Too Many Long Boxes!

End of Summer

The Superhero

Bumper Sticker Quiz!

by Michael Hutchison

How well do you know your favorite comic characters?

Match the bumper sticker.. …to the character!
  1. If you can see the driver, you are WAY too close!
  2. I love My fish.
  3. My other car is the Batmobile - No, really
  4. So many Oreos, so little time
  5. I solved "The Conundrum of the Copper Collectibles" at WALL DRUG
  6. I could get out and walk faster than this hunk of junk
  7. Warning: Militant feminist woman driver with PMS applying make-up with a cell phone on each ear behind the wheel.
  8. Follow me to the Fortress of Solitude!
  9. Pooz happens.
  10. I'm not giving you the finger; I just forgot to put on my ring.
  11. Strobe light guns don't kill people… and they're lame, too.
  12. My kid turned your honor student into magnesium.
  13. Honk that horn again and you'll find out what this trick arrow does.
  14. Act locally, think in accordance with Thanagarian statute #34-XG2
  15. STOP honking. NOT Xena. NOT a supermodel. NOT having sex with you.
  16. My other car is also me.
  17. Practice Random Acts of Whup-Ass and Senseless Acts of Fraggin'.
  1. Batman
  2. Superman
  3. J'onn J'onzz
  4. Green Arrow
  5. Hawkman
  6. The Atom
  7. Blue Beetle
  8. Lobo
  9. Elongated Man
  10. The Flash
  11. Green Lantern
  12. Black Canary
  13. Plastic Man
  14. Aquaman
  15. Metamorpho
  16. Wonder Woman
  17. Kilowog

KEY: 1:F,  2:N,  3:A,  4:C,  5:I,  6:J,  7:L,  8:B,  9:Q,  10:K,  11:G,  12:O,  13:D,  14:E,  15:P,  16:M,  17:H

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