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Action Pics
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January 30, 2001

ValorFan artwork is a good way to prepare to break into the comics field…but in that regard, most fan art fails to emphasize an aspect that editors look for: action! Comic books aren't all pin-ups and poses!

For this Action Pic Art Challenge, we're asking people to turn in the equivalent of a splash page or panel filled with action. It can show two combatants trading punches, someone running away from a barrage of bullets, an acrobat in the midst of an aerial chase, or two superheroes sparring in a rec room.

Pieces will be graded on the quality of the work and originality, but the big points are for the ability to convey action. (This is probably the first challenge we've done where humor doesn't get you too far!)

Teen TitansSo here's the challenge:

  1. Create a piece of artwork of an action scene
  2. Save it in gif, jpg or png format. Bitmaps are permissible, but bmp files tend to be very large.
  3. Photomanipulations are allowed for backgrounds.
  4. Send it in to by January 1, 2001.
  5. A panel of judges will pick the best one. The results will be announced in the January issue.

Have fun!

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