had always held him in check and now the balance had been upset.

However, the instant the original Dove died, the Lord of Order named Terataya sought to restore the balance by transferring his power to a woman named Dawn Granger. Soon afterwards, Hawk and Dove II were transported to their creators home world, a world were magic was in abundance. Dove's creator, a knight, had fallen in love with Hawk's creator, a dragon, and they had decided to try to work together.

It order to prove this, they began the Hawk and Dove experiment, creating Agents that would work together. The Agents powers, Order and Chaos, would only work in times of danger to ensure that they would have to put aside their difference. Realizing that Don and Hank were together because of blood, they decided the new Dove would be female in order that a child could be born of them, thus imbued with both Chaos and Order mixed.

However, the other Lords preferred the battle between Order and Chaos and opposed the experiment. The Lords of Chaos made the villain Kestrel to fight them and then they used a female host to lure away Hawk from Dove, who was falling for Hawk.

Before Hawk and Dove left magic world, their creators joined with their respective agents, thus making Hawk and Dove into full Lord of Chaos and Lord of Order. Hawk and Dove's power were now on the same level as Nabu, although they were ignorant of this. Hawk's and Dove's powers were available always now, rather than merely during times of danger.

In a possible future, Dawn died and Hawk was finally driven insane. He became the villain Monarch and killed all the heroes of Earth in order to instill a new perverted order on the planet. When the hero Waverider journeyed to the present to stop this, Monarch jumpstarted events by killing Dawn earlier. Hawk was forced to witness this and killed his future-self as a result. Realizing this was how he was in the future, and now traumatized by being unable to save his love, Hawk did indeed become Monarch. Later, during a battle with Waverider, he regained full knowledge as to the truths of his origins. He also realized that the spiritual essence of Dove had entered his body when she'd died. Thus, he was now both of Order and Chaos.

Renaming himself Extant, Hank tapped into his full potential and leeched power from the timestream itself. Extant attempted to help Parallax restart reality later on, aging the JSA in the process and killing three of their members: Dr. Mid-Nite I, Atom I and Hourman I.

Extant escaped justice several times over but recently battled the newly formed JSA. During the battle, Metron and the JSA forced Extant to be temporarily cut off from his time powers and then transported him onto a plane seconds before it crashed. Thus, it appears that Extant is finally dead.


Dove was empowered by the Lords of Order. To activate the powers of Dove, Dawn and Don had to speak the name "Dove". Dove was supposed to have spatial awareness: knowing the qualities of all objects in an area (weight, location, etc), as well as minor regeneration, slightly higher than normal strength & excellent dexterity.

Other powers that Dove possessed was intuition, agility and the ability detect danger. Later, the Lord of Order that helped create Dove II gave her the ability fly.


Hawk was empowered by the Lords of Chaos. To activate the powers of Hawk, Hank must say the word "Hawk". Hawk's strength, endurance and resistance to injury was greatly increased and was excellent at combat. Later, the Lord of Chaos gave additional powers to Hawk which made him stronger and bulletproof. Hawk also has enhanced healing and his powers greatly increase if in a realm of chaos. He also had extensive knowledge of military weaponry and tactics.

As Monarch, Hank employed armor of fantastic technology, allowing teleportation, massive energy weapons, as well as some other features.

As Extant, Hank was connected to the timestream and was nearly omnipotent with time powers.

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